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  1. Shave Kit

    Looks very nice. Did you use a liner inside?
  2. Bible cover

    Very nice.
  3. Singer Friction Clutch-Pulley

    very nice. Like the base with the machine.
  4. Thank you Dwight for sharing how you made the tool.
  5. I don't like snakes (especially live ones), that looks very nice.
  6. New belt for a Christmas present order.

  7. Documentation for vintage equipment/machines

    Any chance you have a Pfaff 145 Service/Technician Manual? I have the operating manual and the parts manual.
  8. Some Scout awards for Spac Derby.

    Very Nice. Have a great Space Derby
  9. Ancient Greek Armor

    Did you have a clicker die to cut out the scales?
  10. Ancient Greek Armor

    Wow. That is amazing. What did you hold the armor pieces in to do the hand stitching.
  11. WIP. Portrait of a Scottish gentleman

    Amazing work. I don't have words for the pic battlemunky put up. I hope to not see that one again.
  12. Hello from Eastern Europe :)

    Nice Surface Pro 4 Case. Is the gusset the same leather as the interior? In the last picture it looks like a different color than the picture showing some of the interior leather on the flap.
  13. Leather shirt

    You may want to attach some batting or an other Pellon product to the cloth so it approximates the thickness and the flexibility of the deerskin. Pellon products and other batting is sold at Jo-Ann Fabrics. (some products are sew to the material only, and others are fusible with the fabric)
  14. hunting cross draw rig for a gunsmith in Florida

    Love the Ammo pouch.
  15. Prosthetic Project

    Wonderful that you were able to help her do, what she loves and had lost.