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  1. Could be some form of stuffing thing for pushing stuffing into something like a horse collar.
  2. Its all metal about 8 inches long. Looks like an ice pick that is missing the hook part. Someone suggested (or guessed) that it was for stretching out holes for lacing. It came from a Harness Shop. thanks in advance - Techexchange
  3. Don't have a soldering iron but have been accused of being a blow hard.
  4. thanks Bob. We haven't talked in a while. Is Joe Weis still around over here in Brooklyn servicing machines? Could I push something into the top hole (didn't know there was one) or only room for air? I would think this isn't an uncommon problem.
  5. I removed the two screws and I think I can see the needle through the screw holes (only because its brighter than the rest of the machine). How do I get it out? thanks in advance Einar
  6. Based on my conversation with someone at Weaver (not the auctioneer) you can set a reserve price but if it doesn't meet the reserve then you the seller still owe the premium on the price it did reach.
  7. Never been to the auction but considering. I also have several Singer Patchers - some treadle, some electric, some long arm I could bring to consign. Hoping people who have attended can answer. I also have possibility of bringing an Adler 105 and Brother DB2-B797. I figure the auctin would be true fun but maybe I can make some money at the same time
  8. CustomDoug: what was the result 6 years ago with the Reece? How did you solve your problem?
  9. Als I guess what is the degree of interchange of parts.
  10. Didn't know a 563N existed. Have an opportunity to purchase. How does it compare to the 563? Would you expect a good price to be more, less, same?
  11. Box X Or Bartacker Advice

    thanks for the quick response to a 5 year old thread.
  12. Box X Or Bartacker Advice

    Greg: I'm looking at what is described as a pair of Jado and Freeman Box X conversions. Are these yours? They look like the Singer 68.Should I have any hesitations? I don't think they have been used in years. Lousy picture but all that I have.
  13. thank you all for your help
  14. Just bought it. Tried a couple of different weights of leather. Just tried a piece of 6 oz stiff leather and its not cutting all the way through? Any thoughts? How much does a new one of the circular blades cost?
  15. Sandals

    Are the soles glued on?