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  1. Greetings from the other side of the river
  2. Look up "Peter Nitz" on facebook he's got an album of him making a bag very similiar to that one but with pictures of each step.
  3. You have to sew the pleat in at the top then you need to use pressure/heat to set it. I use my iron on low with some newspaper in between it and leather to iron it.
  4. Peter Nitz?
  5. Damn if only I'd known about sheet metal pliers, they look exactly like what I wanted. Think I'll try the epoxy idea first and see how it goes. thanks for the advice guys
  6. I came across this site on my trawling of the depths of the internet as to the veracity of its claims who knows. A whois says its based in India so human rights issues may or may not be at the forefront. http://www.humanleather.co.uk/humanleatherproducts.html
  7. I got them for bout $30 on ebay so they're not too valuable where as the flat jaws one start at about $100 dollars. I was thinking about maybe filling the teeth with silcone then wrapping with leather to try something non permanent first. But I'm thinking maybe another type of filler might be better but can't think of which type. Emmet
  8. I've got this pliers I'd like to alter but I'm not sure on how to do it correctly. I'd like to have it flat so I can clamp down on seams etc. Would it be better to fill the gaps in the teeth? Or grind them flat?
  9. Try Abbey, even if they're not on the site they might have them unlisted
  10. In theory I'd like some.
  11. I just used a knife to cut to the right depth then took off the edges with an edger. Done the job great
  12. You really need to go with a heated tool to burnish the exotics burnishing just by rubbing won't get you there.
  13. Its an electric edge creaser/ wax spreader. Can get it here: http://mando.fr/fr/17-fileteuse-manuelle
  14. Here's a video of a Dunhills craftman, doing just that
  15. I've seen hermes workers punch the holes all the way through with the vergez blanchard tools. can see it in this video of peter nitz who who was trained by an ex-hermes employee. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=vb.182186731147&type=2 SInce watching the video I've been using my dixon irons in a similiar manner and tbh my stitching has never been better.