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  1. Nice work, Andrey!
  2. Woah I love the application of the leather on the guitar! Thats awesome!
  3. Hey nice work! Gussets on your first project, i'm impressed!
  4. That is such a sweet gift idea. I love it. It looks great!
  5. Ha the to-go box. Thats awesome.
  6. Seems like a nice thing to have especially for travel!
  7. Awesome! I want to see the doggie in it!
  8. This is beautiful craftsmanship! I can tell you spent some time on getting the details just right.
  9. Great work and very nice design! I love the red leather wallet.
  10. Stolen tools?! Thats a bummer! Nice job though.
  11. Really nice stuff! I like the leather bowl at the top.
  12. Very nice work for your first attempt! I think you might have a knack for this.
  13. @buckarooTB I agree! When using the saddlers needles, you're also less likely to stab your fingers while sewing too because of the round tip, which is a nice side benefit. LeatherBeast
  14. @sinderella I hope i'm understanding correctly...Are you using a strap cutter like the below? The trick to using this is to already have a straight edge on your leather that you can work against. To get that straight edge use a sharp knife and a long ruller. Once you have a fairly straight edge, set your tool to only take about 1/4" off until you're certain that you have a perfectly straight edge. Then you can set your desired width and pull the tool along the leather to cut the strap. Make sure you're keeping the tool flush against that straight edge of the leather as you pull the tool down the length. If you allow space between your tool and the piece of leather that you're cutting, you'll have an uneven strap. Hope that makes sense! Also here is a good video illustrating the above. Check out my site for a free beginner's tool guide
  15. @DrkHorseVery cool. I like this intentional rustic look. Our frontiersmen would be proud.