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  1. CustomDoug: what was the result 6 years ago with the Reece? How did you solve your problem?
  2. Als I guess what is the degree of interchange of parts.
  3. Didn't know a 563N existed. Have an opportunity to purchase. How does it compare to the 563? Would you expect a good price to be more, less, same?
  4. thanks for the quick response to a 5 year old thread.
  5. Greg: I'm looking at what is described as a pair of Jado and Freeman Box X conversions. Are these yours? They look like the Singer 68.Should I have any hesitations? I don't think they have been used in years. Lousy picture but all that I have.
  6. thank you all for your help
  7. Just bought it. Tried a couple of different weights of leather. Just tried a piece of 6 oz stiff leather and its not cutting all the way through? Any thoughts? How much does a new one of the circular blades cost?
  8. Are the soles glued on?
  9. lately i've been seeing semi-freuquent cases where it seems like page loading is wating on something from leatherladyproductions.
  10. I would love to see more photos. Looks like the front under the flap is made from 3 separate pieces of leather. If you can't post more I can Private Message my email.
  11. I am now the proud owner of a used 5100? But looking at the specs it says for use from 6oz to 7/8". I will not be using light weight leathers but never anything remotely like 7/8" and probably mosty from 4oz to 6oz. The deal was too good to pass up but I'm wondering if I bought something not well suited to the weights I intend to use it for. Also the proud owner of LU 563 and more patchers than I have fingers on one hand.
  12. What about the "self oiling" aspect for a used 367? I'm looking at a used one that has been used in a factory for years. Is this a concern?
  13. I'd like to see pics also
  14. I'm in Brooklyn and just saw your posting. Any equipment still available?
  15. The Harrisburg store is great! I was driving to State College and it was on the other side of the road. Major U turn and I shopped for the next several hours.