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  1. New skiver user question

    I had a look at my skiving machine today and its not a steel plate that rubs on the roller but a thick piece of leather. Would a rubber or plastic roller help to stop the waste pulling through to the top?
  2. Consew 226-Thread Escaping Needle

    When I install the bobbin I put the thread through the slit in the bobbin case, wind the machine over by hand to get the thread to the top, then hold the bobbin still and pull the thread.It will snick into the tension spring.Machine is a juki 563 but may well work on your machine.
  3. Skiving Machine Independent Feed Mod

    Nice work.Does it help with the skiving process? Was it worth modifying as I have one similar?
  4. 1541s clones

    I've seen one marketed in the uk as a tysew, available with foot height adjustment knob.I'm tempted but not sure on the bottom loading bobbin as I'm used to a top loading juki 563.
  5. I 'd be interested in hearing about this as I use the same machine and when sewing thicker or harder materials it will also break the needle occasionally when in reverse.I tend to turn the material to lock off or lift the foot move the material back and resew.
  6. Skiving machine motor

    The fortuna machine we have at work has a clutch motor and is horrible to use although possibly due to not being set up correctly.The leather seems to zoom through with no control.Recently I boiught a newer machine fitted with a servo motor and the difference is like light and day, I can feed the leather through as slow as I like.
  7. Juki lu 563 adjustments

    Its pretty much in the holes, not sure how I adjusted it though.Probably would have been using Uwe's video, I have played about with settings a lot and never seem to get it fully right.At the moment if I reverse when sewing thick tough materials its quite likely I'll snap a needle, if I'm sewing something like this I'll just spin the material sew a few stitches then spin and sew rather than use reverse.My machines in daily use so I can't afford to mess up the settings.
  8. Juki lu 563 adjustments

    I use a juki 563 and also don't seem to get the 1/4 inch stitch length possibly due to thicker materials (upholstery work), its probably closer to 5mm.
  9. Skiver belt change

    No I never did, the general consensus seems to sugest using a split belt with a joining staple. A pdf of the manual would be fantastic as I'm still having huge problems getting it to work sucessfully.I don't often get the time to work on it though.
  10. Suggestions for slowing down machine

    Machine will act the same as before.All I did was use short lengths of angle to lengthen the arms.It all leverage and arcs.......the pedal has to move further between min and max making control beween the two less sensitive.
  11. Suggestions for slowing down machine

    You may be able to lengthen the arm that controls the motor and/or the pedal (not the joining rod), this should make the machine more controlable.I added an extra 3 inchs to both on my machine.
  12. knee lift fitment

    Wow, really helpful answer Gregg.You've actually posted on my other thread about the machine (juki 1510 with efka control box). Never even thought about moving the button or having it operated by the kneelift pad.
  13. knee lift fitment

    I'm used to the knee lift on the machine I'm using at the moment and thought it might be handy to have on the new one.Quite often I'll positon the material at the start of a seam and hold with both hands and drop the foot with the knee lift or when needing to change direction while sewing give a quick nudge with the knee and carry on sewing.I guess I could get used to not using one as when I first started I could only use the handlift.
  14. knee lift fitment

    Might be buying a machine with a solenoid foot lift, is it possible to fit a knee lift while still keeping the solenoid?
  15. Juki 1510-7

    I'm only guessing her but it could be that they part exchanged/bought in the machine with a faulty motor/controller and used the efka from their spares pile and as its a bitza its priced cheap. Thanks for the heads up, something to ask before I buy.Probably won't be until the end of the month when I get paid as long as it hasn't sold by then. Looking at it it seems that it has the singer style foot which matches all the feet I have, does it look to you that I'm corrrect?