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  1. Looks really good! How did you do your edges?
  2. Love them and nice color!
  3. Hello... i'we been making a lot of belts lately ... and the 3most used sizes I had to do is 95 cm, 100 cm and 110 cm... I always ask for the length from buckle to normally used hole and full length of previous belt... that way I can make it fit...
  4. Thanks
  5. Had some spare veg laying around and needed a new cardholder... nice little project for a afternoon
  6. Can I be a long distance apprentice I would love to have a tutor, but they are really hard too find in Denmark Love your shop! Thanks for sharing
  7. Welcome I like your bag! You really got talent, if you only been at it from February... looking forward to see what else you come up with ... Greetings from Denmark - Sarah
  8. Thanks I love to read about the way things are made!
  9. Nice work... I like them a lot
  10. Beautiful stuff, can you tell a bit more about how it came together...?
  11. I loved your post, thanks for sharing... I think a post on how to identify good leather would be superb... one of the hardest thing to do, especially when you're a newbie thanks again!
  12. Love to see it in use nice work so far!
  13. But you could just use stitches in the same way... just make them close together.... ? And a lining would not be a bad idea... well good luck
  14. Ok so Birkenstock clam it I think... took to pictures, hope it helps... And they have a felt lining....
  15. I'll take a pic of mine when I get home