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  1. You shouldn't have to apologize for something you've made and posted in the "show off" section. I've only had the nerve to make one holster, it was so so. I wasn't even bold enough to do tooling on it, so kudos! I like the color as well: what did you use? Have you had a chance to use the rig? Functional, or would you make changes? YinTx
  2. Yes, I think you want image B. Give it a try, and work on keeping the tension even, you should get a nice slant on both sides this way as well. In image A, the slants of the holes are trying to pull the thread into a straight line, in image B, they allow the thread to fall in a nice angled pattern. YinTx
  3. Best hope she don't sell the new one at a big discount to the feller down the road... Knew a story of a soon to be divorced wife that sold her hubbie's Porsche for $1 while it was still community property... Better hide th' stitcher if n ya fine j-ya-sef in a sim'lar sit-che-ation.
  4. What are those two thingies in the lower pockets on the left side? I really like this portfolio, and hope to be able to tool even half that good someday. Thanks for sharing! YinTx
  5. If I were a guessing guy, I'd say your needle priority is getting altered as you go along. You can see that some of the stitches go along with the slant of the hole, while others are fighting the slant of the hole. In fact, it looks like all but one of the stitches fight the slant of the hole. YinTx
  6. Received, as new condition. Thanks for the prompt delivery! YinTx
  7. I'm not in Seattle, but shipping is cheap...what happened to the stitching? Or did it not have any? YinTx
  8. I think UK Saddlery has what you are looking for: YinTx
  9. Those look like a ton of work! so many details! I like it. YinTx
  10. Billybopp, This was something I had wondered about myself before I embarked on this effort. I made a small upright box before starting this one to sort of puzzle it out. A lot of judicious planning allowed me to stitch all sides with the box stitching clam I made, save one corner and one edge of the hinge. I managed to set it up so that only a short length corner had to be stitched without the clam - along the bottom of the short side of the last piece stitched in. At this point the box was a box, so i was able to just set it upside down on the work bench and carefully stitch it together. Keeping the awl at a good angle and pulling needles through was a bit uncomfortable on the wrists due to the angle, I suspect I could build something to hold it in place at a more convenient angle if this becomes an issue in the future. The last stitch on the hinge I just did with the box in my lap - each stitch required flopping the lid back and forth as I pulled the stitch tight - a bit annoying, but you get used to it after a few dozen times... The last side on the lid I was able to just clamp in catawampus and get to work. If anyone has a better way, sure would be nice to know it! YinTx
  11. I have had plenty of boots over the years that incessantly leach oil into my socks. White socks are out of the question when it comes to wearing steel toed boots in the heat of the summer here. YinTx
  12. A 4" piece stretched to 24"??!!? That is some stretch! and apparently a way to increase your yields! YinTx
  13. JNewkirkct, Thanks, this craft indeed takes a lot of patience. Next one might go a bit faster, since I have a better idea of what I am doing... but probably not much faster! YinTx
  14. hehe. Yeah, corsets probably out of my area of expertise for now, so mug sleeves... maybe some that look like corsets.. that'd be different. Yintx
  15. I have a black belt I used vinegaroon on almost 2 years ago, and it is still pitch black. I did a lot of research at the time on vinegeroon, and I never saw someone try to make it with 2 steel wool pads to 1 gallon of vinegar. I think I used almost 2 pads to 16 oz vinegar, and it set for over 2 weeks brewing. Strain, use, clean with baking soda mixture, rinse well, let dry, oil and finish. I happen to have a bunch of Fiebeng's Pro-Oil Black that I am using right now with great success, but for belt linings I like the vinegaroon since I don't worry about the rub off. Both approaches have been around for ages. As NVLeatherWorks said, tried and true is best to start with. Experiment if you desire after that, knowing where to go back to when needed! Speaking from some experience, the hard part of course is knowing what is actually tried and true amongst all the info out there... YinTx