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  1. Consew Model 28

    I saw that machine listing for all of 5 minutes yesterday on CL since it was priced to sell. It looked like a nice machine good score!
  2. Union vs. Cylinder Arm?

    That Union is a very nice machine. I'm not sure I would recommend that for your first machine. Plus if you have that kind of money to spend get the Cobra C4 or the Cowboy CB-4500 AKA juki 441 clone machine, that would be a better first machine for less money and it would be brand new.. The 441 clone can sew with heavy thread, 346, 415, plus if you really want to use wax thread you can add the wax pot. You will be able to get more project around the arm of the 441, and have a longer throat area to work with.
  3. Tension

    Can you sew the same material but double it up? Sometimes this happens to me sewing thinner layers. Not that this is a fix, it would just still be an issue on the thinner projects. Then you may need to change the needle and foot lift for thinner projects.
  4. Sewing Machine Thread

    Here are some Thread charts, for Ticket, TEX, Metric and Gov't size thread. This helps if you find a deal on Gov't thread, you can figure out what size it is.
  5. Singer 111W155 Capabilities?

    If your starting out you will want a servo motor and/or a speed reducer rather then the standard clutch motor. I also notice they come with the welt-foot (makes the round-rolled seams) not bad to have but you will also want to get a set of regular feet. The 111 has an internal belt and a clutch, you will want to check the condition of the internal belt and make sure its not ready to fall apart I'm sure there are other things to look out for but those are the major things I can think of.
  6. I couldn't resist......

    It should just be just sitting on the cast iron braces that bolt on the bottom and you could lift it right out of the table once you remove the belt. That was how mine is setup. I really like that smaller table yours is in. They clean up really nice, with the open head it reminds me of an old hot-rod. I did repaint mine, why not I never plan on selling it. I was tempted to take it to the auto painters for a real paint job. I would like to get the decal set for it some day so it will look close to original. One day I might find and original pedal treadle for it.
  7. Need answers about my Consew 220

    I would bet there are better machines for free-motion than this one? I suppose you could just remove the feed dog and try that? The Consew guides are on this page.
  8. If your buying it new you should expect it to be new when you get it. Even a used machine should be well packaged and free of shipping damage "Paint chips and scratches are probably normal and probably not a cause for concern" I disagree with this statement. Your going to pay a few hundred dollars for shipping so make sure its still in "new" condition when you get it. If your machine shows up with any damage there is a good chance it was not packaged or handled correctly and could have other issues beyond cosmetic. Really it should be fine and the first thing you will notice is that the fork-lift or pallet-jack ran the pickup-bars right though your package or they missed the pallet and took a chunk off the machine base. I suspect it could also get dropped off the forklift, I have seen my fair share of Nascar forklift drivers, it should be obvious that there was a mistake. Enjoy the new machine.
  9. Thor industrial sewing machine

    Not sure what model THOR your looking at? But all you need to do is compare the specs of the (2) machines and if they take the same needle class (say 135X17) then they will be very similar.
  10. ws-155

    I suspect the machine will come with a clutch motor on it. I recommend getting a fresh servo motor that will give you more control over the speed and they are not hard to swap out.
  11. New Cowboy 4500

    This hack needs one of your special instruction videos. Can you make one up for removing the brake pad?
  12. Clone family tree

    I see what your getting at, but "most" (see I said most for all you German machine heads) of the technology going on here was invented 100-150 years ago and then dominated by Singer. So unraveling the clone family tree really isn't useful since I doubt you want the original machine most of these new machines are based on. Also I suspect you want reverse on your new machine? So when we toss-around clone for leather machines it typically refers to the Juki 441 machine ( Cowboy CB4500) (Cobra P-4) that most of us will recommend (I got min CB4500 a few months ago and love it BTW). However the pro\cons of antique or vintage machines over new, that is always a good topic. If you want to sew a product that your going to sell, I suspect you will want a good running machine with reverse, that will be working in production. If you want to do this as a hobby then you could get a used antique machine, but the sewing machine restoration learning curve will consume your time (maybe all your time) to get the machine back to 100%. So if it is sewing you want to do, save up for a good new machine. If it is antique restoration dive right in, it will only cost you time and less money to start but you wont do much sewing at first. Hope that helps.
  13. sewing wet leather.. bad?

    That is a good question. I don't think it will hurt the machine to sew wet or moist leather, just wipe it down and re-lube after your done. I have been making some rather large round leather sandbags (about 3-5 pounds). I also found that it is less work if you wet the thick leather and then sew it, however if the mold is going to pull on the stitching as it dries you may get some stretch marks. Also if your sewing wet leather then I assume your not gluing the edge. That brings up the whole project workflow. First mold your project and clamp the edge to the right shape so you can sew it once it has dried, then prepare the edge with glue, then clamp and let that set-up, then sew the edge and burnish it. I suspect those are the correct steps, but if your not using glue and don't mid a little stretch in the project then there is no harm in sewing it wet? Lets see what Wiz has to say.... good topic
  14. Adler Saddler Machine ID

    Really any vintage\antique machine in that nice of condition is worth 90 Euro.
  15. Singer 45K89 w. Reverse on Ebay UK

    They are from a 45k76 machine. I can measure the plate when I get home and post the measurements. I would think it fits all the 45k arms but you never know.