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  1. Ladies Rig

    Awsome Rig. Gives me some ideas for MY better half.
  2. My First Attempt At Stitching Leather

    Diamond Prong Chisel stleather.com http://stleather.com/2010_jpg/2010-14.jpg at least this is what I use
  3. First Satchel

    The prototype is always a learning experiance. The next one will go a lot faster and come out better. Execellent job on the first one.
  4. Barry King Tools

    Got my first "Tandy" kit in 1962, lot more stuff in it than you get now. And better quality. I have no idea of how many projects I have done with the Tandy tools in 50 years. So I know they work. It is rather impressive that a little tool can make that much difference. BK tools I got were 00, 1, 3 in the smooth bevelers and the same in checkered bevelers, and 1 basket stamp. Think maybe a couple of thumprints and leaf liners are next, see what sales do in the next month. There goes the profit.
  5. This is for all of you Barry King tool fans. I am a little upset with you. Ya keep telling me how much better they are than craftools. Finally bit the bullet and bought 6 of them. Used them on a project this weekend. About all I can say about them ..... Hey these things are KEWL!!!!! Love the angle of the bevelers and how smooth they work, nice impression on the others too. Not ready to give up my 130+ craftools, most that I have had so long they all have names. The reason I am upset? Cuz Y'all have really messed up my budget, now I gotta buy more tools. :-)
  6. Here is another one you might try http://www.campbell-bosworth.com/supply/needles.html Good luck
  7. Elven Knight Leather Armor

    Holy S***, Impressive, all I can say.
  8. Tippmann Boss Problems

    I have been the "proud" owner of a Boss for about 9 months now. I have been through the DVD MANY times, followed the directions. Adjusted the foot tension from removing the adjuster to down to the point of running out of threads. Just about wore out the adjustment screw on the bobbin adjustment, same with top thread adjustment. It will sew maybe 100 stitches then break the top thread on the up stroke. Rethread the machine, might do 10 stitches, might do 200, then preak the thread again. Constant change in the stitch length. Do 10 stitches and then the bobbin thread is on the top. do another 10 and the top thread is on the bottom. I would not recomend this machine to anyone. As soon as budget permits it is going on ebay, and the money from that sale will go on a good machine. Not impressed, I think it is a POS. But just my opinion.
  9. Jacket Repair

    Impressive work! Kudos.
  10. what do you do for a living

    I plant people! Cemetary Sexton.
  11. Central Washington

    Did Leather years ago and then gave it up for 20 years due to a dead end job. Dug the tools out of the closet again about 2 years ago. I forgot how you can lose track of time tooling leather. Go up to the work bench to work on something for 15 minutes, next thing you know thw wife is hollering that dinner is ready, you look at your watch and reaize that you have been there for 3 1\2 hours. Tooling hasn't got back to where it was 20 years ago, but the eyesight has gone too. :-(. Few projects from the last week or so attached. Gerry