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  1. Juki 563 Not Enough Tension

    On my juki563 the thread going throught the horizontal tension bar starts going through the lower side of the hole upwards then through the next lower hole upwards and so on.Not threaded top bottom top bottom as by your pic.May make a little more tension.
  2. Setting up a juki 563?

    I use a juki 563 for automotive interior work which works but never seams to work right.I cannot have this machine not working and as its not my machine but my employers cannot have it professionally serviced ( boss won't get it done).I have a problem which I mentioned before but never really got fixed in that when going over thick materials the reverse lever flicks up and down, I've overcome this by adjusting the lever stop down a bit which is a fix but not the correct fix.I've tried setting the rocker bar position but then have problems adjusting the needle to go down the feed dog hole and the feed dog locking up at the end of its travel (in the feed dog slot).I get the occaisonal fault of when in reverse the inner foot touches the outer foot and pushes the needle into the feed dog snapping the needle. While watching what the needle does I've noticed when it goes down its at the front of the feed dog hole and when going up its at the back, ie its not going up and down centrally (3mm circular hole) is this correct or do I have a feed dog timing issue?
  3. stitching English point accurately

    I use a juki 563 and use the reverse lever too position the stitch on a corner.
  4. Anyone ever used würth hhs 2000 lubricant?

    Used it as a mechanic for door hinges and the like, worked well although expensive.Not sure about for a sewing macine.
  5. Reliable brand machines

    I have a positioner on my juki 563 used for car upholstery and love the fact the needle stops in the lower postion.I've got it set so it stops just after the needle starts going upwards so the stitch has formed, I can stop, knee lift the foot a little, turn the leather then carry on.
  6. Skiver belt change

    At work we have a fortuna skiver of the type pictured.Does anyone know how to change the short belt just to the right of the lever, this is not the motor belt.The forward pulleys are enclosed so you can't just fit a continuous belt without taking things apart.At the moment we are using a split belt however its not a great solution.
  7. Servo motor speed limiter

    A nice easy way to make a servo motored machine easier to use is to extend the arm on the pedal that attaches to the rod and also to extend the coresponding arm on the motor switch unit.This means your foot has to move further to speed the motor up.I've added an extra 2 to 3 inches to each of my machines arms.
  8. Reverse lever hold down mod

    Great idea.I'm sometime going to try to connect up an extra pedal for reverse, like you it will have to be on the left side.
  9. Looks good.What would you use this foot for.
  10. Treadle rod

    The pedal is missing an L shaped bracket that mounts using the two bolts on the edge at the rear of the pedal. The motor should be adjustable to let you fit different sized belts.Try the long bolt above the treadle rod arm.
  11. Stitch length changing

    Many thanks, nice to know that the machine is normal. 8mm stitch on thin vinyl, 3 thicknesses of leather 6mm foam and 3mm foam and the stitch drops to about 6mm.
  12. Stitch length changing

    I use a juki 563 for auto upholstery and have noticed that I have a nice big stitch when sewing a thin vinyl but at the same setting using thicker materials the stitch shortens.Pressure foot height is nearly at max and machine feeds ok as far as I know.Is this normal or is something wrong?
  13. Singer 111W155 Timing/thread Issues

    I had the same problem with a juki 563 I adjusted the brake so as soon as the pedal is released the brake is applied and stops the machine going backwards slightly.It worked really well until I changed over to a servo motor a few weeks ago.
  14. On mine (563) the knee lift does the first stage but won't hold it, the hand lever does the second which holds it at its highest position.
  15. good upgrade from the LU562

    The 1508 use a singer style foot , the juki 1509 uses a different style but is the same machine as far as I know.Over here in the uk the 1508 seems a difficult machine to find both new and second hand, the 1541 is easier to get but I would prefer the top loading myself.