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  1. Sharon, In this video you can see the small idler pulley peeping out from behind the machine. Watch above and behind the C in the word Champion. You can see that the belt comes around the large top pulley and then to the other side of the small idler pulley. In the photo of your machine it looks like the belt is straight down toward the floor instead of coming immediately to the opposite side of the small pulley. Hope this helps.
  2. Below the top pulley on your machine there should be an idler pulley that holds the tension on the round belt.
  3. I believe that this leather is actually water buffalo and not American bison. It may be vegetable tanned, but it has a fairly thick top coat which gives it a semi crackle effect. If it is veg tan you could try to wet the flesh side before attempting to stamp it, but the top coat may not fair too well with heat or with wetting the piece or this coating might prohibit a clear impression. It may be best to use this leather for another purpose.
  4. Here is a nice YouTube video on embossing and debossing upholstery leather.
  5. Very well done Mike. Thank You for sharing your blog post.
  6. To add to the excellent respose to the OP from Wiz, this machine weighs about 500 pounds and requires lots of oil ( think 30 weight motor oil ) to lots of oil points. It can get messy, especially when you clean the thread rollers. Thread lube as opposed to liquid wax helps make things easier on the operator. Parts can be hard to find so if you get this machine get any spares that you can put your hands on. Here is an excellent overview by Lisa Sorrell, a member here.
  7. Thank You to leatherworker member Harrybodger for posting the Youtube video.
  8. Contact Turtle Feathers Inc. They ship internationally and carry a large selection of Angelus products at good prices.
  9. Here is some nice info and photos of stitches made with different cutting point needles.
  10. Not sure about the grommets, but for Ligne 24 snaps in longer lengths If you qualify for their wholesale prices there is a substantial savings. Very high quality items.
  11. Get on ebay copy and paste in search 10 singer 62 151 Sewing Needle 135X1 DPx1 354 1451 #14 It is actually GB which stands for Groz-Beckert, a very old German company. The 90 is eqivalent to a size 14 needle This dealer has other sizes available as well.
  12. For a general time frame, several of the machine manuals that I see are dated from 1915 through the mid to late 1920s.
  13. Use a size 16 or 18 135x1 needle with Size 69 (T70) thread. Keep in mind that the 135x1 needle is not a leather point but is intended for fabric. It will work sufficiently on thin, soft leather however.The dealers that run banner ads on this site can help with thread and needles as well. You may find that your particular machine may also sew well with size 92 thread with a size 19 or 20 needle.
  14. Your machine uses Style F bobbins which are available on the big online auction site. Search for " bobbins for Singer 151W " The Thread Exchange website usually lists some F prewound bobbins. The 151 has a very minimal foot lift so it is relegated to thin materials. The walking foot does a good job on thin leather and although it lists up to a size 22 needle if memory serves, size 18 down with corresponding thread is most agreeable IMHO. In the manual that Schroedc shows above pay very close attention to oiling your machine. It has a reservoir that supplies lubrication to the hook and race.
  15. 227781 is a Singer part number for the Knee Lifter Rock Lever