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  1. Headstall And Rein Order

    Wow!, that is a very nice set.
  2. How Do You Hold The Material When Braiding?

    Thank you for the great replies. Next question....do you hold the work horizontal or vertical?
  3. I've been braiding my own stuff for several years. Only 3 and 4 plaits, and have used hooks, broom sticks, and even my toes to hold the material. Well now I've been progressing with 6,8 and 12 strands and was wondering how you pro's hold everything? By the way, I've read on here where everyone wants something cheap to practice on, so here is what I've used. Baler twine, both the synthetic and the natural. Also, I take old lariat ropes and separate the strands and use that to braid. They make pretty nice lead ropes. Thank you Woods
  4. Dark Colored Reins

    WOW! Those are fabulous. How did you learn to braid so well? Paul
  5. New Member From Nebraska

    Just saying hi and have only been lurking for 2 days and signed up and ready to go. Am interested in braiding rawhide and have never done it before. Am ready to go kill a cow and skin her to start my journey, but had better wait on that part. I'm a part time wood shop and metal shop high school instructor and the other part time I run a small 1 man sawmill and also help my folks on our 125 head angus cow calf operation. Thank you for a great forum Paul