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  1. Great Leather Carving in this book all in Japanese with great pictures that speak for them selfs Ive learned a lot from it a lot of great instruction ,167 Color pages $60.00 shipped to you.....paypal
  2. Basic Mauls x2

    Sold thanks
  3. Jueschke #127

  4. C.S. Osborne Oblong Leather punch

  5. C.S. Osborne Oblong Leather punch

    Great Tool Great Shape Sharp no dings in blade 3/4 in ...... tool #151 Asking $ 30.00 shipped paypal ok
  6. Jueschke #127

    Jueschke #127 Great Tool Asking $ 90.00 shipped paypal ok
  7. Basic Mauls x2

    Nice Mauls, if your a beginner or just need a few other mauls for classes nice set here, used but in good shape. both for sale in one lot ...Stolman Maul 16oz, Hunt Wilde Maul 21oz Asking $ 67.00 for the pair shipped to you paypal ok
  8. Is this a lost cause?

    Hello All Just wondering if this Cool Vintage Braided Black Jack, total 8in long.... a flea market find,....got it for 5 bucks, Is a lost cause?? I don't know anything about braiding, all a mystery to me. Was very dried out when I got it, The leather on this side has dried out and cracked in half at the bend of the jack, I put a coat of Fiebings Aussie. Im going to keep it cool piece anyways, Is it repairable?
  9. Hackbarth & Barry King Tools

  10. Hackbarth & Barry King Tools

    all four $105.00 shipped USPS Priority Mail
  11. Hackbarth & Barry King Tools Crazy legs-Hackbarth Rope boarder-Hackbarth Small plan Petal Burst-King Tri Stamp-King All for $125.00 shipped Paypal ok sold as set only
  12. Wayne Jueschke's

  13. W. Jueschke

  14. W. Jueschke

    Wayne Jueschke stamp Sunburst type of stamp 3/8th #53 Round face stamp only, in great condition Unbelievable craftsmanship $ 40.00 Paypal ok, shipped
  15. Wayne Jueschke's

    Set of Wayne Jueschke stamps Large 7/16ths #49 Med 5/16ths #141 Small 1/4 in #152 All sizes are approximate. All stamps are in great condition Sold as set USPS Prioitiy Mail w/ DC $ 145.00 Paypal ok