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  1. embossing press attach stamp and tray

    Reply Thank you. I'll get some photo's after this wkend. I'm not great at getting them uploaded and my IT geek, AKA husband is traveling for work.
  2. embossing press attach stamp and tray

    RockyAussi where do you recommend finding one of these ? I am located in the United States in Central Indiana.
  3. Dog Collars Using Angelus Paints from FrogJelly

    Love the vibrant colors.
  4. Business Closed, Selling Hardware

    Do you have pricing on the hardware yet?
  5. A weekender bag I made

    Looks very nice. What type of fabric did you use for the lining?
  6. wow it does look like you bought out a small tandy shop. I like the belts with the embosser wheels.
  7. Old Man

    thx for sharing
  8. My Swiss Army Saddlebag restorations

    Very nice on both the bag and the clamp
  9. Olympus trip 35 camera pouch?

    @mocivnik That is what I saw. Thought maybe the dimensions would give you a start. Maybe Olympus could give you more info.
  10. Olympus trip 35 camera pouch?

    Found this with a quick search maybe it will help had some sizes near the bottom
  11. Wow. Looks like quite a score.
  12. Briefcase

    That is very nice. I like the two tone's.
  13. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    That looks really nice.