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  1. Try them in Yoakum, Tx. https://campbell-randall.com/product/model-campbell-lock-stitch YinTx
  2. Single Shoulder Special

    No problem. Look forward to the next batch! Let us know. YinTx
  3. Single Shoulder Special

    ???? Your Instagram page and your website had these listed and sold out the same day - Saturday. You posted this one hour ago like you still have some? which is it? Because I was trying to get some 4 oz.... YinTx
  4. I've been tempted more than once to purchase a leather item made by those way more skilled than I in the hopes of learning more. But yea, I don't see them making a living selling to me. Especially since I haven't done it yet! YinTx
  5. Shearling hat

    This the place. You found it. It's where I put some of my new found accomplishments, regardless of their endless flaws! So, nice hat! YinTx
  6. Those are outstanding. I want one now! (Insert "Shut up and take my money" meme here....) YinTx
  7. George Barnsley plough gauge

    Certainly an impressive polish. I have two blades (so I have a spare), and I left the manufacturer's original angle of the bevel on one, and tried to decrease the angle on the other, as you have done. Neither seems to perform better than the other. Perhaps my sharpening skills still need sharpening. YinTx
  8. Another Holster

    Pshaw, ain't nothin wrong with that sunburst! Nice lookin holster, too in my opinion! YinTx
  9. Leaf Carving Tutorial

    Carry on... lets see what new things I learn here... YinTx
  10. Utility messenger bag with a little surprise

    Awesome. Love the use of the artwork for a liner. YinTx
  11. Having never made a heat shield for a motorcycle, you can take my experience with a grain of salt. I usually cut, (tool if you are going to), dye, oil/nourish leather, resist and antique if tooled, seal (satin sheen, resolene, acrylic, whatever your preference), glue, edge, stitch, retouch edges and finish if needed. there is flexibility in the order in which you do things, so experiment and get experienced! YinTx
  12. Books for sale - again

    Also the Design Artistry. YinTx
  13. Books for sale - again

    Interested in Upholstery Techniques. PM sent. YinTx
  14. Knowledge vs. Experience

    All good points, but sometimes I prefer knowledge. Consider living vicariously through other's experiences. Example: One can see others getting STD's and pregnancies and addictions, and avoid having to gain that experience directly simply by knowledge. I for one would not like to have to learn how to avoid such things only by experience, knowledge is sufficient for me, thank you. Single experiences can be detrimental or have long term consequences. When it comes to leather, it helps me to have knowledge before trying to gain experience. If I just picked up some tools and some leather and tried to do Sheridan work, I'd fail miserably and probably never pick it up again. Reading, watching others, gaining knowledge on how it is done (wait... you wet the leather? all this time I thought you were trying to keep water away from leather!) prior to gaining any experience was vital to any chance at a successful outcome. Improvement however required experience. And feedback, with more experience. Add to that additional knowledge watching others share good and bad experiences (gaining knowledge vicariously again) allows even more improvements. At a certain point, gaining additional knowledge provides little incremental gains. It's time to go into production! Just $0.02, thanks for letting me philosophize for a bit on a Friday afternoon! YinTx
  15. Couple of items this week

    Dave, Thanks! I have about a dozen wallets that don't look nearly so good leading up to this....so I have a lot to choose from for my daily carry. Just pull one from the scrap bin! Thank you! Appreciate it. The belt was 8 SPI, the wallet was 9spi, both with 25/3 linen. Stitch up a couple of practice bits, then go to town on it! Your stitching seems decent enough to give it a go. I let things intimidate me as well, it slows me down a lot when it probably shouldn't. I have some things to make from Barenia, took me almost 2 weeks to get the courage to cut out a couple of bits yesterday. And if you want any advice on a buckle, don't bother with nickel plated anything. I made a lot of belts from some $8 Tandy nickel plated buckles, only to have the plating wear off in less than a year. Got to redo some belts for folks for free thanks to that. Now I only use solid stainless steel like this one, or solid brass, and the jury is still out on the solid brass finish. Sad when the buckle doesn't make it a year. YinTx