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  1. New Project in progress: Music Case

    To catch the awl or needle coming through the leather, I use a cork block that is about 3 inches long by one and a half inches thick and 2 inches wide. Its a painters sanding block. Its so much better than using a wine cork, although ... not as good obtaining it! Only one "stab-incident" so far ... and that was because I put my cork block aside for a moment!
  2. 3 vintage ADLER & DURKOPP Straight Stich Sewing Machines

    Do you have any idea of the cost to ship the Adler 37-7 to Australia? Thank you for looking after old iron.
  3. Looking for parts and info

    I have thought about making one or repairing the broken one, but "buying off the rack" is my preferred option.
  4. Looking for parts and info

    I am still chasing a Take Up Lever for my chainstitch, feed-off-the-arm machine. Does anybody have one the same as pictured (hopefully not in 2 pieces)!
  5. Advice on a skiving tool please

    I have some old hand plane blades that I am hoping to repurpose as skiving knives. If they work well on timber, I am hoping they will work REALLY well on leather! Does anybody have an opinion on this idea?
  6. Show inventor

    Of course! That's why you get paid the big bucks. LOL I guess I was imagining a plain belt with no tooling, but when I think about it, I can see the correct way to make a belt.
  7. Thank you for your input Gentlemen. From the details I have obtained online, it would appear the Singer 231-34 or 231-35 would be closer to my machine. These two machines are the 3 needle variant. The hunt for components continues as more (or different) information comes to light.
  8. Show inventor

    Would it not be quicker and easier to have the buckle end punched and buckle fitted prior to attended an event or show, then size the belt and punch the tip end to customers requirements? Once a belt is cut to length and end shaped, mark out the tip end holes with a template and punch the holes. I would think this is less work to do on the spot, than setting rivets ... IMHO.
  9. Looking for parts and info

    I finally managed to get a pic of my broken Take Up Lever for my DT6. If anybody has something like this, or very similar, I am very interested in making a deal. Thank you for looking.
  10. Going by what you and Matt have said so far regarding square footage, fittings, time to produce etc, I am gonna say ... under $10 ... how about $9.75 each for 500 pieces? P.S. I have never seen Reddit or know how to get there, so I haven't taken a peek.
  11. After reading Matt's breakdown and pricing, I ain't even gonna bother. I am paying around $20 per square foot for any vegtan from 2mm to 5mm!
  12. Looking for parts and info

    Ohh well, that's how things go sometimes. Some you win and some you don't. I will definitely do that thanx Eric. At the moment, the repair shop is trying to get some information, parts etc out of Japan.
  13. His laser is actually an 80watt machine. The 100watt beast was an extra $1000, on top of the $3400 he was quoted for the machine he bought! Then there was another $800+ for the professional chiller unit, plus ducting to vent any fumes ... It does a great job within its scope of capabilities.
  14. Greetings from Australia

    Welcome Leah. Depending on exactly where you are, you might consider contacting, meeting, learning from and associating with the Leatherworkers Association of WA. Apparently they have a Facebook page, but I don't bother with facebook, Howie696 on this forum is your "go to man". He's a good bloke and he will always set you straight.
  15. Looking for parts and info

    Thanx Eric. My machine is in the shop at the moment, so getting a pic is slightly difficult, but I will definitely be trying. That also gives me another lead to follow up locally, as no Toyota parts are available. Maybe Brother parts are more easily obtainable. Kindest regards Brian