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  1. Made my first cowboy style holster. Customized the back for a friend.. X-mas gift:) These are kind of tricky compared to the pancake style Im used to making.
  2. I have had issues where the gun fits in perfectly (pancake style) after it has dried. Then when its on the gun belt, on my waist, it is more difficult to remove from the holster. When its on the belt it pulls the holster snug tightening the leather around the gun. What am I doing wrong? I keep wearing it thinking it just needs to break in.
  3. New Holster .38

    On the next ones I will plan on only making impressions on the front side of the trigger. Better safe… Thanks guys for the heebie jeebies:)
  4. Is that ostrich? Id like to see the back. Good job.
  5. Frankenstein Holster

    I like it. It looks really cool. I never messed with the kydex, but this makes me want to. Keep it up doodler!
  6. New Holster .38

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the compliments. She really liked it and a few of her girl friends want me to make them one, right on.
  7. I've been using the white waxed thread from Tandy. It comes in a 25 yard spool. I also wear gloves that have been rubber dipped to save my fingers, also keeps thread pretty clean. I plan on getting a Boss, that should eliminate the thread from becoming dirty.
  8. I think its great. I have onlu made a few gun holsters.. now I want to make my 11 yr old a nice wallet. I hope it come out as nice as that! Good job:)
  9. My buddys wife just got a .38, she has been wearing it in a floppy Uncle Mikes holster. I put this together. I think ox blood looks cool coming out of the black… Now get some stag grips on this lil pistol and I think it will be complete:)
  10. Wickenburg Show

    Glad I seen this post…I missed it last year. I just got into leather in the last two years. I live in Prescott, I'm thinking about going on Saturday:)
  11. Thats great! I like the white stitching, great dye choice. Now I want to get some of those barbed wire stamps.. would go over well here in AZ:) Thanks for sharing!
  12. I like both of them! I havnt tried an inlay yet..I need to give it a shot! No pun intended:) So… Question.. Did you cut out the shape, and glue the inlay..Then stitch it? Next carry on like normal..? Thanks for sharing!
  13. Made this for a friend. First time making a holster for revolver. He says he wants to get stag grips now, I bet it will look cool!
  14. 1St Holster

    Id be proud, look cool. Nice gun too-