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  1. Chris w Designs Handbag

    Its one of them new "invisible bags"! Haven't seen them before.
  2. Skiving stretchy leather

    I thought a wine cork was not big enough to stop the needle from letting in daylight (aka letting out sissy-juice), so I use a cork sanding block that is a lot bigger. Then again ... accumulating the wine corks is a lot more enjoyable than buying a sanding block.
  3. Where does Tandy’s leather come from?

    Most of it comes from cows, as far as I know anyway. Always glad to help with any questions I have the answer to.
  4. Quick barrettes

    How do you work the cow horn? Is it comparable to timber to saw, sand and drill etc?
  5. Fish hooks and key rings

    Once it gets this side of the Pacific, I bet Auspost would have their hand out. They don't do a half-baked crappy service for free you know!
  6. Fish hooks and key rings

    Hmmm ... I know its not your fault, but $23.00 for postage sort of blows the idea out of the water. Thanx for your reply.
  7. Show your Shop

    I see that in some pics, others are a lesson in OCD. Unfortunately my gear is spread around the house in a couple different locations and covered by other tools and clutter. I will get to it, the plans have been made, but these things take time.
  8. Show your Shop

    Tell her about all the hi-quality good stuff you will be able to make for her! I am still trying to get some sort of order happening. Sometimes its a temporary table in my lounge room, sometimes I am on my woodwork bench (which has a leaking roof overhead). I will post when I get to a reasonable state of organisation.
  9. Need some advice on creating this border

    Go to the For sale section, look in Hand tools Stamping section, the blokes name is arbelet12. I bought some of his stamps, which are really good. I believe you will find what you looking for in his catalogue.
  10. Fish hooks and key rings

    Are you able to post these items to Australia, and what would the postage be for 10 of each item in brass? Thanx.
  11. First bible cover

    I like the scalloped stitch-line. Basket-weave looks pretty consistent. Good job overall.
  12. I like to identify as a Western Australian, and I live in Rockingham, which a lot of locals shorten to 'Rocko' and being male, that makes my name an identifier of where I live. Avatar - my pic. Maker's mark - in the pipeline, but TBA.
  13. Tool Modification

    That looks great. I am gonna do that with some of my tools, maybe a BBQ fork and any other thing I can think of that needs it!
  14. Show your Shop

    That is a tool-shaped piece of art. Its a beautiful thing!
  15. Patchwork Method Question

    Can you sew a heap of pieces together to make a section larger than you need, then cut a circle to whatever size you need out of that piece? Once you have something to copy a template from, you will be able to keep a copy of the shapes, so all your pieces can be pre-cut for next time.