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  1. 6 Panel Hat

    I sent him a text, he said something about trading for my first born.
  2. 6 Panel Hat

    Fredk, that is exactly what I am looking for. How did you pattern that?
  3. 6 Panel Hat

    I searched the forum but have been unable to locate any patterns for a simple 6 panel hat. Something similar to a Russ hat. Anyone with any input?
  4. Elbows and Gorget WIP

    I wasn't super happy with how it dished and would have to add lames. With the thickness of the kydex it just does not do complex curves very well. I am going to give it one more shot and change my molding process. If that does not produce the result I am looking for I am going to try sewing in three kydex bracers into the leather similar to the picture below. That way I can get a good shape and still have the protection and rigid kydex structure.
  5. A few more works in progress. The elbows were my first try at a Kydex leather hybrid. I think next time I will use 3 Kydex inserts in the elbow to allow for better forming. Two "triangular" pieces on the sides of the elbow and a strip running down the center. On the gorget I have sewn through the Kydex and leather on the Cobra class 4. I like this. Gives the look of leather but the back side is ready for padding. It also acts as a sweat barrier. This gorget is going to be set up so I can sew a coif onto it.
  6. Kydex/Leather Gorget

    Actually this kydex .093 I was able to just use a standard hole punch, but I have also drilled it. I can also use the Cobra class 4 and stitch through the leather and kydex.
  7. Made a Gorget yesterday. I laminated a piece of Kydex inside each piece to add strength and rigidity. Its strong light and I put an Antique finish for a nice look.
  8. First Portrait

    First try at a portrait. Got some great advice about my carving and cant wait to start my next one. Started studying the masters and how they carved in stone for some inspiration.
  9. Ever wonder how a Nun keeps stuff without any pockets. My wife is a teacher at a Catholic school and I had the opportunity to make a pocket for one of her co-workers. Simple belt loop pocket for keeping pencils and such.