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  1. Singer 111w155 Singer144-305

    Sorry I missed inquiry. The 111 is still for sale but I left it in Fl. when I came to Colo. for the summer. Won't go back till Oct. It's not museum but very good condition. Can't do picture till fall. tx Lynn
  2. Tension release problem

    I'm glad this issue has finally come up. The explanation is good as usual Uwe. In some cases the center bar (pictured) can be dimpled. One spot on our mc chaps was 6/7 layers and I finally learned to adjust up the tension release. I should mention many extra hvy. duty machines don't even have a tension release ie. my Singer 144/305
  3. Singer 111w155 Singer144-305

    The Singer 155 is excellent, my go to when need longer stitch or sewing height. Sitting on solid wood top with original Singer clutch motor. Has original wrinkle black top with smooth black bottom. Top finish very good, bottom shows some wear.. Recent belt replacement. No skips no misses. May be able to deliver on a line between New Smyrna Beach Fl. and Westcliffe Co. end of Feb. $575 The Singer 144-305 is in Westcliffe Co. only one I've ever seen with reverse. Original gray/tan This high lift long stitch machine will even sew plywood. Huge bobbin. Sew 277 top and bottom and with ease. Uses 7/3 needles. Good parts availability. Set up with 50mm clutch pulley to 12" top. Will not sell without personal inspection. Boat feet are still available to do things like horse blankets. $2500 .
  4. Compare Consew 206RB-5 to Consew P1206RB

    My history on Consew 206rb goes back to 1976 when I purchased a new one from Consolidated Sewing in Chicago. That machine is still daily in use in my former shop. I've had dozens of these machines including Japan, Taiwan, and Chinese models. I notice the 1206 has no button to reset the clutch ( maybe it has no clutch ! ). All 206 that I've had where equipped with clutches. The hook is set on a keyway and once the clutch is reset the hook timing is reset. You lock up a clutch less horizontal axis machine the hook spins on the shaft and you have to re-time. If you buy a clutch less machine make sure you mark the shaft and hook for position.
  5. Embroidery partnership with wallet company

    Ten years ago I sold my leather mfg. business, but kept the embroidery. You can reach me at info@make-a-patch.com I probably can handle your needs. Located Fla. and Colo. tx Lynn
  6. I think this is great news. We need worldwide a outsole sticher that will sew heavy thread. Shoes and boots can be made in minimal space and nobody wants a old curved needle around. Also chinese sites show a rc32 4a a angled elevated toe patcher which just might sew insoles to outsole. This would eliminated the Goodyear type construction and allow shoemakers to eliminate a difficult handsew operation.
  7. need partial spool of #8 speedmaster wire, don't think I can make enough shoes to buy a full spool.
  8. Consew 206rb 5 bobbin issue

    Both of the above replies have merit and in many cases are true. Having over 25 of these machines the first in 1976. I have come across only one machine that exhibited this problem. At the request of the dealer and new owner I diagnosed the problem as tight clearances on the hook and race. I used valve compound, a greasy abrasive paste and coated the components while running machine to polish and increase clearances. This worked but I don't think that machine would sew heavier than #92. Another issue is bobbin thepositioner escapment could need adjustment.