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  1. Library Display

    Hey, you have a display, a lot more than I can say for myself! Nicely done. and it looks great to boot, with awesome art. YinTx
  2. New rifle slings, and first reptile skin project

    Those came out great. What did you use that resulted in such a successful resist? YinTx
  3. Brass Briefcase Locks

    Try Abbey England, they may have what you are looking for. YinTx
  4. Leather Folding Chair

    That is a really cool chair, and the leather looks like it is in good shape with a nice patina. If it is veg tan, and depending on the finish, it might take a dye. Maybe pick a dye like mahogany, or burgundy, or some similar dark dye to match the wine stain? If you are planning on tossing the leather anyhow, might be worth a go. Then put some neatsfoot, and a finish on it, see how it comes out. Otherwise, would be pretty simple to use the existing for a template and go from there. Nice find! Look forward to seeing what you do with it. YinTx
  5. Matching set for wedding

    Brilliant. All of these items look fantastic! thanks for sharing! YinTx
  6. Where can I find one

    https://factorysanta.thebase.in/items/8366986 not sure if this helps you or not... YinTx
  7. So I made a thing. For another thing.

    Better? Dang near perfection already, thank you. YinTx
  8. So I made a thing. For another thing.

    that is an awesome well made thing for your other thing. YinTx also, those edges tho. even on the belt slots
  9. Spartan short sword sheath.

    Spot on work. Love the curves on the sheath. YinTx
  10. Blue and orange card wallets

    I'd say you nailed it. I've been trying to use edge paint for years now and still not happy with it! I've posted plenty of things, your card wallet is better and deserves to shine! YinTx
  11. Blue and orange card wallets

    These really did come out clean. I was all proud, I just last night finished up a similar wallet in Whiskey Wickett and Craig, was all ready to post in the show off section, then I saw yours. I'll just keep practicin before I show off, lol. YinTx
  12. Custom Coffee Tote

    Rita or Ritza? Because it didn't look like a flat braid poly Ritza thread from your photos. YinTx
  13. Duffel Bag Prototypes

    I like them, well enough that I did a version a month or so ago. Just a thought, the strap attachments that high up will probably create stress on the uppermost stitch/rivet. When I did mine, I moved the stitching down some... Everyone that saw this in person loved it. I planned to do many more. One of the very few items I sewed on the machine. YinTx You can see the weight of the bag will be supported by the leather of the strap, not the stitch.
  14. Custom Coffee Tote

    Fantastic thread, and stitching! What is it (the thread)? Also, absolutely awesome work on the border stamping, looks like a serious combination of tools perfectly laid out, unless you had that thing made... YinTx
  15. Latest wallet

    These are nicely done! YinTx