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  1. 3d stamp storage.

    I am replacing my stamp boxes with custom boxes made out of MDF. I use two layers of 6mm with holes cut to take the under-part of the stamp. I would post pics, but I am still in the design phase. My first iteration was a perfect fit ... so perfect I cannot get the stamps out easily. Dohhhhh!
  2. Softening Herman Oak Skirting

    Sounds like you have it all in place and raring to go. With all the machines, tools and expert guidance, I am sure you will turn out some good tack.
  3. Edging for newbies

    What type of leather did you use? I am guessing its vegtan, so you might be able to stretch the leather a bit to ease the pocket. Wet the leather then try to insert a credit card or 2. Maybe try a piece of hard plastic that can be bent and mangled a bit. (Better than doing that to your CC).
  4. I use webbing if I feel there is a need to add some strength, such as for a dog collar for a big dog, which I made previously and posted details of. I use webbing which is 8 - 10mm narrower than the belt. The webbing gets glued to both pieces with contact cement.
  5. harder than it looks

    When I did a search for Acanthus Lilly, I had hundreds, if not thousands of images come up, but some were quite different to the Sheridan style carving, so I am guessing the images might have been some Acanthus pics and some lilly pics. Some of the Acanthus pics were slightly similar to Sheridan cared pics ... if you squint ... and the pic is small. So, @chrisash I am guessing your assessment of highly stylised is probably correct.
  6. New

    Almost 40 years ago, when I was playing around with some leather as a young boy about 11 or 12 years old, I really needed a stitching chisel, but I had no idea of that concept, so I persevered with a fixed edge-groover. a stitch spacing wheel and a speedy stitching awl. When the light switched back on after 36+ years away from leatherwork, I found stitching chisels everywhere. While I initially thought of a stitching chisel as cheating compared to pricking irons and an awl, I have found it suits me better than any other method.
  7. Question about lining a leather bag

    If you feel the need to attach the lining to the outer at the bottom of the bag, could you use heat-glue-mat or whatever its called? Install the mat to the inside of the bottom outer piece, install the lining and last thing to do is iron the lining to activate the heat glue mat thing to adhere lining to the outer. P.S. I have seen on LW, people prefer to use the heat mat instead of glue. Unless I have misunderstood something.
  8. Stitched coin purse

    If I want a simple edge finish, I use a little water and a burnishing stick, roller, bone folder etc. If the edge is a little bit more difficult to burnish, I use some beeswax, pure gum turpentine and lanolin mix and a piece of canvas to burnish the edge. I have tried a small amount of water then glycerine soap on a edge, that came up really nice, but I am still working on that option to see how it performs with edge paint, dye, antique or a sharpie.
  9. Excellent detail thanx @ABR. There are a couple of considerations I had not thought of.
  10. Operating height for cylinder bed machines

    My 227R copy sits on the table that it came on, 'factory standard' I guess, my chair is a gas-lift set at a 'standard height' about the same as my dining chairs.
  11. Stitched coin purse

    I like it. It looks great. Your stitching is pretty even and consistent.
  12. harder than it looks

    I believe this plant is called an Acanthus Lilly. It really lends itself to this type of carving and stamping.
  13. Cowboy 810 Burnishing Machine

    I have blown this years budget this month!
  14. Cowboy 810 Burnishing Machine

    Well ... that is a little disappointing! I had plans to re-purpose an old clutch motor into a burnishing machine, but with one of these babies available at such a reasonable price, that ain't gonna happen now, is it?
  15. That would be good to see. I am always looking for a better way to do something, and at the moment ... any different way to do what I am doing, has to be better!