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  1. Round knife

    I’m no pro, but I got myself a Knipschield knife, best thing I ever did for my leatherwork.... expensive yes, but damn it’s a good one!
  2. Work in progress - dog leash

    What size slit do you cut for a dog leash ?
  3. The dogs needed new collars

    It holds up perfectly... no problem at all... the dogs still use them every day
  4. Knucklehead seat

    Thats impressive... Great work sir !
  5. 1776 CARVING

    I really like your blue tones in that picture, how do you get them so rich?
  6. Your welcome, it’s all about how we can help each other
  7. Your welcome, I take no credit it’s not my templet, but it gives a nice overall look off the way it is built.
  8. There is a ok tutorial by HollyMann here : the same measurement but you get the main structure. I added his pattern, it’s free so I don’t think it’s a problem
  9. I guess you will be right and time just fly by..
  10. Thanks mutt I hope it will, I like the stitch and rivets... you just never know how much beating it will be put through
  11. Hello Ferg I hand stitch everything I make, can’t afford anything els I have done both this outer stitching and inner... I think it looks more “polished” when the stitch is inside... and with this one I was going for a rougher old school style... I guess it’s just up to the maker the leather is one piece + the inside pocket I have added a picture which have both an inside and outside stitch .. both made with hand stitch and an awl
  12. So im going to a local design market and therefore have been a busy little bee... made this tote from a veg shoulder and stitched it up with “fil au chinois” off white thread.... it also have a small pocket on the inside for all the nic nac ... I’m happy with it What do you think?
  13. Nicely done, a turned edge on top would also look great
  14. I really like your idea, but I would definitely make it less wide, so it looks like you wear the tie and not the other way around but that’s just one woman opinion
  15. NewWork Belt

    Beautiful belt, you did great!