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  1. you do very nice work sir, I especially like the backpack you just posted.....I'm a fan

  2. 2018 Leather Items

  3. 2017 Leather Items

  4. Anyone else do this?

    Got tired of constantly sharpening the blades that comes with it. Also the factory blades are thicker and hard to pull through thick leather unless recently sharpened. I started using regular box razor blades and they seem to work much better. They are thinner and glide through thick leather like butter plus you just replace it with a fresh blade when needed. Been doing this for awhile and never had them slip out or anything.....Surely I'm not the only one doing this?
  5. Toad Skin Leather? I can't vouch for their wholesale side of things but probably worth sending them an email about the wholesale price of toad hides.
  6. Toad Skin Leather? Just about every color out there of toad at average cost Cheap but only one color
  7. Beginner

    The videos below should help you get started. There is also a ton of information floating around this forum. Tools More Tools Types of Leather Hand Stitching Hardware
  8. Hello all. Where can I find......

    You'll probably do better just searching for "Pig Leather" Some stuff below...hope that helps Search his store for Wild Boar Hides - Suede Couple types of Suede as well - Red, Tan and Brown leather hide&ref=sr_gallery_11 Furries seems to have some actual hides for sale
  9. shark and beaver Also you can pick up smaller pieces of shark on Ebay Beaver Tails - Also found all over Ebay
  10. Can anyone help me source these SS buckles?

    They are called English Girth Buckles. Only place I can find that exact one is at the link below. Good luck getting them ordered Stainless steel lost wax with roller No. 19151 1"
  11. New Pricking Irons

    Very nice Can I order more teeth if I beat them all to hell overtime?
  12. 4" Seamless Roller Buckle Not sure what quality you are looking for but this will get you going without a huge minimum order.
  13. 2016 Leather Items

  14. My Creations

    Just a few pictures of things I have made this year.