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  1. Is Leather Burnishers Still In Business?

    Newbie and first time poster. Sorry if my first post is to vent out for my recent experience with Ed Stiles of Leather Burnishers. I am new with leather work and I have been saving money to invest on the right gears to make this new hobby smooth sailing. With research i learned that the right way to smoothen edges of leather such as belts should be by using a leather burnisher. So I researched on where to purchase great quality of leather burnishers and that is where i found Leather Burnishers via the help of google. The product line up on their website looks pretty decent and website as a whole looks legit. So I didn't hesitated to place the order. I get in touch with Ed and during the onset of my inquiry he is very responsive. After I placed and paid the burnishers I made a follow up to check the ETA then he advised that they currently have a 4 week lead time. I placed and made the payment January 25, 2016 and waited 4 weeks as advised. After that I made a follow up on the status of my order and that is when his response became erratic. I stayed patient until he got back to me on March 15, 2016 and provided me with the USPS tracking number and without any apology and explanation of the delay. Before he provided me with the tracking number I have made a couple of follow up email but never received a response. The initial agreement that we had is not to ship my order via USPS but instead use my FedEx account so it will be faster but he shipped it via USPS still. I have the tracking number and checked it on the USPS site and i was able to track it until March 16, 2016 but after that the tracking detail is no where to be found on the USPS site. So i emailed Ed to check with him if he were able to send the package or he have cancelled it but until today I haven't receive a single response from him. I am not sure what to do maybe any of the members here can help in contacting him and maybe raise the issue to him. I am loosing patience with him, i find his actions unprofessional. How hard is it to respond to emails and tell his customers the issue? I am sure they can understand if given a proper explanation. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Dan