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  1. tool bags

    I know this is >10 years old post, but..where the hell did you get those bullet rivets? :D they look outstanding!!!!
  2. Thread getting dirty, how to avoid?

    @rockyasussie: that's exactly what was I up to. To just engrave the holes. I think this is the way to do it from here on
  3. Thread getting dirty, how to avoid?

    Yes I do, but I use the knot as close to the needle. Never actually thought of it, might use it. Thanks for the hint! Secondly: where do you even get unwaxed thread? All i could find on ebay is waxed..
  4. Thread getting dirty, how to avoid?

    @RickyAussie: Yeah, I just got that hint now aswell. I wasn't thinking that this should be a problem, because I thought only "edges" of holes could produce dirt, but they were covered with resolene. Certanly something to remember, thank you! @Vabax: Yes, laser cut -> dye -> resolene. I can't really say much about this: I'm doing mostly in dark brown or only neatsfoot oil color, both times thread gets dirty. I'd say it's 99.9% of the charcoal in the holes. I never thought of it before. What about spirit based/oil based dye change? Should that affect aswell? I've always been using fiebing's pro dyes.
  5. Thread getting dirty, how to avoid?

    Thank you both for answers. My procedure is a bit different, as I use laser to cut templates and holes. Never thought of holes to Make that much of a dirt on a thread. It cvant be anything else, as I do same way. I dye my leather with dye and resolene it later, so 9nly unresolened part are holes, which actualy darken the thread. Juat a question more: how abouz nonwaxed thread? Would work better in case of laser using further?
  6. SO, I'm having this problem, as 90% of my work is dyed in brown (using fiebings pro dye (acryl) brown and variants of brown, later Acrylic resolene, fiebings) but as soon as I use beige(or simmilar cream color) thread, it gets dirty and cannot be seen as it should. I'm hand stitching all the time, using waxed thread from ebay (150D, like here Is there anything I could do? I've also tried the Ritza tiger thread, cream color. Same thing happened, after only 2-3 stitches it all got dirty.
  7. First is a revolver holster (very typical), where I engraved a longhorn's skull on top. Maybe not the best position but..hope will do better on next one. Second is a holster for SIG P226, made for a friend. It's rom veg tan aswell, but different producer.
  8. So, I'm using 3-3.5mm thick veg tan (8-9 oz), and trying to make first Buscardo holster. Or as it's also known, foldover. I've got a good proper template, but can't really do the folding part. How long should I add on the top to be enough to use as foldover?
  9. Parts of a cowhide; use of each part?

    You Sir, You just gave the best answer I have ever got on any forum (and I'm attending quite few of them!). This is exactly something I wanted to hear, thank You very much!
  10. Since I'm quite new to this, I cannot really find a literature, which would talk about general use of single parts of a hide. What are each part used for (shoulder, bend, back-spine, belly and butt)? And what are the thicknessess of those parts by general meaning, where is the most homogen leather compared to other parts, which is the strongest, etc.?
  11. Bag for leatherworking tools?

    We're not in the same cart now I'm looking for everything else than what you've said.
  12. Bag for leatherworking tools?

    Hmm. Yes, I've been thinking about that too but except hole punches(also prongs) and stamps, there is no other simmilar items. All different. Various sizes and shapes. Some tools are even without handles. It's difficult to do something as that. About rivets, tucking all the PVCziplock bags in the drawstring bag = clever. That's something I'd do.
  13. Bag for leatherworking tools?

    Hmm. It has to close down and be packed in a backpack. More likely a satchel or something..that can be carried in a backpack or single aswell.
  14. Bag for leatherworking tools?

    Some things are changing around me and it's comming to the part, where I need to carry my tools with me nearly wherever I go. I usually travel with large, 75L backpack and would like to carry my tools inthere. List of tools I use/need with me: -Carrot burnisher -Needles -Threads -few stamps - awl handle + 3 different spikes -compass -10 round hole punchers -10 special punchers (end straps, half round, oblong, etc.) -scalpel - wooden hammer/mallet. I prefer hammer, but mallet is smaller. -folding utility knife -skiver -Edge Groover -1,2,4,6 prongs -15cm or 6" thin metal ruler -------------------------------- would like to carry few doubers aswell, while I will sort 45 different rivets in small PVC zip lock bags, aswell as dyes for them. Threads and dyes will have to carry somehow aswell, but I'm concerned about spilling them. Anyone has any idea, what kind of bag would be great for this? All I could think of for now, is a bag simmilar to this:
  15. Sheriff badge, rivet.. Anything?

    No need! The word "concho" is the word I was looking for!! I was searching such as "cowboy", "sheriff", "deputy"..etc in combination with "emblem", "star", "badge", "pin", etc.. and couldn't find anything..or nearly anything. But concho? Found me tens of results! Thanks @Mark842 ! If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you just for a photo(s) of your conchos and/or holsters with them. I'm still looking for an inspiration for the finishing