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  1. Hackbarth & Barry King Tools

  2. Hackbarth & Barry King Tools

    all four $105.00 shipped USPS Priority Mail
  3. Hackbarth & Barry King Tools Crazy legs-Hackbarth Rope boarder-Hackbarth Small plan Petal Burst-King Tri Stamp-King All for $125.00 shipped Paypal ok sold as set only
  4. Wayne Jueschke's

  5. W. Jueschke

  6. W. Jueschke

    Wayne Jueschke stamp Sunburst type of stamp 3/8th #53 Round face stamp only, in great condition Unbelievable craftsmanship $ 40.00 Paypal ok, shipped
  7. Wayne Jueschke's

    Set of Wayne Jueschke stamps Large 7/16ths #49 Med 5/16ths #141 Small 1/4 in #152 All sizes are approximate. All stamps are in great condition Sold as set USPS Prioitiy Mail w/ DC $ 145.00 Paypal ok
  8. Loud Bull Elk

    Thanks Clay I saw your tutorial, thought I would try, gave me a lot of confidence to do lot of fun, I learned a lot. Once again thanks
  9. Problems Carving/tooling Eagles Eye And Brow

    As I see, Bring the eye lid to a point toward the beak, under cut just a bit. Make a semblance of the eye, practice on some scrap eyes only. Have fun
  10. First Crack At Tooling

    Looks good Matt Practice on all your scrap leather using the swivel knife, you will get the feel for the depth of cut Enjoy the ride
  11. Best place I can think of to ask this question, so here it goes The ways to protect your gun or knife from the snap metal post back touching-rubbing possibly scratching the gun or knife would be?? Sew in a liner after snap has been set, OR those small flat plastic inserts ( Which, I don't know where to find?? please help) Are there any other ways that you have found help the keep the snap off the gun or knife blade? or ideas to prevent it from happening. Thanks
  12. Wondering what you all do to get Satin Finishes. High Gloss & Gloss seem to be very easy to get. I've used leather balm, bit waxy which is cool sometimes. Is there a combo of two products to use? wondering is there any thing else Im missing?? thanks
  13. Angled Basket stamping and making a template

    Good Stuff
  14. thats a cool spear point single blade and a cool sheath , Outstanding work
  15. Border Stamps

    Two Border Stamps both 5/16th's length on flat side Both like new condition 1. Hackbarth Stainless Shell Border Stamp $35.00 2. Barry King Crescent Shell Boarder Stamp $28.00- sold Shipping USPS 1st Class included Paypal ok, pm questions