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  1. Thank you for everbody's input. I am sure I can find one from this lot. is one of the best forums I have ever been a member of. You guys ROCK!
  2. I am hoping to buy a l'indespensible knife, but I cannot find them online and I definitely cannot find them locally. Are they still available for purchase? Can somebody please let me know if they are, and what they are worth either with or without a blade.
  3. I tend to agree with weedub3 on this issue. If a person makes something and wants to sell it for $10, maybe they sell 4 per week. If they can reasonably make and sell that item for $5, but sell 20 of them to 'stockists', the comparison is $40 per week alongside $100 per week. The major consideration being the time factor to make 20 of the item. If the item is able to be turned out at the quality required and $100 covers material and pays for time taken, I believe it would be a good deal. Not the least consideration being that it gets your brand out there, and hopefully people will come to you for one-off specials where better money can be made.
  4. I am not an expert on leatherwork or sewing machines, but I am guessing it would have been sewn on a post machine, which sews vertically instead of horizontally.
  5. Good for you! I wish there was some way to do this more effectively. We get a lot of cold-calls from who-knows-where trying to sell stuff or sign us up for some rubbish. We have a 'No call list' in Australia, but the international callers usually don't adhere to the rules because our authorities are so weak that nothing happens to penalise those who break the rules. What I do for those callers is, I ask them to hold the line because there's a knock at the door, stove has been left on, kids In the bath etc. After 2 or 3 minutes, I get back to them, but they have usually gone to the next target. If they are still on the line, I go around again with some lame excuse for them to hold the line. They usually hang up after that. I mean to say, how rude is that?
  6. Sounds like a good deal to me, but ... then again ... I am still waiting for my long lost Nigerian half brother to get back to me. I sent him all my money so he could afford to get surgery for a an infected toenail, but I haven't heard from him for a while. Maybe this week. Is 10 years long enough to get over an ingrown toenail?
  7. Hi there, Can I get a cost for this unit. Plus delivery to postcode 6168 Australia thanx.
  8. Matchlock sends his best but he is feeling slightly under the weather at the moment. I let him know people were asking after him, he said he would be around when he is up to it.
  9. I have read somewhere previously (but I cannot remember where) that the main thing to remember when thinking about preserving leather is " when leather is tanned, what does it lose? It loses fats, not oils" By this information, one would assume that using neatsfoot oil might not be the best thing to preserve, protect or rejuvenate leather. The best thing would be the fats which were removed in tanning and which may continue to be lost to the atmosphere as the leather continues to dry out and degrade with the passing of time. On the other hand, maybe using neatsfoot oil, beeswax, carnauba etc might do some good, but not as good as the best coating, sealing, rejuvenating option available. Personally, I have no idea, these are just an idea of something that I read, that seemed to make some sense to me. Comments, ideas? I just found the thread discussing the use of fats (tallow or similar) to preserve leather. "Using Tallow To Condition Leather."
  10. If you do a search for 'drop in liner' in the search function on this site, you will come up with lots of ideas about fitting a liner.
  11. IMHO, good kangaroo steak is better than the best beef steak. It is low in fat and tasty. I have some kangaroo jerky in my pantry at the moment, kangaroo sausages and kangaroo fillet in my freezer. Probably the only thing better than a good 'roo steak (within the red meat selection anyway) is a good roast goat leg.
  12. My 201P. Details below are my understanding of actual facts. Anybody with a different interpretation please let me know, I would be interested to hear if/where I went wrong. For those who do not know, the 201P is identical to the rest of 201 series which were assembled in the UK. The 201P was assembled in Penrith, New South Wales Australia from parts produced in the UK. There were a couple of cosmetic differences, colour, the timber carry case and cover were made different to appeal to the Australian market. This machine is only a light domestic duty machine, which I have not used yet. I plan on using it for sewing some fish skin leather soon, and maybe some 12oz canvas. It is only a light duty machine which did not work when I bought it, but for $60AUS, how could I lose? Thanks to a good mate, it now works after a bit of lubrication.
  13. You are truly one of God's gentlemen. Thank you for your assistance with everything Bud, and thank you very much for the book. Stay safe and I hope we can chat by email every so often. Kindest regards