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  1. 3 vintage ADLER & DURKOPP Straight Stich Sewing Machines

    OK, thanx for your efforts.
  2. Aviator helmet

    Fit or not - it definitely worked! You did a great job. I am certain she will be proud to own it.
  3. Aviator helmet

    WOW ... just WOW! Is the lettering carved or just painted on the surface? Maybe stencilled? How did you get the sizing if she did not get to try it on as you developed it? Great job any which way.
  4. In Need of Leatherworker

    I totally agree with this sentiment. On the other hand, if the OP is willing to pay the price asked for by the craftsman, (besides saying the work is their own) I believe the purchaser can do whatever they like with the goods once payment has been made.
  5. Crocodile edges. Can you burnish them?

    Hi there Handstitched, There are a few of us West Aussies on here. I have met a few in person and several that I have only spoken to by message or read their posts.
  6. Our most popular stamps

    Can I get a copy of your catalogue thanx.
  7. Assorted Machinery & Leather For Sale

    PM sent
  8. Sunglasses Case

    The widest part of the regular sized pattern is 229mm (9.012") long by 221mm (8.708") wide. The larger case is 262mm (10.315") long by 255mm (10.039") wide. Maybe I can use some thin cardboard (cereal packet stuff) to make a test piece.
  9. Sunglasses Case

    Thank you very much for posting your patterns. I am hoping to try out a few different techniques, machine sewing v's hand sewing, lined v's unlined, different dying and edging finishes. I printed these patterns out on A3 paper at 100%. Does that mean they are the size that the leather needs to be? The patterns look enormous.
  10. My first finished project

    I like the shape and that's a nice dye-job. What's the knife like? the handle looks handmade, is the knife your design?
  11. VS

    Hmmm ... very interesting comparison. I wait with bated breath for the adjudications of the masses!
  12. 3 vintage ADLER & DURKOPP Straight Stich Sewing Machines

    Hi there Constabulary, Any further information regarding shipping charges to Australia post code 6168?
  13. When you dip-dye as mentioned, can you pour the mix into a spare bottle and reuse it more than once? Can you add more dye and/or reducer later, if you need a larger quantity than you have saved? I like the colour. Apologies for the thread hijack.
  14. New Project in progress: Music Case

    To catch the awl or needle coming through the leather, I use a cork block that is about 3 inches long by one and a half inches thick and 2 inches wide. Its a painters sanding block. Its so much better than using a wine cork, although ... not as good obtaining it! Only one "stab-incident" so far ... and that was because I put my cork block aside for a moment!
  15. 3 vintage ADLER & DURKOPP Straight Stich Sewing Machines

    Do you have any idea of the cost to ship the Adler 37-7 to Australia? Thank you for looking after old iron.