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  1. Tooling leather

    What do you plan to make with it? Today I am tooling a card holder with 3 oz leather, did a wallet with 2-3 oz leather, but thats really kinda pushing it for me. With practice, and years of experience, there are those who tool thinner leathers with great success. Of course, if you are doing a saddle or a belt or some such thing... much thicker. YinTx Oh, and veg tanned is generally the proper leather if that was part of your question..
  2. splitter blade sharpening

    Thank you for that info. Are the blades from Pilgrim OEM, or otherwise? My Landis is a Model D. Thanks, YinTx
  3. Hair On Hide From NStarLeather

    I'll second that. Nice sized pieces, generous box, nice looking leather. YinTx
  4. splitter blade sharpening

    Thanks for the details on what to look for. Next time I pull my blade, I'll take a look. I noted the one time I had it out, that the bottom of it had some lines scored in it. I may try to lap those out, and I may follow your advice and get a new blade for a spare backup. Will any blade that fits a Landis do, or should I be looking for new old stock, new stock, etc? YinTx
  5. What should I use to cover this book?

    What is the function you want to achieve? Looks? Protection? Restoration? Old book? New book? YinTx
  6. Leather Carving Styles....

    This. Do this. You will already have an artistic bent that allows you to understand and be inspired by what you are trying to accomplish, and your work will be yours. It may not start out looking like you intend, but you will quickly progress after a few practice pieces to a place where you are improving on your own work. It will be unique, and I think folks gravitate towards that. Just my thoughts. YinTx
  7. Some of my work. First started in November 2017.

    Did you tool the carry strap? If so, it looks deserving of a close up... YinTx

    And if you've owned and operated so many leather shops, why do you need tools? Kinda lost here... YinTx
  9. Prototype Notepad holder

    Wow, thanks! And I feel the same way about my craft as you do about yours. YinTx
  10. splitter blade sharpening

    Do you mind mentioning what I should be looking at to see if mine is currently a "basket case," and what someone might have done to it to cause that? thanks, YinTx
  11. RR Track Anvil

    Definitely a piece to be proud of. And to have rescued it from the scrap heap, unbelievable. Have you been able to determine the maker and the age? I don't know anvils, but that looks like a 400# at least! YinTx
  12. water based dyes

    I should clarify. I used Tan EcoFlow Waterstain, without thinning. With success I think. I oiled it with pure neetsfoot oil after it dried, then a day after that, applied Aussie, both on the grain side. Oil takes more time to go in. I have oiled it before dye in the past, seemed to work ok as well. Didn't have tight bends, but stitching holes seemed ok. Yes to dampening the leather before applying dye. YMMV it seems. YinTx
  13. Edge Bevelers: Barry King vs. Ron's

    Maybe for some. My set is rusting in the drawer. I have one Barry King edger, it does well, but it is really for thin leather since it only takes a tiny bit off the edge. And you have to rest the leather you are edging on a thicker piece of leather to get it to do it's job. Tandy edgers work every time. But I don't like the squared off edge they create. I have some Osborne edgers, they work, but seem to be geared towards thick thick leather. They also need a good sharpening to start working, even new. I have difficulty controlling how much they take off the edge - they can pretty much cut all the way through the leather if I am not careful. Someone mentioned Feng tools for good edgers I think it was. Thus, I am on the prowl for decent edgers as well. With my collection of edgers that don't quite suit me, I'm a bit wary of spending even more $$. YinTx
  14. Some of my work. First started in November 2017.

    Lookin good. Beware, those binder clips can leave marks. I've been known to put a layer of thin leather between them and my project to keep it safe and sound! YinTx
  15. Prototype Notepad holder

    I think that is kinda what I did on version 3. It is a bit better I think... Thanks much! The spine is two pieces of leather, the outer cow veg tan and the inner is a veg tan ( I think) pig liner. Soft and stretchy though. These two are sandwiched between the outside tooled layer and the inside smooth layers of veg tan. I did a bit of a skive to help out there, but the results aren't something I was really proud of. I keep wanting to put the spine on the outside of the cover, but I have a mental block about it. I keep thinking the stresses aren't right and the spine has to be on the inside of the covers to keep from pulling on the stitching, and I don't have my mind set on how to make sure the spine sets on the outside of the cover right after I've tooled it. And I don't like the lump on the inside, so I compensated by putting the sandwich in. Still not happy with the results, but it works. YinTx