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  1. Need Part Time Craftsman In Los Angeles Area

    Hello Peter, My Name is Wendy , My husband and I live in British Columbia Canada. We have been running a Leather shop for over 17 years. We are obviously not state side. But are very interested in working with you. you may contact us :
  2. Help With A Mckay Please

    Just a quick note you don't have have your finger right beside the needle just hold the back side of the loop so it helps push the loop forward so that the awl andneedle can pass with little or no catching the loop. I you do any adjustment they should be small one as they make a big difference. Good luck.
  3. Help With A Mckay Please

    Hello my name is Walter and I work in a shoe shop and that is a sole machine for stitching the mid sole to the boot top we have a very old one in our shop it called a Blake machine, we kind of had the same problem make sure the thread when it come up from the bottom that it goes through the looper its a small space in the looper at the top of the horn and a wax thread works the best and sometimes you have to run your hand finger close to the loop to hold it down while the hook pulls the next loop through. It is a chain stitch machine.
  4. Its been a long time since I have been on, so I would like to let all of you know that Yeolde Harness & Tack now does Custom holster work and that I am running out of Arnold's Shoe Repair in Mission B.C. I if we can help with you needs please get back to me and if you need work boots or western boot worked on please get back to me to.

    Thanks everyone have great week.

  5. Sorry for getting back to you thanks for the birthday wishes.

  6. Sewing Machine Part

    Hello My name is Walter You may also try Landis up here in Canada that were I get parts for my Singers Patchers. Good Luck.
  7. Hello

    My name is Walter glad to join this site I do harness and some saddle work and now learning to do shoe repairs. Live in Mission B.C. Always on the wanting to learn more about leather work.

  8. Good Morning Ray I just stated to work with a shoe repair shop and from what I have learn an insole machine is one that puts the outer part of the shoe like the vamp to the first sole, thats what the first step to building the shoe, this machine is an needle & awl machine which does a loop stitch. The next machine to stitch boot soles on is also a awl & needle machine but a curved needle machine and it stitches through the welting and your first sole to attach the final sole before you put the heels on. Thanks yeolde