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  1. What am I doing wrong?

    This is a common issue on this forum. There is 3 issues # 1 tension, most machines release tension by knee lift and or by lifting lever. You have to sew with no tension release, and you may consider after stopping pull thread tight. I have adjusted my tension release at the very top of its travel. #2 I use SD1 needles seems to work with minimum eruption on the back side of the leather. #3 I use Merrow floss commonly used to put edge on patches. Available in small spools from red Rock Threads online. This thread is all poly, strong. and is fairly thick. It has good shine and shows well wallets and bags. You may not duplicate the saddle stitch but can get close.
  2. Rectangular Hole Punch For Watch Straps

    Go to ebay-leather-punches multi punches in box DIY 39 should be on first page. tx Lynn
  3. This a USM model C. I've used this machine for twenty years. I sold my Fipi and Swabe when I sold my business 14 years ago. My machine has been reliable with only one used part from Melody Machine.I also got a die bender and punches to do steel rule dies. This machine is susceptible to double clicking after about a 1000 clicks on small dies. don't see them in factories for that reason. They work with a internal clutch which heats up. Formerly used for cutting shoe soles. The primary problem is stopping on the die, however there is a release mechanism at the, top most just back it off with a large pipe wrench. Lot ta marks on the hub. It's my pet machine, most use 220 single phase, you can replace with a 110 motor. Manuals are available on EBAY. If it was me not over $1,000 and it has to work. tx Lynn
  4. I don't have the part. sorry Lynn
  5. I see what you need. I will look tomorrow and let you know. tx Lynn
  6. If you turn the hand wheel backwards the stitches will shorten. That said if it stops 5spi pulling the handwheel towards you and you can do only that amount it might be frozen . The selector is also attached to the arm that regulates stitch length. So you have to check that. If it was me I would soak in PB blaster. Then I would attach a vice grip to the shaft maybe protecting it with a piece veg. I would than center the selector and rock back forth and feel the movement. no changes soak again ! Don't turn so hard it that will damage the belt.
  7. I suggest you google Pantone color. Pick your color and then ask your thread supplier if they can match it. Another way is go to a paint store and match your item and mail chip to thread supplier. My last choice is 3 spools of poly home machine thread most cases it will work on a patcher. good luck
  8. Soak with PB Blaster. Keep wet for a couple days. Than use a long screw driver and tap with hammer. You can dissolve plates, screws and other loose metal items with The Works a degradable bowl cleaner. Soon as dry oil well.
  9. Singer Friction Clutch-Pulley

    Years ago as a itinerant leather vendor I used a bunch of these jack shaft clutches Currently I run a 111w155, a Union serger , and over lock. They have excellent control and the motor driving the clutch can be easily replaced. Or as ones used with a long belt running outside for some of my Amish friends. I think your problem is. One the bearing at the yellow arrow should turn free when the clutch is disengaged Second adjustment is at the orange arrow to free up movement. I always run a leather clutch belting dry. Make sure the main shaft is getting oil from the well

    I have 2 staplers back in a corner of my garage in Fl. I'm still in Colo. until Nov. Shoot me a e-mail after Nov. 10 if your still looking. tx Lynn
  11. Hello I have downloaded this info which may help your research. One of my trades is auto upholstery and I have been interested in the various leathers used. Why do european cars left in hot florida sun interiors deteriorate so quickly? The site I showed you shows a south carolina location. I know we have car production that of which some are exported. Do they have to meet european specifications. The site specs. veg tanned only and I would like to know how durable it is. I think your research will show that modern leather is corrected, thinner, more flexible, and not as durable. I also think 3rd world countries are making chrome finished splits with questionable durability. Keep in touch tx Lynn
  12. Help with Singer 112w116

    I downloaded image from e-bay. This type of assembly is used on heavier machines, such as 112, 144, and 145. I would call machine dealers on this site for the parts you need. tx Lynn
  13. Is a serger what I need?

    I have a bunch of Merrow machines. I keep 3 in use for a Merrowed edge for custom patches. Very sturdy machine but not very heavy. I run mine with std. domestic sewing motors. Once set up they are very reliable. Bought my first one from online dealer it ran, but had to feed manually because he ground off the feed dog, bad, bad. They use cams to change stitch length. Of the two girls in the shop one won't use it and one will but only if I'm not available. They have a very good knife system. I use those small storage type racks from Sams for tables. That said a industrial serger 3 thread will work also for your needs. Juki and Siruba are very good. If I set up a Merrow machine It will run properly, however you will probably send it back several times to adjust or repair. Two issues breaking needles (failure to remove material properly) and failing to thread properly. I would sell one for $500. It will be set up. I would require materials to test, includes video prior to mailing. I welcome any comments. tx Lynn
  14. I have these two. One with italian mark and one german. Commonly used in the saddle and other veg. leather venues. One is used daily in cutting heatsealed embroidered patches. The single sharpened upper edge makes a downward cut very clean . The other used in my shoe and leather hobby. For example after sewing a wallet I can cut a very clean line along the stitch line. Makes burnishing easier. As long as inside edge is clean or can be cleaned up with minimum removal their useful.
  15. This is a twin needle attachment used to add a double stitch to a single needle sewing machine. The one shown I am modifying to make jeans belt loop. The one you have I could use to sew a narrow double line on shoe uppers. Let me know if I could buy one and after trying I will get back to you with feedback. tx Lynn