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  1. The Great Wave off Kanagawa

    Stellar! How big is that bag? Great work on the dye, very even. YinTx
  2. The God of Wine

    Fantastic work as always, love to see your stuff. Maybe someday I'll be as good! YinTx
  3. Tools for sale

    Second photo, the black finished tools, are those Robert Beard's Black Crack tools? If so, you should up your minimum I'd think. Those go for a pretty penny. You might even consider separating them. YinTx
  4. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    Sam, Probably accurate statements. I have debated having two lines: one as affordable as possible, one as nice (read, $$) as possible. Still haven't decided. Part of my challenge is I just can't put a belt or any other item for that matter out that hasn't been finished to the best of my abilities, I don't like the flaw in it. I also don't think I want to be a mass quantity producer just right now. I suppose I could, I am just not feeling it right yet. Maybe in time. I only had a matter of days to prep for this, only enough to make the wallets and the rifle straps, then put together some of my previous made items. This is the fastest I have ever made anything! I did hand write a lot of "information cards" that were all handed out. Business cards are in the making, I believe you are right on that one, and cheap to have done. YinTx
  5. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    This is true, there were more than a few panicked looks as they found the prices on stuff and gingerly handed things back! Always there was the "wow, this stuff is really nice!" followed by the "oof" on the tag. I understand it, been there done that, kinda expected it. But still thought $75 for a tooled rifle strap was cheap! Higher traffic count would definitely been helpful. Had one vendor that understood leather work come up to me and let me know my stuff was top notch and worth the price, even if others didn't know that. YinTx
  6. caiman tail bi-fold wallet

    Now that you mention it, I can see the stitching following the contours, looks challenging. Stitching might be perfectly straight, but the contours would make it look otherwise. I'd be interested to see how it wears long term. That is a cool color though... what is it called? YinTx
  7. A Collaboration on a Cane

    For the first go round, looks pretty good - I like it, and bonus with learning how to use the veg tan. Every version will get better and better. For sure will need to know sizes for patterns, although I suppose it changes for every piece of wood. I still haven't decided what to tool into the final version, so no rush! YinTx
  8. caiman tail bi-fold wallet

    +1, no doubt. How was it to work with? I understand the caymen can split if you flex it. I have a few hides, but haven't made anything out of it yet because of that. YinTx
  9. Carving eyes, a brief tutorial.

    Now eye see. thanks for that! YinTx
  10. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    I did internet sales some time ago in Etsy, but only sold a very few items, not enough to justify continuing, especially when they wanted my bank acct info etc. Plus, I have a several month backlog - mostly because I am Sloooooowwwwww.... - so I haven't had a great need for additional sales. But I did want to try a new venue because I'd like to make more than purses and wallets for sale, and I thought it'd be nice to make a small run of items instead of one at a time, to try to be less slow! It worked, I made a lot more items in a shorter time, but not a one of them sold. Just some other items I had on hand. YinTx
  11. I don't see an email. I am interested in the 7 1/2 Super Blackhawk. Will try to PM you also. YinTx
  12. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    Hoy, that it was. Starting from zero sales though wasn't hard to beat! Wasn't exactly jumping for joy, but was happy to have not lost money on the deal! Here's to better luck next go round, when every one isn't out huntin... instead of shoppin for my stuff! I was happy with the interest expressed in my pieces, although not a single person picked up a rifle sling, which was the whole intent behind attending a gun show.... with *rifle slings*! Most everything else was admired, even the simple leather covers, tho they didn't sell. I'll try a couple more venues that have higher traffic counts and different demographics before I decide whether or not to continue down this path. YinTx
  13. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    Weeeeel, it seems yesterday was day one of hunting season for Turkey, Duck, Goose and DEER here in South Texas, so of course no one showed up to the GUN Show! 'Splains a lot, I think. However, I did see one seller moving holsters like hotcakes for $85-$200 each to the folks that did come. Second day was a bit better, sold 3 items - 1 card holder, a small ladies purse, and a mystery braid bracelet. Managed to pay for the table space and the gas to get there. I think maybe another 100 folks meandered in during the day. YinTx
  14. Tandy Catalogue From Australia

    Barkeepers Friend is sold in the cleaning section of pretty much every grocery store and super market here, and consists of 7.5-9% Oaxalic Acid. https://www.barkeepersfriend.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/SDS_BKF_Cleanser_Polish_6-12-15.pdf Has some feldspar in there, which just settles out to the bottom I think. Anyhoo, people clean all kinds of stuff with it, no signing anything. Works great too! YinTx
  15. Guestbook cover

    Thats some nice carvin right there! Nicely done! YinTx