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  1. Celtic inspired custom baroque bridle

    Might appear a bit small, but your horse seems quite proud to appear so regal sporting that artwork! YinTx
  2. I generally use the white vinegar. Can't say how many pads for 1 gallon, I generally use 1-2 pads for .5 - 1 quart.. so I imagine extrapolate from there... YinTx
  3. Backpack

    Some top notch work right there! Well done! YinTx
  4. roo4u, Yes, I have felt the pain, lol. Bikermutt, if I am stitching a difficult place, that cork comes into play. Oddly enough, I manage to do the bloodletting when I am not trying to poke a hole in anything - something to do with that momentary lapse of concentration/complacency that allows tool and fingertip to come into the same space at the same time. Just a good thing I am not using large power equipment, like earthmovers. End results might be a bit worse... (sorry about your... entire truck...) And thanks for the complement on the stitching, I still feel it has a way to go, but nice to see others enjoy the results! And this bag had a lot of stitching....next piece I am working on has a bit less stitching... a padfolio. It's coming along slow but sure, working on it between life's little interruptions and a customer order. I always sweat every stitch, I love doing it, and at the same time fret the entire time that I might fudge a single stitch and botch the whole piece! YinTx (still wondering how a leather satchel gets listed in the musical instruments section...)
  5. Papa Duke's harp cases

    Those are pretty neat. It's nice when you know something you made is going to be well used. Does he carry them all at once or one at a time? YinTx
  6. Skiving Machine

    Ah, a bit out of range for me. Thanks though! YinTx
  7. Skiving Machine

    Location please? Thank you, YinTx
  8. New wallet

    Nice. That should last a good bit longer! YinTx
  9. Wheelchair Mitt

    Heh, yeah black and blue! But seriously, nice design work. I had a random thought on straps: how about a D ring coupled with a Sam Brown stud? Or velcro...And form a permanant loop for the thumb to fit into that comfortably positions the mitt on the hand prior to adjusting the wrist straps...kinda like in your first example photo.. I would think it might be more comfortable than a rigid strap across the thumb for long term use. I really like the idea of the neoprene palm - good grip, water resistant, won't hold grit... Look forward to seeing your next iteration! YinTx
  10. I get the frustration, I have a few pieces in the bin or on the side waiting for a solution to my screw ups. I agree that putting the NFO on after the super sheen is probably the problem. It's possible a bit of saddle soap, which you may have a can of laying around from shoe shine days, or a buddy may have, with a bit of water could help. Acetones, reducers, mineral spirits, etc. will likely wreck the paint jobs. A bit of denatured alcohol might do the trick. If all else fails, yah, paint it black, chalk it up to learning, and put time in again on new pieces, which I find always seem to come out better than the ones I did before, on account of all my "learnings." At least your leather pieces aren't all that large - I have some sizeable bits that are currently complete fails. I've started doing practice runs on unusable odd sized pieces and belly leather to try out my ideas on before I go after the final object, because I dislike wasting good materials. YinTx
  11. Cow Skull Drink rest

    Thank you fredk! YinTx
  12. Saddle sample

    That really is something else. Well done! I like it. And the saddle blanket is pretty cool too! YinTx
  13. Oak Leaf Vegetable tanned leather side for sale. 8-9 oz (3.1-3.5mm) leather thickness per the label, backside is marked 25.2 square feet. (floor tiles are 18" tiles for reference). This side is fairly clean and large, as can be seen in the photos. The backside is fairly smooth. I have more leather than I can use right now, so I'm selling off some pieces such as this when I have the time. This is Tandy item #9157-58 8/9 oz Veg Side per the labels, their price $205-$270 plus tax. This is Tandy's nicer Oak Leaf tooling leather. My price: $185 plus shipping. YinTx
  14. Improve stitching / needs breathing room

    Thats the beauty of art, I think. There is no one way to do it right, and sometimes when folks break all the rules, new art emerges. There are tried and true methods that work once you learn them, and you end up using many different methods sometimes on the same project to get the stitching to look right all the way around. And there are some outright wrong methods floating around, you just sometimes have to decide for yourself which ones you don't like and jettison them. The sample runs you are doing I found really helpful when I was trying to figure out what worked best for me - keep doing them! I made notes so when I went back to look at results, I knew what method gave which results. YinTx
  15. Improve stitching / needs breathing room

    +1 for that. Looks like your needles are reversed from what they should be. The pattern Tugadude refers to should show identical on both front and back. YinTx