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  1. Reverse lever hold down mod

    Great idea.I'm sometime going to try to connect up an extra pedal for reverse, like you it will have to be on the left side.
  2. Looks good.What would you use this foot for.
  3. Treadle rod

    The pedal is missing an L shaped bracket that mounts using the two bolts on the edge at the rear of the pedal. The motor should be adjustable to let you fit different sized belts.Try the long bolt above the treadle rod arm.
  4. Stitch length changing

    Many thanks, nice to know that the machine is normal. 8mm stitch on thin vinyl, 3 thicknesses of leather 6mm foam and 3mm foam and the stitch drops to about 6mm.
  5. Stitch length changing

    I use a juki 563 for auto upholstery and have noticed that I have a nice big stitch when sewing a thin vinyl but at the same setting using thicker materials the stitch shortens.Pressure foot height is nearly at max and machine feeds ok as far as I know.Is this normal or is something wrong?
  6. Singer 111W155 Timing/thread Issues

    I had the same problem with a juki 563 I adjusted the brake so as soon as the pedal is released the brake is applied and stops the machine going backwards slightly.It worked really well until I changed over to a servo motor a few weeks ago.
  7. On mine (563) the knee lift does the first stage but won't hold it, the hand lever does the second which holds it at its highest position.
  8. good upgrade from the LU562

    The 1508 use a singer style foot , the juki 1509 uses a different style but is the same machine as far as I know.Over here in the uk the 1508 seems a difficult machine to find both new and second hand, the 1541 is easier to get but I would prefer the top loading myself.
  9. As in the title really.At the moment I'm using a top loader which I find handy to check how full the bobbin is, just pull the plate back and check(even in the middle of sewing something.However I'm thinking of getting a new machine and bottom loaders seem easier and cheaper to buy.How do people get on with bottom loaders? Please share you experience. By the way I do car upholstery so running out of thread while doing a visible seam is never a good thing.
  10. I'm interested in this thread as I'm using a juki 563 for auto upholstery and was thinking of buying a 1508(don't think I'd like a side loading machine).Over here in the uk consew seem to be sold under the seiko brand, don't know what other brands of machine offer similar specs as the 1508.
  11. I had the same problem with the reverse lever moving on a juki 563.In the end it was easily fixed by adjusting the stop for the lever so it was held slightly down.
  12. Global sewing machines

    Thanks for that info, that manual hopefully won't be needed but fantastic to have it there to use.Just need to bite the bullet sometime to buy the machine.
  13. Global sewing machines

    I'm considering buying a new machine for my job doing car upholstery.I would like a juki 1508 but my budget won't stretch that far.Next on my want list would be a juki 1541 although for similar money I've found a global 1515 which i think is a clone of the 1508.Has anyone experience of this machine, if so do you know if replacement juki parts fit it or would I have to get global parts? Also any other help about this machine would be great. Here's a link for the global machine:-
  14. Juki 563 reverse lever moving

    Fixed this fault really easily today.As I was winding a fresh bobbin the reverse lever was falpping up and down so I held it down slightly to stop it moving, thought to myself "this has cured the fault".I adjust the reverse lever upper stop a few mm and the lever is now still while sewing.Forward and reverse both seem fine, so I might readjust the needle and hook timing next so its spot on.
  15. Juki 563 reverse lever moving

    Thanks for the replies. It too late I've already run it on the motor.It actually works well apart from the lever moving, previously I had a problem that if I stopped and turned the material or adjusted it (ie doing a diamond stitch and turning at the end of the line) it seemed as if the hook missed the needle and would jam underneath, doesn't seem to do it now.Sometimes if you stop with the needle up its almost like the needle bar drops back and cause things to jam.I also had some reverse lever movement before, just a twitch when going through thick materials. I've adjusted the machine according to Uwe's video.Foot adjustment was done but I would get a clonk so moved backed to origional position I think.Stitch length disc was moved as was needle bar from about 6mm to 8.5mm(using 8.5mm drill bit) then adjust needle plate to suit.I've seen you mention in a previous thread about weak reverse spring the spring did not seem tight however if you hold the reverse lever up it still moved, you can feel something physically moving it.After looking at a few videos and studying how things work I will have another fiddle tomorrow and report back on how I get on.