Spur Straps -- Need Some Help

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Hi folks.

I made spur straps with a concho on the outside. My problem now is, how to make the attachment for the spurs ??

Easy made straps have easy attachment ==> a hole and a little slit, thats it !!

o) I have tried a tiny strap with a hole and slit and screwed this on the inner-side with the screw of the concho. Its looks terrible, because the whole spurstrap slip way too high on the boots shaft...

o) next try: setting the tiny strap accentrically , but now the end of the spurstrap spreading out too much and this looks even worse at all ...

any ideas are welcome

ps: see the photos for details

thanks herbert

post-7911-022911800 1321393980_thumb.jpg

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Hi, I had the same problem. I looked at a lot of pictures of straps on this website and ended up doing what it sounds like you did first up (I have posted pics of my straps under "first attempt spur straps"). Most of the spur straps that I've seen made with a concho have a smaller tag either rivetted on or held on by the concho screw. One person (I think their user name was Butch) on this site had the tag rivetted on and then pass through the keeper on the back of his concho. He had a keeper style concho instead of the screw type. I'm making my second set now and am using the concho screw to hold the tag on, though, like with the first pair, I'll Lok-Tite the screw in so I don't loose it all. The only other thing I could think of doing was sewing a whole other leather circle on over the concho screw on the back of the spur strap with the slot cut in it. I tried this on a strap I mocked up but the spur button and concho screw together made it all too bulky. Just putting something out there, maybe your strap design or the softness of your tag leather isn't helping with the problem? I'm no pro at this so I hope it's some help and I'm not just leading you up the garden path.

Cheers Bstomper

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HI guys this is the way I do mine I use two different ways depending on what type of conchos I might have or if they want their brand tooled in the circle. I do not like to have the button show below the strap I think it looks cheap but that is just me.

post-9505-083132100 1329578585_thumb.jpg

post-9505-028367500 1329578391_thumb.jpg

post-9505-072093700 1329578675_thumb.jpg

post-9505-053985700 1329578752_thumb.jpg

post-9505-087775700 1329579840_thumb.jpg

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Never thought of doing it the first way you've done it. Great idea I'll deffinatly try it

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