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  1. What singer is this?

    I will bet its a 29k51. A great machine other than the small bobbin size that is common on 29 machines. I like the hand wheel on the side, those parts are harder to find.
  2. Singer 7-31 dimensions

    When you get a freight quote, they give you a few options. You can have it delivered directly to your house or place of business, but if you don't have a loading dock (like at home) then they charge you an extra $50-$80. So it is less expensive if you pick a freight terminal and you then pick it up. The tricky part with that is then you need to unpack it and load it yourself, these machines are heavy so bring help.
  3. Are sewing machines worth the money

    The machine will last a lifetime, unlike my computer or phone, and if I wanted to sell it they really hold there value. One of the less discussed benefits of this investment is the ability to quickly prototype new projects that I was not willing or able to tackle before. I can grab some low grade veg-tan, trace out a project and sew it up in 20-30 minutes and typically the first draft looks pretty good. This is a really big deal, it helps you flush out ideas and concepts that you would never want to take 2-3 hours and hand-sew. So your skills and designs will improve very quickly. This flexibility is really amazing you will be making things left and right just because you can and it become rather addictive. I grab some scrap from one project and make a small leather case out if it, pound a snap on it and give it away as a gift. Also people will start bringing you there stuff to fix and unlike before when you had to hand-sew, you will be excited and patch a bag or a backpack in a few minutes. Its really great feeling.
  4. Singer 7-34 Manual and Needle Type

    Here is the PDF. Singer 7 CLASS_all_instructions.pdf
  5. Special edition? Cb4500

    I wonder how far it traveled, is it still in the same State it was shipped to? I think it became self-aware and escaped off the tuck, we can call it Johnny-4500!
  6. Loking at a 111W113

    Once motor is removed place in bag and recycle it. You will want a Servo motor. That is a good looking machine.
  7. LMAO - Couldn't Resist!

    Yes that is awesome! This one is still my all time favorite -
  8. Singer Age by Serial Numbers Slide Chart

    I agree get back in there that is a great find!
  9. I didn't read all the comments, since I'm tired and lazy (and honest), so forgive me is this was mentioned... As startup cost go I think a leather craft business is very reasonable, the 441 clone while it appears expensive is a great investment. It will last almost forever, unlike a most other modern day tools and equipment, and thus it will pay for itself very quickly. The learning curve isn't that complicated; now I can make 2-3 items a day that use to take me 2-3 days to make 1 item. The product design, marketing and order fulfillment, just like any other business, would be a struggle to master.
  10. Singer 29k71 not sewing, need help!

    I know this will sound rather basic and silly, but there are 2 sets of needle holes on the swivel cover plate. Even though they both look rather similar my machine will only sew correctly on one side. So have you tried the other side of that plate?
  11. Stiching problem

    Also you may want to use a stitch-grooving tool to create a channel to sink the stitches into. It all depends on the look you want, but the "sunk" stitches look really clean.
  12. Sewing Machine conundrum

    I think after any one hand-sews leather, while sometimes relaxing and meditative, it can also be frustrating and slow. This also applies to learning to sew leather with a machine, hand crank, treadle or motor; it will take you some time to get the hang of it. So if you pick the hand crank Boss machine, you will be learning to sew with one hand cranking the other holding the project. If you get a treadle you will learn how to move your hand back and forth from the hand-wheel to the project and get a foot-rhythm. Now if you get a the Cowboy CB4500, both hands are holding your project, the needle can move at brisk pace or a single stitch at a time due to the servo motor and speed reducer pulley. I believe the slower speeds, using both hands and the edge guide reduce the learning curve significantly. I would also add that unlike a 2K computer that is good for maybe 5 years, the industrial sewing machine may be immortal, since some of my machines are well over 100 years old and in perfect working condition.
  13. Help with Singer 112w116

    Good looking machine. I suspect with that puller attachment you wont be tipping the head back very often. My point is that you could just set the machine into the table and have it sit in the routed-lip of the cutout without the hinge brackets. Just an idea. To tip or not to tip? That is the question.
  14. I suggest getting a Servo motor, it will save you time and money.
  15. Adler 20-2, Anyone Here Using It?

    I plan on finishing my restore this summer.