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  1. **Help Identify Machine**

    I can almost identify the machine for you, from one of the pictures. They did an excellent job of hiding most of the machine and narrow your vision to the sewing foot area, and the sewing actually doesn't look half bad. Anyway it looks like a Singer 15 clone maybe a Deluxe 100 or Deluxe 30. It may be a capable little home machine, but its not worth what they are asking, and its not a leather machine or close to anything industrial. I call these misleading adds "quarter-stackers" since they always try and sell you the machine based on how many quarters they can stack next to the foot. Whenever you see a smaller "home-style" machine sewing leather, and stacking-quarter beware. The 31-15 is an industrial tailor machine. However the 16-188, that is called a 16-18 in the add, is a light leather machine - your better off with these for less money! sure they need some cleaning, and probably a new servo motor.
  2. Anyone recognize this machine

    That's not an outrageous price for the machine. Just note you may have to put more time and money into it. Possibly a new hook ($80-$120), possibly a servo motor ($100 or so) and Speed reducer ($100 or so). So the costs can add up.
  3. need parts for 45k21 through 63  thread makeup  cam that runs feed dog 98608 an feed dog with matching needle plate amd screw . any imput would br helpful.  I an in il. john 217 370 8902 thanks

  4. CB3200 issues

    I suspect that it skipped a stich and then caught on the next one, that made it look extra long. That's just a guess.
  5. Bobbin issues. HELP!

    My picture is now "Bob" approved!
  6. New Cowboy 4500 - Need some help.

    The pictures also show the thread-path and I see that you looped it back under the thread-guide. I don't think I have done this should I be?
  7. Threading my Singer 111w155

    For a while I was threading the tension disk through to the tab, like in the video. It clicks in there so naturally that your positive that is what it's meant for. If your breaking thread, your needle and thread size may not be paired correctly, too big of thread for the needle maybe? What sizes are you working with?
  8. That stitch length is good at 6.5 some are much worse. As part of the test, when your sewing turn the bell and if the stitch gets smaller in certain positions that mean the track is worn. Here as a nice slide show on the parts after the head is taken apart. I am not sure if the 29-2 head has the exact parts as this, but the idea is the same. You can is from this side (looking upside down) how the bell moves in the track, once that gets worn I recommend you replace them both. Take a look at the blog and see if that helps, it's a fair amount of work to get it all apart, clean it then put it all back, but not impossible.
  9. Consew sewing machines

    You can always get a Flat-Bed table for the Cobra-4? Or if your looking for the similar machine in the flatbed the Consew 733r, HEAVY DUTY, this gives me a good excuse to drop in one of my favorite sewing videos - AKA - How to Sew with a Hammer!
  10. Singer 201 refurbish

    The 201-2 while a great machines is still just a home machine and not going to sew leather very well. Here are the general guidelines to oiling - Oil anything that moves other than the motor and belt, since this is a direct drive, the belt is a non issue, but you get the idea.
  11. Machine foot for Hat with Wire Brim Edge

    WOW - very nice hats! You should make a short production video so we can see how its done. I know mine would end up looking like floppy mess.
  12. Moving a Singer 31-15?

    If its the solid wood table and standard H-legs with a clutch motor still attached it will be heavy and awkward. I put some cardboard down and slide it on top of that they look bigger in pictures than the actually are, I figure the table is 48 long by about 20 wide, easy for a big SUV. you will have fun they are nice machines and easy to maintain.
  13. Chandler class C 75

    Well it says Chandler on it but it looks like a Mitsubishi DU-105. Like this one. I suspect if its in good shape it would be a great light\medium weight machine.
  14. Cowboy cb3200 or cb4500?

    I typically see "The Boss" sell between $800-950, mind you I mean sell. The Boss packages I see listed every few months start out at $1200 and then after a few month drop and sell in the sub $1000 area. I went with the CB4500 and really love it. You can always start with the base package and then add to it as you go. I found I like Uwe's flat top table a lot more than the standard table as an example. Really it does seam like a lot of money, but after messing with 80-100 year old machines having a new machine that works each time you step-up to it is a real pleasure. Plus unlike most other technology this machine will probably last 80 years also. In fact I will even go so far as to say if you get one you will soon find yourself wanting a second one (and totally justifying it also). HAHA