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  1. If you do a search for 'drop in liner' in the search function on this site, you will come up with lots of ideas about fitting a liner.
  2. IMHO, good kangaroo steak is better than the best beef steak. It is low in fat and tasty. I have some kangaroo jerky in my pantry at the moment, kangaroo sausages and kangaroo fillet in my freezer. Probably the only thing better than a good 'roo steak (within the red meat selection anyway) is a good roast goat leg.
  3. My 201P. Details below are my understanding of actual facts. Anybody with a different interpretation please let me know, I would be interested to hear if/where I went wrong. For those who do not know, the 201P is identical to the rest of 201 series which were assembled in the UK. The 201P was assembled in Penrith, New South Wales Australia from parts produced in the UK. There were a couple of cosmetic differences, colour, the timber carry case and cover were made different to appeal to the Australian market. This machine is only a light domestic duty machine, which I have not used yet. I plan on using it for sewing some fish skin leather soon, and maybe some 12oz canvas. It is only a light duty machine which did not work when I bought it, but for $60AUS, how could I lose? Thanks to a good mate, it now works after a bit of lubrication.
  4. You are truly one of God's gentlemen. Thank you for your assistance with everything Bud, and thank you very much for the book. Stay safe and I hope we can chat by email every so often. Kindest regards
  5. How about a nail gun, or a cordless drill and pop rivets? That is some HUUUGE job you have going on there! What are you making?
  6. I know its a lightweight domestic machine, but I believe it will work for light leather like fish skin. Plus it gives me a start into the whole sewing thing, and at a very low cost. I will pick up a more industrial machine when I see one at the right price. Until then, its the stitching wheel and handy awl, or a good friend who helps me out with his many machines.
  7. Apparently it was assembled in Penrith from 201K components made in Clydebank, UK. It was modelled on the 201K23. Unfortunately it did not come with a walking foot, that is the one small thing that detracts from this machine.
  8. These books turned up today. Absolutely sensational books, I know I will be using these for years to come. Any Aussie leather carver or colourist who does not have copies of these books is seriously missing out! I think that professional leatherworkers would get heaps out of these books, not just the newbies.
  9. I bought my first sewing machine today. Its only one machine, so I am not addicted. I am looking for another machine that will sew thicker leather, but I can take my time and find the right machine at the right price ... because I am not addicted. I might need another machine for very small spaces or especially narrow edges, but that's OK because ... I am not addicted yet! Of course I will need a machine with a walking foot, that's only number 4, not too many machines ... because I am not addicted yet! Where can I buy a machine? I need another machine ... because I am addicted to buying (and using) leather sewing machines!!!
  10. Thanx for your help and understanding Bill. Kindest regards Brian "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you are right". Henry Ford
  11. My brother has comes through cancer twice, so I am sure you can do it. All the best with your treatment. Oh yeah ... nice belt. Kindest regards Brian "Cancer is a word, not a sentence". John Diamon
  12. Weight restrictions are a consideration because the postal service charge more per kilo for heavier parcels, sometimes It will make the purchase totally uneconomic. Kindest regards Brian "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you are right". Henry Ford
  13. I would really like to see this sort of thing, even if it is only broken down to country by country instead of state by state, mainly because I live in Australia. There are so many things available in Europe of USA that we cannot get here because of weight restrictions, customs or postal restrictions. At least there is a chance I can get some item I want, if it is in Australia. Kindest regards Brian "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you are right". Henry Ford