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  1. Consew 229 help

    I believe it uses G bobbins. The machine came with a whole bag of bobbins so im not concerned at the moment with those. I don't have proper wood working tools. Whipped this up in a couple hours with a dremel. Ill order some accessories and see if i can get them to work.
  2. Consew 229 help

    Hello. I just picked up a consew 229-r post bed machine for a great price and am looking to learn some stuff about it. I cant find much help with the typical google searches about this particular machine. The machine came with what appears to be an aftermarket top pulley which I assume slowed it down from stock. It still has the original clutch motor and what appears to be the original lower pulley. I am new to sewing and I'd like to slow it down more than it is now for obvious reasons. How would I go about doing a servo conversion or other method to slow it more with these unknown aftermarket parts? Any specific vendor suggestions for this particular scenario? I'm also looking to see what kind of feet/accessories can be had for this machine. Does this use the same foot as another machine where I can get a binding attachments, etc? Here is an imgur album with pics of the machine, motor, pulley, feet. Consee 229-r Thanks!