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  1. Single strap is strongest the strength is in the coarse fibres as referenced in the Hasluck books, not the grain that’s just a brain fart or marketing BS as is over 90% of the internet including this website these days.
  2. No 6 Harness Maker

    The bobbin is in the shuttle which is the thing that goes back and forth you will find the manual here http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=33348 and the correct name is Pearson No6 heavy harness machine, where abouts are you?
  3. http://www.jtbatchelor.co.uk/ these dont do bulk but can put you in touch with someone that does.
  4. Singer 97-10

    I can respect that, you certainly picked one hell of a machine, Singer build quality is beyond reproach also Simanco needles where the best ever made, I'm a Pearson No6 man my self, I wish you all the luck in your search. Les
  5. Great handsewing suggestion from Will Ghormley

    I can see you've never been to Walsall England, here's a video of factory production saddlery in Walsall the lady's doing the hand stitching are dedicated hand stitches that's all they do 5 days a week;
  6. Singer 97-10

    Quality 794s are readily available in many sizes and needle points are relatively cheap, and sew 7/8" at a push, they are the same needle just a little shorter they perfom exactly the same and there's nothing to adjusting the needle bar, so why the huge effort for an extra 1/8"?
  7. Singer 45Ksv2?

    I'm sure the KSVs were corner stitchers so this has been converted, which is a pitty because it was worth much more as a corner stitcher, the 45k's a saddlers machine no good for harness, it will sew dog collars the feed dog marks can be rubbed out a little after sewing, and you can get a cheap bench mounted bobin winder on eBay.
  8. Adler 69 362

    My dad had a 205-64 same feed always ran it with a foot no problem a wheel may be better on a machine with just a feed dog but the -362 is a needle feed machine, needle feed adusted correctly is very strong and accurate perfectly capable of dragging a foot up hills encountered on wallets and bags (what it was made for) just make shure that you shape the front toe of the foot like the front of a ski same as the feet on the -362 in the manual. Here's a video of an Adler 169 with the very same feed as yours sewing no problem with a foot; and the dedicated leather feed is needle feed jump foot with a slot plate (no feed dog) and out performs unison feed in all aspects on leather.
  9. Here's One For Pearson Busmc No 6 Lovers

    You've certainly got the Pearson bug Steve, when my mate is up and running with the casting I'm having some harness hard ware cast first Ill post the pictures of the harness and show you why you're not considered a harness maker in England unless you have a Pearson.
  10. Here's One For Pearson Busmc No 6 Lovers

    Yes I've got all the right steel just haven't had time to make them up Ill have some time this week end, I've been helping a friend of mine set up an investment casting business which will be very handy so there may be some shuttles and feet coming along in the future made in Sheffield, England can't get a better address that!
  11. Adler 69 362

    The 362 is basically a 373 without the inner foot so it would be the outer foot that would fit but its made to accommodate the inner foot so less than ideal so you may need to modify to fit your requirements, as to how it would work with a foot I don't know because its not a jump foot but for £12.50 for an outer foot from colledge sew its worth a try. The Adler 69 is perfect for bags and wallets, it's an Adler you paid peanuts what not to be happy about.
  12. Here's One For Pearson Busmc No 6 Lovers

    Very nice its quite remarkable to find one let alone in such condition they are easily damaged and most where striped out, usually all that remains is the odd peice of the heater. The best from a functional point of view was the bottom waxer this system only heats the shuttle block and dry thread is use on top, less mess and cleaning, and more efficient there's a good example of one on sale here http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=50923 although in the wrong section looks to be complete apart from the pipe connecting the water reservoir to the waxer, this is the one mentioned in the manual although no where near as cool looking. Pinstripping free hand is very difficult you are better off using tape http://www.pinstripinguk.com/tapes.htm or find someone that can do it.
  13. Yes looks like a Pfaff 145 compound feed very good machine and looks in good condition.
  14. I meant treating the leather with the resin, its hard but brittle when cured so no use as a stamp its the glass fibre that gives its tensile strength in this case it will be the leather.
  15. Cheap And Cheerful Home-Made Swivel Knife

    You could can get everything from eBay they have a very wide selection of bearings and round bar in brass, aluminium, stainless steel, but i would advise silver steel which is a tool steel that comes in precision ground round bar it's in it's annealed state so can be cut drilled taped filed then hardened and tempered its excellent for cutting tools even steel cutting so you can make the blades, it do's rust but but no ware near as readily as mild steel but you could hot blue the body.