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  1. Removing oil stain on tooled veg tan

    No but here in Denmark it has a really disgusting smell... I think the stuff is sprinkled with some kind of awful perfume Just praise yourself lucky you won't experience that.
  2. Removing oil stain on tooled veg tan

    Potato flour... works on all sorts of things... maybe it will do the trick.... kitty stuff smells so bad...I hope the odor won't transfer
  3. Backpack

    Great job looks really nice
  4. Aviator helmet

    I love it... very old school
  5. Birthday gifts

    Thanks billybopp for the thoughts on the carving.. and thanks for the nice words
  6. Birthday gifts

    Thanks for the kind words, I don't know about carving, because I haven't ever tried it... but maybe someone with more knowledge than me, know the answer to your question
  7. Birthday gifts

    I use saddle stitches too, I make them tight but not super tight... and use a 18/5 hemp thread. I think the space is more clear when it's a single piece of leather, than when you stitch two pieces together....
  8. Birthday gifts

    I did the pattern myself after looking at a lot of pictures at Pinterest.. I had some things I definitely wanted, like the back pocket... I'm really happy you like it
  9. Birthday gifts

    Thanks for the kind words sofaspud
  10. Birthday gifts

  11. Birthday gifts

    So my wife had her birthday today and I made to items for her. For the last year she complained about the fact, that she didn't get a bag from me and why I was doing them for everyone else. I tried to argue that the other people paid for the bags, but she just dismissed that argument so today she finally got the bag and was thrilled... and I also did a belt she really liked. Both items is made of black veg tan leather, hand stitch and the bag got brown goat lining. I would love your opinion on the items, good day to you all.
  12. Whats it all about for me.

    I really like the ones with the fishes, and what lovely color they all have. You did good
  13. Cattle Skull Purse with Fringe.

    Beautiful work
  14. I really like your bags, beautiful work lovely stitching.. machine?
  15. Some more dog collars

    Looks nice and like the photos...!