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  1. Rockoboy, one of the earliest people to inspire me was a lady from Fremantle who I communicated with through the mail long before this internet thing. I had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband when they visited the States. The greatest benefit of this forum IMHO is that it brings our collective knowledge, aspirations, and inspiration together in one place in almost real time. I especially enjoy your profile entry of " repurposing somebody's junk". That should serve you well.
  2. Don Gonzales is another great one. He has this unassuming down home demeanor when he shows his techniques that makes it easy to understand. Just a quick note to you mutt.... I have seen time and time again how you encourage others on this forum. I would just like to encourage you to keep it up.
  3. Ian and Nigel are gifted teachers for sure and certain. Their Youtube videos are a treasure trove of experience and knowledge. Nigel is a member here; but I can't recall if Ian is or not. Thank You for the input.
  4. I second this. Thank you for a well reasoned response. I have seen some of your posts on the tools that you make and just want to say excellent work.
  5. In another topic here on the forum about a Push knife, member Mattsbagger attributes a video by noted holster maker Sam Andrews for getting him started into leather working. Even those of us who claim to be self taught have received inspiration in the craft from others. Many members here are very generous in sharing their knowledge and encouragement. How many people have inspired you along the way as you work to make each project better than the last? Whether through personal mentoring, books, videos, conversations here on the forum, or whatever --- name some names. Living or deceased, who has contributed to your skill and knowledge?
  6. Push knife

    Is this the video that you refer to?
  7. Singer 241-12

    You are entirely welcome. Give it a try and hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised at how much control you will have with a bit of practice.
  8. Singer 241-12

    Here is a You tube video for you made by a member here on the forum whose screen name is thesergeant .
  9. Retiring

    Good for you Ken. Best wishes for a happy retirement and thank you for your contributions to this site. Hopefully you won't be a stranger around here.
  10. This is a " Pilot " manufactured by British United Shoe Machinery Company ( BUSMC ). It was also manufactured in Germany if memory serves. Singermania, a member here who is a machine dealer in Australia may be along to tell you more about it. There are others on the forum who own or have owned Pilots who may see your post as well. It has been discussed before, so you may find info here on
  11. Great " bread and butter projects". Have you purchased from Maverick's Columbia Missouri location yet?
  12. My knives dull right after sharpening!

    I have both the narrow and wide versions of the knife that Lisa Sorrell sells and they hold an edge well and strop quickly back to super sharp. Lisa uses these knives herself to skive the inlay and overlay pieces for her custom cowboy boots. In case you haven't seen her video on sharpening these knives:
  13. I received my side of burgundy today and it is exactly as represented by Mike. I had a sample here so I knew what I was getting. Awesome Wickett and Craig quality. My suggestion is grab some before its gone. Mike is always a great guy to purchase from and IMHO we are fortunate to benefit from his generosity and experience.
  14. Maverick Leather

    Maverick Leather has a website up for their new Missouri location.