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  1. New To Sewing, Buying A Used Juki Lu-563

    I'm in Saskatchewan, everything here seems to be inflated but it did seem to be a pretty good price? There's a Juki LU-562 in Calgary listed for $1000...and a Juki LU-563 (absolutely mint though) at a sewing shop across the street from us in S'toon for $2000... We're looking to do canvas, nylon webbing and the occasional leather piece too. Might hope we can stretch it and do nylon, maybe need to change or adjust the walking foot to do so. Perfect! We won't be doing anything too terribly heavy, but heavy enough to warrant the need for a walking foot.
  2. I am very new to the world of sewing, however my wife is quite proficient at it, so much so that she's very limited by her consumer grade machine. I have been searching for quite some time and came across a Juki LU-563 for $650. It's a few hours away from me so I had some photos sent to me and I have been told it is in good running condition. What do you think for the price listed? What's up with the stuff on the right of the sewing needle??? Judging by the photos what should I look out for? Please let me know what you think as soon as possible, if this is a good deal I plan on picking it up in the next day or two.