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  1. Aviator Helmet Pattern (Leather)

    Just shot you an email, Moe. Hope I can get a copy from you. Thanks! Arnold
  2. Howdy From Alabama!

    My name's Arnold and I'm interested in learning as much as I can from everyone here. My wife and I are starting our own leathercraft business, producing leather masks and vambraces/cowboy cuffs (at first). I've already found a couple of useful tips from the "veterans" here on the forum. Can't wait to learn even more! Arnold
  3. Test Leathercraft

    All the different projects that I'm trying to do.
  4. First Test Mask

    From the album Test Leathercraft

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  5. Thanks to everyone for the helpful tips. I'm starting to make leather masks to sell and my first test held it's shape somewhat, but not enough to make it useful. Gonna give the water and Elmer's Glue a try to see how that works. My wife is going to decorate the masks, so maybe the glue will seal the leather well enough that she can just simply paint them. Here's a pic of my first test mask: Arnold