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  1. I need to make shoes. What kind of cement do I use to glue on the soles, can I use regular Weldwood contact cement? Will that work/not work for crepe soles and/or rubber soles? Hard rubber soles look like they are commonly sewed on, can I sew vibram? Can I sew crepe (I wouldn't think so, but wanted to ask). Also, where are all the shoemakers here? I don't think I've seen too many.
  2. I just got these and I wondered if anyone can estimate their age. The pivot joint is interesting to me, not made like modern pliers or scissors; the top goes through the bottom piece, and looks like it's welded somehow to the bottom handle. There's a very similar pair on pg 123 of Foxfire 6, but he doesn't say how old the tool is. The side shown almost looks like that gnarly, pitted looking wrought iron, but the other side of the pincers is smooth.