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  1. What to line a knife sheath with

    Lots of good ideas. I was wondering if using something like Tokonole burnished on the inside with and small gap at the bottom might not be the way to go. Is there a big difference between Resolene and Tokonole? It's not a lining per say... I did warn him that I don't know anything about making sheaths. Again I am grateful for the help I have received.
  2. What to line a knife sheath with

    Thanks for the reply. I am grateful for any input. They are all skinning knives. I don't think they are expensive ,but he is wanting to get into forging his own knives. Right now he is getting blanks on the internet and crafting his own handles. I know that one of them is Damascus steel. Would you ventilate the plastic or the leather or both? (un)fortunately I am old school the customer will always be right. ( even when they are not )
  3. Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a client, who knows that I am an amateur where knife sheaths are concerned. Through the posting this fabulous site I have learned what leather to use, how to custom design, and how to sew them together. However my client insist that all of the sheaths that he ordered be lined. I have no clue what to line it with. He is concerned that the knives might get rusted in the leather. Would cordura or kylex be better? Any suggestions? I have read several posts that suggest not storing the knife in leather is the best way to keep the knife from getting damaged. He still insists on a lining. Any help would be welcome.