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  1. Another 3-Piece Body Tote Prototype

    Nicely done, a turned edge on top would also look great
  2. Something Different...

    I really like your idea, but I would definitely make it less wide, so it looks like you wear the tie and not the other way around but that’s just one woman opinion
  3. NewWork Belt

    Beautiful belt, you did great!
  4. Show me your wallet

    About a year I think... I’m always going for the minimalistic look... it’s in my Scandinavian heritage
  5. Show me your wallet

    My wallet is just a cardholder, never have cash on me nowadays
  6. New guitar strap and matching pickguard

    Iike it, how do you get it so white?
  7. Okay sidst jeg kiggede kunne jeg ikke se en salgs side, måske du har et link?
  8. Lovely work, do you buy directly from Tärnsjö Tannery?
  9. Where do you get the stohlman design? and great bag ! Looking super smart
  10. Show your Shop

    Am I the only one who wants too make my space bigger I feel inspired!
  11. Just a lil basketweave.. on some Hermann Oak!

    That’s not a small item looks good!
  12. Thanks you both I try to make some small things to keep getting better even though the time is limited
  13. Christmas Belts

    Looking so beautiful