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  1. I'd like to start doing knife sheaths, where I'd attach a strap either to hold the sheath to the leg or to hold knife in the sheath. Since just making 2 cuts into back of the leather is too mainstream, I'd like to add oval eyelets to add the view (I'm really into hardware!). Does anyone has an experience of these tools and grommets? Tools on ebay are ~45$ for a set.
  2. Which leather burnishing machine to buy?

    well..somehow it is. It gives me enormous pleasure, while I'm into leather..
  3. Which leather burnishing machine to buy?

    This is the grinding wheel I bought a week ago for 50$ and it's working just fine. Got 2950 RPM and is 350W motor inside. The wooden wheel is (if I'm not wrong) 40mm in diameter and I think it's great size for burnishing edges. The wood is beech. I hope I helped here.
  4. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    Finally done. I've actually finish it last weekend, but I didn't took any photos (although I thought I did!) so I was able to take new photos only now. Made from beech, diameter is 40mm, lenght ..I don't really know :D Grooves are from 16mm down to 3mm. Burnishing machine is a "cheap" chinese one, got new for 45€ (52$). 350W, 2950 RPM, I think it's working great. I didn't had much of a chance to test it out, but plan to do it at end of October (when I'll be back from travelling UK).
  5. Thanks I've spent about 7 hours stitching and riveting this one :D
  6. Thanks, but I really couldn't help myself here so I just added a strap :/ I know it would stay in because of the lenght, but I really didn't like the feeling of the moving the machete inside of the sheath. I pre-designed the sheath for about 2mm on each side of the machete - A GOOD LESSON FOR NEXT TIME. (but on the other hand, it was my 1st knife sheath I've made!) I've also made 2 lines about 3mm off the edge on a strap, as I really like this (saw it few times before).
  7. So this is the machette and leather sheath I've made. It's 95% finished, I just have to rivet the handle on the blade and attach a strap (or somewhat other pattent) to hold the knife on the position. I know I can make a loop around the handle, which would be riveted to the back and use a snap buttons to open/close the strap, but I'd like to do it somehow different. Maybe half-strap, such as female part attached to the strap and male attached to the back of the sheath? What are (other) possibilities, what would You prefer?
  8. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    @matt s: Yeah. The motor will not be hurt anyhow. What the dimmer actually does, is this: The original voltage input is pure sine wave, but the dimmer is just chopping it at the end of it and the "average" voltage is lower. It's also the negative feedback to the electrical network. But, whoever you have been talking to, they didn't tell you about a better solution either, a variac. This is nothing but an adjustable transformer. Which means, you can regulate voltage linear, but the outcome on the motor RPMs might not be (100% will NOT be) proportional. But, it works perfectly, it's not a bad feedback to network, but it's not linear (seen from motor side). But it's usable. The price? Used you can get for 50-100$. Just buy it same (or a bit more for sure) like 500W or 1kW variac on ebay and you're good to go. It's like a potentiometer, nearly without loss (98% efficiency). I'm buying mine this month (for electrical stuff I need, as I'm electrical engineer by education).
  9. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    Actually, a very regular dimmer. The one which is for the light, but you have to be careful, that in the datasheet (or just on the packaging) it shows that its availible for R, L and RL loads. But sometimes, you have to change the original triac for a better one, as the m9tor at the start can draw up to10 times or more current than regulary does. I use the dimmera for ~5€ and switch a triac for another 1€ and e-voila Oh, and not to forget to mention, with dimmer, its not very accurate regulation, but its a cheap one. frequency regulators cost couple of hundreds of € each and its an overkill for this application. And yes, I agree 100% with dremel-bench grinder point of view.
  10. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    Yeah, same here. All I can get, has 2950 RPMs, but I will regulate it with a dimmer (as I regulate all my resistive and inductive burdens). I can get a benh grinder of 350W for around 45€ (40GBP or 50 usd), which I think it's reasonable price. So did I, but I really dislike the dremel to use for this. I don't find it steady enough in my hand, so I'm into something more rigid.
  11. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    @RockyAussie: umm..with the spike, you can get pretty close aswell...but the "cutting" speed is higher here aswell. @JLSleather: Jup.
  12. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    @JLSleather: Hah I did drawing in autocad of my own before I started this topic and here it is.
  13. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    @JLSleather: calculated for you, it's about 333mm/s cutting speed, which is around 33cm or 13inches. More tools than need? Who do you mean this goes to? For me, I want to have all the tools, I need most often and some, which I use seldomly. For example, I want to have better (more expensive) tools for rivets, which are most common in my workshop, but I don't care if I have chinese tools for rivets, which I use seldomly.
  14. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    @JLSleather Totally agree on that. But the thing is, if I get any of blueprint of the existing one, it might have details, which I wouldn't be aware of while turning my own. That's the only point. PS: Is there any required cutting speed for leather? (Calculated as circumference of the burnisher x turns per second?) Because I'm really struggling, what speed should I use. I can't find any numbers anywhere. But just "something" isn't something, I'd like to deal with. I might have too much or not enough and the edges won't be as they should. @JKHelms: 30$ for a single piece of wood, turned on a CNC lathe is about 20 times too much. I'm just not paying that much for it (not because I couldn't afford that). @JLSleather: Yeah, that's exactly what I got. I have 45mm (around 1 3/4 inches) of beech, lenght of about 40cm (about 15 inches). I'll just turn it out from this, but about 100mm (4 inches) long only.