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  1. Using Premade Bolo Braid

    Sorry, I have nothing to contribute. Maybe a whipmaker will be along soon, with some sensible points on this matter.
  2. More practice. Belt blank

    My bad. The 'usual veiner' that I see here, and the veiners that I have are more curved than yours appears to be, plus the textured finish of the 'usual veiner' is more viaually appealing, IMHO. Not withstanding that, you have done a good job with the veiner you have used.
  3. More practice. Belt blank

    You are definitely improving. I don't mind the cuts you made on the scrolls instead of using a veiner, but I do think the veiner looks better.
  4. I am definitely not an expert of widely experienced, but from looking at the OP's pic, I would say the white looks like an applied finish, not a chemical reaction or 'bleed-out' from the leather. You can see where the white finish has been buffed off all the high points of the stamped areas and left in the low points. Surely if it was a 'hide thing' (technical term!), it would cover more of the leather, not just the low points. IMHO.
  5. I am hoping "those who know more" will be along soon, because I am also interested in this idea. What about using your finish topcoat (whichever finish you prefer) over the top of the whole item after dye has been applied?
  6. Maths equation circle and stamps

    This is what I do, usually for the last 4 - 6 impressions, depending on how long, and what shape the run is.
  7. The Same Thing 30ish Years Later

    I think Beta was also the format that was used in the television stations and commercial video operations because it was a better format. I guess VHS had a better spin-doctors and advertising company and more money behind it.
  8. Stick Barrette

    Maybe a different camera app or pic viewer app will allow you to change pic size. When I could not get my camera app to work silently, (good for candid pics), I got a new camera app and it works better than the camera app that came with the fone.
  9. Looking for a pattern

    This sounds like something that would be really good to have.
  10. Thank you for that information. Every little bit helps.
  11. Are any of these feet likely to fit my Protek TY-8B (227R copy)?
  12. Can I ask which country and/or what area are you in?
  13. How did you get into leather work?

    I played with a few bits of leather at home before I hit 12 years old, but my first "project" was with a teacher when I was 12 years old. That was a sheath for a folding knife, both of which I still have somewhere. I am not sure how I ended up doing leatherwork with that teacher, because I was not in his class, but I did, and then I was given a few more tools for Xmas or birthdays. That lasted for a few years I guess, then something else came along. I made a few bits and pieces over the years when I needed them, but those tools were not on my horizon. I found some of those tools again about a year ago, and there's a few things that I had figured on making, so ... here I am ... a few thousand bucks into a great past-time! I have given my 2 kids, 10 year old twin, a bit of a go, but they do not seem interested at the moment, It might not happen immediately, but it will happen!
  14. Stitching Iron

    Thanx for your input Tugadude. It was my inattention that did not notice the diamond point on the black stitching chisel. That's what I like about this site so much ... people make suggestions or pass information and nobody gets riled up because they are right or wrong. Mostlypeople get corrected if they're incorrect or incomplete information and everybody moves along.