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  1. Edge slickers

    Thats pretty cool! I've often felt like I could benefit from a fatter burnisher too. Got to find me a local woodturner.
  2. Wow, thanks for the great information here! I would love to experiment with making my own natural dyes.
  3. I love how customized it is...a place for everything!
  4. WALNUT shoes!

    Wow, they look great! Shoemakers are always so impressive to me.
  5. What projects do I begin with?

    Great goals! I agree with everyone here, start with a very basic project so you can get all of the techniques down. Take it step by step. Once you have a good foundation of basics then you can break down any project into the smaller pieces and tackle it that way.
  6. Double Gusset Briefcase

    Well I think it looks great! and I bet the next time around it wouldn't take you nearly as long. I just got done making my first messenger style bag as well and I think the first one always takes the longest. I'd like to make the next one similar to this one with a seam dividing the width.
  7. These are really cool! I'd love to make a pair!
  8. I love things that are multifunctional! This would be great in different sizes too and for cosmetic/toiletries.
  9. My hobby

    Nice work, Andrey!
  10. Guitar cover and strap

    Woah I love the application of the leather on the guitar! Thats awesome!
  11. Hey nice work! Gussets on your first project, i'm impressed!
  12. That is such a sweet gift idea. I love it. It looks great!
  13. Messing around

    Ha the to-go box. Thats awesome.
  14. Razor cases

    Seems like a nice thing to have especially for travel!
  15. My latest Dog Collar

    Awesome! I want to see the doggie in it!