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  1. Great " bread and butter projects". Have you purchased from Maverick's Columbia Missouri location yet?
  2. My knives dull right after sharpening!

    I have both the narrow and wide versions of the knife that Lisa Sorrell sells and they hold an edge well and strop quickly back to super sharp. Lisa uses these knives herself to skive the inlay and overlay pieces for her custom cowboy boots. In case you haven't seen her video on sharpening these knives:
  3. I received my side of burgundy today and it is exactly as represented by Mike. I had a sample here so I knew what I was getting. Awesome Wickett and Craig quality. My suggestion is grab some before its gone. Mike is always a great guy to purchase from and IMHO we are fortunate to benefit from his generosity and experience.
  4. Maverick Leather

    Maverick Leather has a website up for their new Missouri location.
  5. Xian Leather videos

    Thank You for posting this.
  6. $600 a good deal on Pfaff 1245 with servo?

    Have you contacted C.H. Holderby Co. there in Seattle?
  7. Machine ID please

    This looks like a BUSMC"Pilot" stitcher.
  8. Need Coin Purse Clasp/Closure

    It is called a kiss lock frame.
  9. What type of hook is this?

    Abbey refers to these as Billet hook studs. They have them listed with a good description of size dimensions here: These are also called Bridle hook studs.
  10. Do what Bob says and all will be well for you. When you speak of a 16 needle being dainty, you are confusing the size of the needle eye with a system ( or in older reference a class) 16 needle. To confuse you further, the 135x17 needle that Bob refers to is for textiles , artificial leather and sometimes soft garment leather, but the same needle with a leather point is 135x16. These needles come in a wide variety of eye sizes as well as different shaped leather points.
  11. Need Needles for my Singer 144WSV37

    I am with shoepatcher on this, especially since some sub classes of the 144 call for the 7x23 needle. If you can get a measurement from the end of the shank to the top of the eye and the diameter of the shank of the needle that came with the machine I can compare the 7x23 and 214x1 to it. Also, if you can see the number stamped into the shank and the overall length can sometimes be useful.
  12. my latest embossing plate

    Great job as usual.
  13. Rest In Peace Dear Friend- RaySouth

    Sad news indeed. Ray was a very helpful and considerate man who I am sure will be missed by many. Thank You David for sharing this with all of us who met this good man online. David