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  1. Thanks! And thank you for the tips, I'll give them a shot on the next item I do. And yeah, the logos were achieved with the laser. The laser is a Universal Laser Systems VLS4.60
  2. Here are two small pieces I threw together over the last few days, while working on the CAD for a few new designs. The first is another field notes cover. I know I might have an obsession for these little notebooks, but they're handy to have around when inspiration strikes, and they give me a way to always have an example of my leather-work. It was also my first time using edge paint: I had some issues with the edge paint spilling over onto the front/back faces (I was applying it with q-tips for this first run). I do like how they came out though, so I'll be looking for some info on how to properly apply edge paint to keep the faces clean. The second is the round pouch. Not particularly practical, but I wanted to make something different, and it turns out to be a nice little pouch for my zippo.
  3. I love it! I think I might have to make one of these and leave my leather valet tray for the EDC bag. One thing I would add, that I found out from my leather valet tray, is a cutout for the phone charging cord. If you're gonna leave your phone in it every night while it charges, it will not put stress on the cord/charging port if you have a cutout. Great work!
  4. Final Product:
  5. Thanks all! Because of the positive response this design has gotten, I decided to tweak the design and make one from some proper leather (Horween Essex, 4-5oz). Here are some photos of the work in progress: I don't have a stitching pony, and this piece was too big for my binder clip method, so I had to rig up a clamping device to hold these pieces together. It actually works pretty well for the whole 5 mins of work that went into making it. A few photos of the pieces sewn together. Hoping to add the snaps and burnish the edges tonight! I'm more excited to finish this piece than any of my previous work.
  6. Tremendous work! I love the color choices.
  7. Snapped a couple quick photos of a prototype design I worked on today. It's a valet tray that folds into a closed pouch. Carries your items to the destination, and gives you a nice place to put them when you get there. Being a prototype, I spared the good leather and used some remnants I had from a leather couch I re-upholstered. I'm really liking the design though, so I'll probably make a few small tweaks to the pattern and then make one from some Horween Essex. What do you guys think?
  8. Red/white/blue card wallet, being given as part of a set that will be auctioned off at a local VFW Memorial Day event:
  9. Fantastic work! I dig the interior fabric as well.
  10. It definitely does make things easier. And yeah, it's a pricey piece of equipment, that's why I currently use one at my local makerspace. I'm justifying building my own because I have a number of hobbies that I use the laser cutter for, so it's a little easier to stomach the cost... The smell can be less that pleasant at times. Especially when doing a lot of engraving. But with the exhaust system turned up it's not too bad.
  11. Thanks! Here is a video of the laser in action (if I can get the link to work):
  12. Made a new version of the Flat Card Wallet, with 2 additional outer card pockets (4 total). Made at the request of a friend, so we'll see how he likes it. Making this wallet gave me the chance to photo some fresh material against the wallet I've been carrying everyday. The wallet has taken on a pretty awesome patina in only about a month and a half of use. Really looking forward to seeing how customers' items age with use!
  13. Thanks! I have been trying to cut multiple patterns every time I get access to the laser, and stitch them up in my free time. Thanks!
  14. Thanks! I usually do the first of each design in a two-tone color scheme, as it highlights all the pieces involved. I'm actually pretty happy with these colors, but I may be biased as the creator... lol Thanks! It's all hand stitched. The two industrial walking foot machines I have are set up for working with Cordura, and the aggressive feed dogs and presser feet tear up the leather, so I hand stitch. Plus, I like being able to take my time and get the good stitch lines, so I don't mind hand stitching.
  15. Another recently made item of mine: a Field Notes Cover Although I had made a field notes cover not long ago (the one with the streets of Pittsburgh engraved), I wanted something a little more business oriented. I made this with business card pockets added, and also sized it for dual purpose (it should function well as a passport cover, or at least that's the plan) Let me know what you think of the design. If there's anything you would add or change to up functionality, I'd love to hear it. I want to offer this as an item for sale on my Etsy store, but I'm not convinced this is the final form of the design yet, so all input is appreciated. PS: I feel like I've posted a lot of items recently, and don't want it to feel like I'm spamming the board. If it's better/preferred to condense threads and post items in batches, I'm happy to do that, just let me know.