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  1. Pink is the new pink.

    That is awesome. Thank you!
  2. Pink is the new pink.

    I think baby pink is closer to what the women want. Think breast cancer awareness ribbon color.
  3. Pink is the new pink.

    on google, oxblood was a little on the red side. I have looked for a pink stain. Thanks!
  4. Pink is the new pink.

    Oxblood. Blood?
  5. I may not know much, but I can see a fad coming. How do you stain leather pink. Not paint. I could sell pink tool belts all day long!
  6. Do we really need all the friction?

    I just paid my money. I have found that a lot of my disagreements are not founded but found. I have no benefits from donating. I just like the site and the education it provides. I guess we all have to choose wisely to post or ignore. I have art sense to share. Some have horse sense. some have common sense, some have none. That being said, the knowledge posted here is priceless. Good, and 'misunderstood', I thank you all!
  7. Show your Shop

    I'm drawn to the chest of drawers. that is cool. your tool rack is awesome!
  8. Thickest leather

    I I held on to that desk! LOL!
  9. Cordless Impact/Drill Case

    That is incredible! Did I mention my last initial is 'S'. Just sayin'!
  10. Thickest leather

    That is a language peculiarity. I had to look it up to. I love words. In the US this one would be adult entertainment, or child abuse.
  11. Show your Shop

    I did a search on the Husky line. They look nice. The Seville line is about half the price, or was at Sam's Club. I love it. very sturdy with addons that can mac out a shop.
  12. Show your Shop

    This is the norm for my 'Shop'. Discombobulated is my state of mind most of the time.
  13. Show your Shop

    Maybe, but that was for photo purpose only. I'd just finished that project. check out my 'Clam on the Half Shell' thread. I used a $20 swivel clamp from Amazon to hold mine perpendicular to my bench. You might want a 'leather' clamp, about $30 bucks on amazon or ebay. You can make your own that price and be proud of it. I've said it before but, improvise. We are only restrained by the limits of our imagination. Imagination has no limit so anything is possible. PS get a swivel art lamp. you can clamp it to your desk and shine the light where you need to.
  14. Another hatband

    very nice. check out realdealbrazil.com.
  15. Tool Modification

    I wish I could say, 'done', but I still have more to do. I used an oil based leather dye for the black, I used a small art brush. It wasn't quite dry and I went over it with a red oak wood stain. yeah a wood stain over leather. it started to blend. a fortunate accident ( I went back in with touch up on the black to create sunburst of a sort). now I hope this thing dries hard after a couple of days.