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  1. I found different parts by Johan
  2. Thanks for your answer, but i found out that is was not broken, This particular spring is found, and i can order it when needed. Thanks a lot Johan
  3. Hello, this is not the spring i needed. its more like this , see the picture from the manual.
  4. My Singer 45K1 Thread Tension Check Spring is broken, is there someone who knows where i can find a new one, or a replacementpart for it. I can't find these on the internet , and i don't know witch will fit. Thanks Johan Belgium
  5. User Manual For Singer 45K5

    Hey, thanks , that was quick and a good respons. I found it. Johan
  6. Hello, i just bought a Singer 45K5 sewing machine. It's in good condition, and works very well. I bought it from an old shoemaker and he explained the machine very well. But i will keep the machine running on good condition. I found several Parts manuals but no User instructions. Is there someone who can help me ? Thanks in advance Johan Van Dijck
  7. Chinese 29-K Clone

    I understand your passion, and i love the machine already. With a few adjustments , it's sew great . But you need a little experience to accomodate the original thing. I kow its a cheap thing and its fits me well. Because i made mostly falconry hoods. So i do most of my work handstitching. And this trought the side of the leather with is mostly max 1,1 to 1,2 mm thick. and no machine can do this type of work. But the wife ask me to make a leather handbag, Several weeks ago she ask me to repair the Buck horse at her school, shie is principal there. So i've changed the leather , but it makes me a whole day of work with stitching by hand. The Sadlemakersstich . I would loved to have the machine then so the work was done faster. Keep the passion , and have many satisfied customers. And thanks for sharing the adjustements. If i think on some , i will share them to. Johan
  8. Chinese 29-K Clone

    Hey, don't feel attacked, I've seen your facebook and i heve seen the adjustements you made on ths machine. Without seeing them before i made excactly the same adjustements. I think it's a good machine for the work i will do with it. I found that the price from the seller on Ebay , was for me to high , it's a machine with NO adjustments. It is like you buy them in China, without the adjustments. So for the would be buyer , look further. That's all i was willing to say. Johan PS ; my english is maybe not that good, that you can understand me wrong.
  9. Chinese 29-K Clone

    Hello, i was buying this machine in the Netherlands for 149 euro"s. (193 dollars) . it's very rudimentair. And you have to make some adjustments.But for more than 300 dollars, i will chose an other machine. But it works fine, i am doing not a lot of big stitching work. so its fine by me. If you want to buy such a machine look further . there must be much cheaper ones. ou buy When you buy these in China , they cost 35 dollar ,but then you have buy them with 200 pieces Look at Greetings Johan
  10. Thanks Redtailhawk, i personally use cow leather double tickness like you suggested.. But its always wise to see around and learning from other people. Personally i am hunting with the redtailhawk, the Harris hawk and fly with some owls like the eagle owl (european. So i know how strong a good glove must be. Falknersheil Johan
  11. I am wondering what you think is the best leather for falconry gloves. It must be strong , no pinching from the claws , and on the same time very souple. Most of my gloves i made are from cow leather , But most glove makers use elk or deer leather. Do you have some answers ? Johan
  12. Thannk for your reply. Yes these hoods are wet formed on special made blocks. Each size means a different bird. These hoods are open on the back with a split , the two jesses are pulling together with your right hand and your teeth, Because the bird is on your left hand. You put de hood on the birds by putting the beak into the opening in the front en click then the hood over the head. Then pull the straps. To open the hood again , you do the same with the short straps to open. There are different hoods that are made from a different pattern , these have no split in the back. These hoods are sewing inside out and are not glued. Then make wet and then turned inside out , and will than be blocked on the hoodblocks. These hoods required 6 hours work.
  13. I am a falconer in Belgium , i learned to make leatheritems for falconers when i follow a course of falconry. I make falconry gloves and falconhoods. Because of my interest , now i give now lessons to the students at the school of falconry in Belgium in leather . I am willing to learn a lot of different things about leather. So if someone is also involved in the art of Falconry, i am pleased to learn more about it. Thanks Johan