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  1. Nice work how do you do your stiching?
  2. Thanks wedgetail used a lot of time on the bag, but also learned a lot
  3. Thanks bogwot
  4. Thanks I will look into this I would like more options for buying my leather!
  5. Thanks so far I got the bigger parts of leather in our capital Copenhagen and smaller quantities from England...
  6. Hello I'm just starting to use this forum and found out that this is a great place to be A year ago I started to work with leather and found a hole new world! Ever since I have worked on my skills and hope to get even better. well that's all I got have a nice day
  7. Hello im Sarah from Denmark I just joint this cool site and wanted to show a bit of my work. I have worked with leather about a year now and I hope to learn alot from this site so I can get even better comments are welcome