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  1. Which snap buttons?

    @Northmount: Yeah, I've noticed that. Always, when I use new batch of leather, I "sacrifice" a rivet/snap/whatever and try it, how it will hold. @drmca: Yup. But I've managed to use the first ones on 7/8 oz. veg tan..but I will most likely change them.
  2. Which snap buttons?

    @alisdair: thanks! That's just the information I was searching for! Really appriciate the reply!
  3. Are there any snap buttons, that are prefered for leatherworK? I've came across for only these two (different pictures), where one has the "male" part with the hole (second picture), for which I think, that they are meant for thicker leather, while the top picture one's are meant for thinner leather. Am I right or is this user's preference only?
  4. Are there any "rules" about which colors goes with which dye? I'm usually using black leather with silver rivets and brown leather with antique brass rivets, whenever the customer leaves it to my oppinion. Are there any other "restrictions or regulations"? What color of the leather goes best with polished brass rivets? I'm talking about veg tan, mostly belts, knife shaths and pouches.
  5. First leather attempts

    Well, so far I've used only 2 brands for dyes..Fiebings and Colore di Inferno. Second is okay and 70% cheaper, but Fiebing's the real stuff. And if it soaks up very much per project, well.. Is there any possibility to dilute to dye? Fiebings pro dye?
  6. First leather attempts

    @ComputerDoctor:Thanks for the compliments. I'm getting an arbor press soon now why is it a pain to dye inside of projects? I don't know, I don't do it because I like the "natural" look of the leather on the inside. But I might one day. And it soaks up really a lot of (not so cheap) dye..
  7. First leather attempts

    @LetterT: 1. Well, I guess I pressed the stamp too hard. I'm using a vice to stamp for now, but hopefully, I'm getting a knacking press within a month. Will do it more even and will have to test different materials on background of leather. I used hardwood for now. 2. I did painted it with Fiebing's edge kote, but I guess it wasn't finished on this pic yet. Unfortunatelly, I've uploaded these photos waaaaaaaay too fast. I should wait until September, when I will (hopefully) be able to finish plenty of stuff more). 3. Yeah, I really wanted a 2-prong leather belt for myself, but buckle as this, isn't very practical. You need 5 times much time as with 1 prong to close it. They're not conected between and it's a bit harder to center both into holes. I'm searching for this kinda buckles, they're easier to deal with.
  8. Well, here we go: This is an axe sheath made from 5 oz. veg tan, colred with FIebing's PRO DYE color dark brown. Single layer, then put over resolene and seal's fat for gloss finish. I've also added a single strap with 2 snap buttons to hold on, but haven't got that pic on me, sorry :/ This sheath is actually fully functional, although it's not very good looking. THis was a first ever made sheath from me, so it's like a 0x00 Pilot version :D :D :D There are some extra holes around that rivet and just doesn't look very good. The next thing is a machette sheath. 6-7 veg tan, colored with FIebing's PRO DYE color dark brown. I've noticed, that I should NEVER EVER used more than 1 coat of this dye, because it gets bad on some surfaces. Never ever applying 2 or more coats (here I applied 3 coats of dye). Total lenght: 590mm or 23.2 inch. And the final one, the dagger's sheath. Dyed with Diablo (italian company) black (nero) dye, alcohol based. APplied resolene on top. Made from 7 oz. veg tan. The dagger is also made by me, but the handle + pommel at the end isn't finished yet. Still need to add some kind of a strap, to hold a knife on place.
  9. First leather attempts

    Here are my first real leather attempts: First are 2 belts, I've made for collegues.. And a couple of biker's wallets I've came up with. Nothing special, but they are the first ones, I've made. The left one was a present for a friend of mine, who gave me a hand couple years ago and wasn't able to meet him until a month ago.
  10. What snake is this hide?

    @fred: sorry, it says 44 inches. I'm constantly using metric system and just got wrong. this is the actual ad: @JLSleather: is the belly-cut better than back-cut?
  11. What snake is this hide?

    so you think, this is worth of 15$ ?
  12. What snake is this hide?

    I've found it cheap on ebay and want to try it (this will be my first attempt crafting with leather beside cowhides), I am wondering, what kinda snake is this? It says, it's 24" long and 4" wide (100 x 10cm). The price is about 15$/piece.
  13. What are these 2 machines called?

    sent a pm
  14. Looking for oval 45x5mm punch

    Anyone knows, where could I get any? Ebay doesn't find anything useful.
  15. I know about them, but I really don't like their look. I don't know why, because I could bet my head, that they are stronger than any other rivets, but the look...just isn't something I'd put on my work. Which still doesn't say, that I don't admire other people's work with them! Mind if I ask, where did you get them?