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  1. Looks good
  2. like the look, have you done enything with the edges?
  3. Very nice work looks super cool
  4. Beautiful work
  5. Love the shopping bag in black....
  6. I'm farly new with leather so didn't even know tokonole... the lether is a croupon 2,8 mm Don't remember size prong but 2,5-3 cm and buy from a local store in Denmark
  7. I'll look into that... could be something
  8. Do you have a before and after pic that treatment?
  9. Thanks I'm so happy you like it
  10. So i just had to make one more, and this time it just came together so easy.. starting to trust my skills a bit more, all critique is welcome
  11. What a beautiful piece of work love the contrast between the leather and the pearls
  12. Thanks Bob, means a lot And I must say I love "old school" just a shame I don't know any "old master" who could guide me, I would love that... But I try my best.... working on a bag right now, and for the first time ever I'm only using a pricking wheel and an awl, and I just love it, gives me a freedom with the project I haven't had before
  13. I'll do that
  14. Thanks
  15. Yes all edges was done both the keepers and the sides. I like to stitch them, so everything is firm in place I do sometimes use copper rivets and that sort of thing, but the stitches just look so nice .. looking forward to see what you come up with