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  1. Hello The owner of my old leather business bought one for $50. Since I fix all the sewing machines of friends, even acquaintances, she asked me to fix it. Many things wrong not many bad. Been10 years on the road and at the shop repairing leather items. This was a Consew short arm and the quality was good. (my opinion) Always buy new, I usually don't take this advice. tx Lynn
  2. Looking for product to be made for wholesale

    I do have a clicker, die making equipment and various industrial machines. I also have access to the Amish and Mennonites who can this type of work. If you can provide patterns, construction detail and order size I can give you a quote. Would also need description of leather. Most of my orders from my wholesale accounts are less than $1,000.00 tx Lynn
  3. Bad motor

    Thanks for advice. My concerns are two. I am installing solar. I currently run 3 commercial embroidery machines on the power grid. These machine are run with Newpoint battery backup surge protectors. Will that give me any protection, my solar installation is being installed by professionals, what d. I tell them. Secondly my customer is Amish, and the community is rapidly going solar. i worry that some my buy electronic machine (most are using mechanical) but do want more features rather than just straight stitcher. tx Lynn
  4. Bad motor

    I'm a avid forum watcher, most advice given is really good. I have a problem. I serve as free sewing machine repairman in a high mountain valley in Colorado. Last summer I installed a motor and flywheel on a Bernina. This was originally converted to a treadle. This family had moved to the valley built a house and installed solar. I converted it back to electric. After a few months she called and said the motor burned up. Any suggestions? Bernina motors are very expensive. Is it possible the solar voltage could vary enough to cause a problem. tx Lynn
  5. consew 206RB-5 thread tension issue

    All good advice. Check upper tension discs for grooves. I use 600 grit sand paper with a little oil on a piece of glass. Sand till smooth. Also hold bobbin case tension with right fingernail lift slightly and blow clean.
  6. Zig Zag Machine Advice

    Ok I'm on tonight. Suggestions for bottom feed with zig zag the Zoje 20u93. Gives 9mm width zig zag, also has that neat ability to move zigzag width with knee lift. Boot top stitchers could use this for creative designs. Big learning curve, would work for free motion quilters. Next the sailrite, thompson miniwalkjer, version with walking foot and zig zag. On shoes and boots I use a zig zag for sewing linings. My linings are top grain and I need no overlaps. This machine gives good even feeding characteristics. I use one in my embroidery business to sew twill to paper so the bottom doesn't chase the paper so hooped material stays flat. By the way I think Zoje is the current Singer 20u maker.
  7. Help! Skipped stitches

    There is a black washer just behind the conical tension spring it goes over the post, than the spring and than the nut you turn to change tension. The center cross bar on the washer can be dimpled slightly outward. This means more travel for the tension release rod and keep proper thread tension on thick material. If your knee lift is properly adjusted you will get thread release at full travel. I dimple with small screw driver a hammer on a soft piece of wood. My favorite machine, although I have a Nacajima 280L that will lift higher, sew longer stitches. and use 277top and 207bobbin thread. tx Lynn
  8. Help! Skipped stitches

    Hi Brian I've had over 25 206-rb, the Japanese,Chinese and Taiwanese. All worked well and never had to mess with hook other sliding for and aft to match correct distance to needle. I've fixed many for friends and associates, all because of hacking including dealers. Your on the right track with needle bar timing. On thick material the thread tension may start to release causing multiple problems. There is a fix for that, by dimpling the tension washer. These machines are metric and the hardware store probably has a screw that works. I know somebody who used one of these machine daily for 25yrs. and never oiled it. Still working today (it gets oiled know.) tx Lynn
  9. Singer 111w155 Singer144-305

    Sorry I missed inquiry. The 111 is still for sale but I left it in Fl. when I came to Colo. for the summer. Won't go back till Oct. It's not museum but very good condition. Can't do picture till fall. tx Lynn
  10. Tension release problem

    I'm glad this issue has finally come up. The explanation is good as usual Uwe. In some cases the center bar (pictured) can be dimpled. One spot on our mc chaps was 6/7 layers and I finally learned to adjust up the tension release. I should mention many extra hvy. duty machines don't even have a tension release ie. my Singer 144/305
  11. Singer 111w155 Singer144-305

    The Singer 155 is excellent, my go to when need longer stitch or sewing height. Sitting on solid wood top with original Singer clutch motor. Has original wrinkle black top with smooth black bottom. Top finish very good, bottom shows some wear.. Recent belt replacement. No skips no misses. May be able to deliver on a line between New Smyrna Beach Fl. and Westcliffe Co. end of Feb. $575 The Singer 144-305 is in Westcliffe Co. only one I've ever seen with reverse. Original gray/tan This high lift long stitch machine will even sew plywood. Huge bobbin. Sew 277 top and bottom and with ease. Uses 7/3 needles. Good parts availability. Set up with 50mm clutch pulley to 12" top. Will not sell without personal inspection. Boat feet are still available to do things like horse blankets. $2500 .
  12. Compare Consew 206RB-5 to Consew P1206RB

    My history on Consew 206rb goes back to 1976 when I purchased a new one from Consolidated Sewing in Chicago. That machine is still daily in use in my former shop. I've had dozens of these machines including Japan, Taiwan, and Chinese models. I notice the 1206 has no button to reset the clutch ( maybe it has no clutch ! ). All 206 that I've had where equipped with clutches. The hook is set on a keyway and once the clutch is reset the hook timing is reset. You lock up a clutch less horizontal axis machine the hook spins on the shaft and you have to re-time. If you buy a clutch less machine make sure you mark the shaft and hook for position.
  13. Embroidery partnership with wallet company

    Ten years ago I sold my leather mfg. business, but kept the embroidery. You can reach me at info@make-a-patch.com I probably can handle your needs. Located Fla. and Colo. tx Lynn
  14. I think this is great news. We need worldwide a outsole sticher that will sew heavy thread. Shoes and boots can be made in minimal space and nobody wants a old curved needle around. Also chinese sites show a rc32 4a a angled elevated toe patcher which just might sew insoles to outsole. This would eliminated the Goodyear type construction and allow shoemakers to eliminate a difficult handsew operation.
  15. need partial spool of #8 speedmaster wire, don't think I can make enough shoes to buy a full spool.