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  1. Go for it my friend, . . . I don't have anything copyrighted except a book I wrote some 15 years ago. Everything else is fair game........... May God bless, Dwight
  2. Looking good, . . . I'm thinking I could enjoy having a knife like that, . . . May God bless, Dwight
  3. You're right, . . . it didn't. May God bless, Dwight
  4. Don't know that I've ever eaten fresh trout, . . . I'm gun shy of fish to a certain extent for all the junk we have in our waterways here in Ohio. Hope you all enjoyed it though. The best we have here are bluegill and crappie. But I digress, . . . if you give me an email address, . . . I'll send you a pattern for the pieces. That holster is easy to put together, . . . and is pretty comfortable. When I put it on, . . . I sometimes forget to take it off until I go to bed at night, . . . then it's "ohhh, . . . ". May God bless, Dwight
  5. Sewing beads on leather

    You need an awl to make the hole, . . . then a blunt leather sewing needle will work fine. May God bless, Dwight
  6. I like 4/5 for my shoulder straps. If you are going to do many belts, . . . straps, . . . etc. might want to think about a leather splitter. Sides, shoulders, all of em run differently, . . . sometimes one end of the hide or side will be thicker than the other end. I got sick of messing with it, . . . got a splitter, . . . now I don't have to try to keep so many different weights of leather. Don't have a 54 inch piece of 4/5 but do have a piece in 8/9, . . . ??? The splitter will handle that right quickly. AND, . . . if you do much in knife sheaths, . . . the cast off can be used as a welt. Milled vegetable tan makes really soft and "easy on the body" shoulder straps, . . . make em a bit wider to spread the weight on the shoulders. All of mine are kinda "long pear" shaped, . . . and are comfortable. Sold two in the last couple months, . . . both customers super happy so far. May God bless, Dwight
  7. Hey, Seabee, . . . the loops on the holster are actually all one piece of leather. The two loops make it so it will not rock back and forth seriously on you while you wear it, . . . and if somehow one does become unsnapped, . . . there is no probability that you will lose holster and gun. Again it is a cabbage from Sparks gun leather, . . . first place I saw that arrangement, . . . liked it. Tell me more about the type holster you want to make, . . . maybe some kind of sketch, . . . I just may have your pattern here, . . . May God bless, Dwight
  8. Opinion on glue

    Hmmm, . . . weldwood contact cement has never let me down. I even used it to make my vacuum bag. May God bless, Dwight
  9. Don't let your wife shoot it, . . . ha-ha, . . . cause if you like it yourself, . . . you'll have to buy you a new one, . . . lol. Seriously, . . . it is the 3rd one I've owned, . . . the first one I could not get to shoot straight, . . . shot 3 inches to the left and 1 inch high at 20 feet, . . . Nobody, including the LGS could move the front sight, . . . so I traded it, . . . Later tried a Shield .45, . . . a buddy of mine talked me out of it. I don't like the .40, . . . and really do need something smaller than a 1911 at times, . . . so I tried one more time (they were on sale for $279, including 4 magazines) and am happy to report this one is good. What pattern IWB are you going to make? These are my favorites for the shield. May God bless, Dwight
  10. Yep, . . . I'm about to lose it though, . . . I'm thinking just as soon as the weather breaks, . . . my wife gets another chance at it, . . . I'll be gun shopping again. I made a kinda-sorta copy of a Sparks Executive for it, . . . with some changes to make it fit me better. May God bless, Dwight
  11. Thanks, everyone for the good words, . . . and yes Jake, and JD62 that is a cross draw chest rig. I "created" it from several others I'd looked at, . . . and from the shoulder holster I made mimiking Doc Holiday's rig from the movie, Tombstone. That is a GP100, 6 inch in the holster. I basically just made the holster, . . . a pancake style with almost a completely flat back, . . . left ears on the sides to attach the straps, . . . it has a strap around the back and one to go up and over the right shoulder. I fastened the whole thing together with a couple of brass stud fasteners, . . . makes it quick and easy to change the dimensions. Take a look at the pics, . . . the straps are 1 inch wide 4/5 oz, . . . holster is 8/9 oz. I tried my best to get a fellow I know to let me build him one like this for the same model gun. Nothing would have him but a regular shoulder holster, so that is what he got. I would really rather have this for a cannon this big. Its the one being hand delivered, . . . my son doesn't know it yet though, . . . it is his reward for allowing me to use the pistol to mold the shoulder holster. May God bless, Dwight
  12. Finished these three up today, . . . one to be mailed out, one to be delivered, one to be picked up. For a change, I really had fun doing these three. Each was a change in the way I normally do things, . . . kinda liked the change in pace. May God bless, Dwight
  13. How to make leather look like brass

    That is pretty much the look I want. Mind sharing the brand name and the "where I got it"? The Roman Centurion belt I need for a costume is $200 from India and really doesn't have the images I want. This opens the door to a really good looking belt. Thanks, Jeff, . . . may God bless, Dwight
  14. I've got a special project I need to do, . . . make several 2 1/2 inch square pieces of carved leather look like brass. The pieces will have ancient Roman symbols, . . . nothing really intricate. It doesn't have to pass a tight inspection, . . . just have a brass appearance from out at about 5 feet or more. Anybody got a real good suggestion? Thanks, may God bless, Dwight
  15. I have a box for "bad cuts" and they go in there when I make a "wrong" cut. Some day, . . . I'll use them, . . . or when I'm worm food, . . . my son will wonder why I cut out all those pieces ahead of time and didn't use them. May God bless, Dwight