What leather to use?

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Hey folks, brand new here.  

I just started doing some leatherwork recently.  In fact, so far I've put more time into making tools than I have into working leather. Maybe tonight I'll post some pics of tools I've made (stitching pony, edge burnisher, a couple of awls) since those are much better than the results of my leather work so far.  My craft background is in woodworking, building bamboo fly rods (and graphite rods for that matter), and fly tying. So although new to leather, building tools has been easy for me, and many of the other skills are coming pretty naturally (indeed, while stitching last night I was reminded of the process of making woven flies used in euro-style nymphing with a flyrod).  

That said, and despite the awfully rough results of my first couple of small projects, I think I found a project that will be challenging, but is still within my skillset.  But I have no idea what leather to use or where to buy it, and could really use some help.

This is the project I want to make (for my wife): http://www.instructables.com/id/Leather-Tote-DIY/ (maybe somebody knows of an even better pattern for a similar project, if so please do share).

And I generally like the look of the leather used on that page.  I want something with a very natural finish, a little bit "rustic", what I love about leather is that it is a natural product with natural variation.  Heavy enough to stand up on its own, and heavy enough to get good, even stitches (I discovered last night how hard it can be to get even stitching in really soft, thin leather). But not so heavy it's more like a box than a bag.  

Any recommendations?   

Thanks in advance.


Boise, Idaho

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