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  1. for belts, collars, and harnesses

    I'm in Moncton. Contact Gil Vineham at Atlantic Leather here in Moncton. He is very good and I am sure he will have what your looking for. He has several hundred hides in stock. if your in the Moncton area, you can go have a look. He supplies a lot of the leather workers in this region and will be happy to send samples. He also has good quality buckles, rivets, etc. in stock. Contact info: Atlantic Leather Products Inc. Moncton, NB Canada Phone: 506-856-6837 Email: atlanticleather@rogers.com
  2. for belts, collars, and harnesses

    desertwastes, Are you in Halifax, Nova Scotia?
  3. Advice on a skiving tool please

    I have a similar knife that is meant to be a wood carving knife. It is Japanese steel and razor sharp (with honing). Cuts leather like butter. Assuming the steel is good, it is worth a try. You might want to look to see if there is a specialty store that focuses on high quality wood working tools. They may have higher quality tools for only marginally more money. I paid $32 CDN for mine.
  4. John, Sorry, I need to do a reset. I have my pattern packs mixed up. Mine is the 6027 pack with a quiver, bow case and other stuff. The 1909 pack is slightly different. It does look like the seam if on the back, not on the side. Regardless, for proper fit on a right handed archer, the top strap will connect at the center or just left of center when you are looking at it on the back. The bottom strap connects on the far left. With this, the quiver sits on an angle across the back from left to right when looking at the archers back. I have attached a couple of pics of an experimental "work in progress" I am doing that I think shows this. For a strap, I lean towards simple since once they are set they rarely get changed. I like Conway buckles for the task. Is you have any pics of your progress, I could have a look and mark the strap position if you like. You can see more quivers at www.3riversarchery.com. Search for leather back quivers in their search box.
  5. John, I have a digital copy of that pattern pack and also shoot a traditional long bow. The pattern does show where to put the straps. Basically, With your back piece cut and the flesh side up, the top strap piece is stitched on the top right had side of the piece, flesh side up. The bottom strap piece is stitched on the bottom closer to the center of the back piece at a small angle, flesh side up. When the seam is stitched and the strap assembled, the seam will be pointing to the left (not laying on your back). The bottom of the quiver will be on your left, the top will be on your right. You should see the strap locations on the pattern. I hope this helps.
  6. Looking for a stitch horse in NZ

    No problem. I finally found the original on this site and made a better PDF file. Stitching Horse Plan.pdf
  7. Looking for a stitch horse in NZ

    Page 4 I hope Stitching Horse Plan Page 4-4.pdf
  8. Looking for a stitch horse in NZ

    This what your looking for? Pages 1,2,3 of 4. Needed to break up to reduce file size Stitching Horse Plan Page 123-4.pdf
  9. Pretty sure a ripped the hanging pocket off of something I has seen, except it was riveted on so I adapted for stitching. Also made a nice reinforcing for the stitches so just used the tab part on the other side.
  10. How to replicate this effect?

    Try this. It works for me. Lightly oil with neatsfoot using a piece of sheep skin. Right away apply spirit or oil dye with the piece of oiled sheep skin. You may need to replenish the oil. Leave for a day or two to let the oil and dye completely soak in and disperse. Then buff the crap out of it.
  11. Leather Hip Quiver- stitch or lace?

    It is. Here are a couple of shots of a traditional side quiver I did using 550 Paracord. The 95 Paracord is a very good size. Get yourself a couple of #1193-01 needles from Tandyleather.com. The 2 mm cord thread right in. Melt and taper the cord end first. Also works with the 550 cors if you cut the end on a taper before melting.
  12. Leather Hip Quiver- stitch or lace?

    You can also stitch with paracord. I have used 3 mm (paracord 550) to stitch knife sheaths and quivers. You can also get 2 mm (paracord 95). Very very strong and lots of colors available.
  13. My mother inlaw just asked me to make her one. Family discount of course. No pressure.....
  14. Going to get me some of those to go with my jug of Mop N Glo .
  15. My longtime favorite food vendor at the local farmers market is retiring sometime this summer. Since sometime in the early 2000's she has been my first stop on Saturday morning for food and a chat. Always with a smile and optimism, regardless of the weather or the news of the day and sometimes something extra with my order. As token of my appreciation I decided made her a leather market bag which I hope she will be able to use to enjoy a trip around the market herself every now and then. About the bag: Hand cut for the hide, 5/6 oz cow leather from a tannery in Maine. Dimensions: 16" wide x 12" deep with a 3" gusset. 100% Hand stitched (about 900 stitches, I lost count). Inside hanging pocket attached so no extra stitches show on the outside of the bag. 8" wide x 7" deep. Interior support strap that helps maintain the bag shape (it can be disconnected for large loads) and can be used to secure keys, etc. as well. Double layer hand stitched straps long enough to carry or wear on the shoulder. Strap connection reinforced on the inside. #shoplocal #shophandmade