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  1. Leather basics - understanding

    I agree with this approach, but is it going to basic for what the OP was suggesting? The photo attached to the original post by @HondoMan is about where I believe a good starting point is. After this information is digested, there becomes a many-headed-monster that bends, twists and changes direction depending on the leatherworker. In fact, as each question is answered, there are sometimes many more opinions, ideas and strategies opened up for discussion. In short, the whole idea becomes so difficult to define, so making what began as a reasonable task, an insurmountable chore IMHO. The best analogy I can give is "Listen a lot, ask some question, practice what you wish to become good at. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen, if you stick at it". There is no way to put all the knowledge of experience into a inexperienced head.
  2. I don't believe it makes any difference which way you sew, but you must duplicate the exact method completely with each stitch, so you get the same slant, tension and appearance on each stitch. Personally, I have just been shown a great method. I now sew away from myself with a slight upward slant, with the left needle entering the awl hole first, then the right hand needle is inserted at 9 - 10 O'clock on the hole, and the first thread is placed outside of the second needle which helps to lock the thread.
  3. Tandy Leather Craftool Pro Stamp D2176

    A pic of the stamp (from a catalogue) or some vague idea of what the stamp looks like, might be of some assistance in procuring this item.
  4. Any scouters out there know a thread color?

    Can you take a patch to your local thread supplier, and colour match it by eye?
  5. I cannot quite see the detail of the button. Maybe a Sam Brown stud ...? Other ideas? Anybody?
  6. Question about Zodiac Stamps

    I don't think I have ever seen any Baron tools, but if you consider how Craftools have changed over the years, I would guess they might be the same tools made at different times. The main consideration would be in the stamp impressions. Are the similar/identical in style, quality and engraving? On the other hand, does it matter? Is one person going to have multiple Zodiac designs in their hand at one time? If you don't think they are a match, send them to me and I will keep them see if I can see any difference.
  7. No problem from my side @RockyAussie. All that you do for folks on this site, it was a small thing that I could (try to do) for you.
  8. A tour of SLC!

    Thank you for your efforts. That video and Springfield Leather Co. are both AMAZING! I have serious shop envy now!
  9. Hair on Hides sale ???

    I have used 'hair on hide' for a couple of projects, and I found that it cut exactly the same for size, but I did some judicious trimming of the hair along some of the edges. I have read somewhere, no idea where, the tanning process effectively locks in the hair. The only issue with hair can be in a high wear n tear area the hair can become thinned out as the hairs break off. I found this with a cow hide floor rug, but only in one spot where my dog liked to chew it.
  10. I would cut the inner layer to length, but leave the outer hoop slightly oversize. Use a narrow band of contact adhesive along the top and bottom of the inner and outer hoops. Bend the inner layer around a form of the finished size, so the ends just come together. Then apply the outer layer and cut it exactly to length. This will give you a C shape cuff with an opening. Stitch the 2 straight sides on the opening, then stitch around the top and bottom of the hatchet hoop with the curved needles as recommended by @Northmount. If you can't get the rivets the way you want them with an anvil, you could stitch the belt loop on. Long nose pliers are invaluable for getting your curved needles into the tight spaces.
  11. How to remove stickers from Tandy's leather straps

    Still don't make any difference. No Tandy Leather within 3000kms+, but I feel your pain. The MDF I cut with a laser comes with the nuclear-powered stickers on one side!
  12. A tour of SLC!

    The screen is black with a message saying "Unavailable Video can't be embedded." Yes, it does say watch on Facebook. I have an account, if I knew how to use facebook ...
  13. Caster wheels for machines

    Any wheels I might put under a machine would have to have a locking option IMHO. I guess that might depend on your floor surface - how easy is it for your machine to move about when you want it to stay put? If I had a good floor, I would want lockable wheels.
  14. Any DIY Splitters/skivvers out there?

    You bet, I wanna see the build, and what goes into it! I do like a good repurpose of junk, or home built tools and machinery.
  15. A tour of SLC!

    I wish I could see the video!