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  1. Leather show 2017 This link sums up a lot of things mentioned here, it is quite helpful, so you can get the ones in asia, europe, and US, UK
  2. Finishing Edges

    thank you for the insights sir! will try to adapt with the material and all!
  3. I have the same preference with you. I am interested in the result you are getting?
  4. Does this stetch the leather? I mean significantly. To me, it has a very similar result, but with water, i got a little bit of grey blue colour. I wasnt paying attention to the amount of dirt before, so you might have to try for yourself.
  5. Hi, I am using veg tan obviously, and this question might be around all the time many times. I have been clicking a lot of links still could not decide. I have read somewhere that it is good to rub the veg tan with oil before dyeing because it helps the leather to absorb the dye or stain. The link povided me with some pictures, but it is really hard to judge because the lighting is very poor. I also read in this forum that you do not need to clean it unless it is really dirty, or visibly dirty. I really appreciate for your tips or inputs. Thanks. =)