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  1. tubular rivet cap?

    I have never seen these before.
  2. Stamp makers

    I have more than a dozen of Sergey's stamps, plus 3 makers marks and a custom stamp to my design, so I can highly recommend his work and his prices are very good and I will probably buy more stamps from him at some time in the future. The distance is my only consideration in this instance.
  3. G'Day from Oz

    The stamps marked Craft Tool USA were made fairly recently. For some of the more common stamps and maybe some that might be losing their chrome coating, I would not pay more than $2AUD or $3AUD. Some of the other different stamps, I would start to offer $5AUD and maybe go up from there. Really rare stamps or maybe better quality stamps, I would offer more, but condition and actual stamp design play a large role in dictating what they are worth to me and/or other people.
  4. My take on the Dopp Kit

    I really like the design and you have definitely nailed the construction. This is a beautiful piece of art. I have seen so many of these things recently ... I am inspired to try making one. This will be my 1st zipper install, so maybe I will end up with a weird pouch to keep old tools in, while I make a 2nd 3rd or 4th attempt!
  5. Recently finished knife sheath.

    Do you have a pic of the "armoured toe fitting" prior to assembly of your sheath?
  6. Metal Detecting Trash/Finds Pouch

    It looks almost ... antique! I like it. What is the back like? Belt loops? Carry strap?
  7. Stamp makers

    Hmmm Vietnam is a lot closer to Australia than Bulgaria! How is his quality and communications?
  8. awl for saddelstitch

    That is a great phrase. I like the fact that somebody recognises where they are at, and they have the humility to say so. Depending on where you are, country and/or locality, there are a few things you can do to build up a decent tool set. There is a thread somewhere on about cheap tricks and hacks. Check that out and change it to suit your needs and abilities. And don't forget to post questions, successes and less-than-successful-attempts. Above all else, have fun with it.
  9. Swivel Knife Review

    Excellent video with relevant information. Thank you for your efforts.
  10. tubular rivet cap?

    Do you have any pics? Otherwise, people might not end up commenting on the same thing you are talking about.
  11. Beeswax Receipe

    I was given a recipe by a mate. I am sure he will not mind me sharing it. Equal quantities of beeswax and lanolin, a splash of pure gum turpentine. melt and combine together. Let it set, it comes out a bit greasy, but not too much, has a pleasant smell (to me anyway) because of the PGT.
  12. SLC sof-tan vegi-tan leather

    You could slick it down with gum tragacanth. Smear on a thin coat like you were smearing butter on bread to make a sandwich. Any straight edge will do. I did a test piece on some veg tan with a piece of smooth timber.
  13. Non Flammable Glue

    I do not believe there are many glue's that will stand up to the heat from a hot cast iron pan, because heat is usually used as a release for adhesives. In Australia, we have Selleys window and glass silicone which is used for stove oven door glass windows. This silicone is rated to 915 degrees C. I imagine there would be similar brands with identical silicone adhesives in the USA. Maybe Dow or Sika, (other big name brands we have here that you might have).
  14. Stamp makers

    No, but if you Google him on, I am sure there will be a link in his profile, or send him a message through
  15. Sorry to hear you're not doing so well. Absolutely stunning finish on those items. I bet you have inspired many people, because your qualities and ability shines through.