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  1. Thank you Ron for your awesome advise & support, will be placing my order today (omg, I'm so excited!!!)
  2. Hi Ron, Thank you for your reply I spoke with Mike from Techsew (very nice and helpful pro) and inquired about both machines.. he actually pointed out to me the 2750 which I didn't checked before.. it may be a better option to what I'm mostly will be doing (bags, purses, skirts, belts) the heaviest leather which I'll be using will be for belts, so he recommended the 2750 pro since it will handle also light weight leather better, he said that the 5100 SE would have too much tension to handle lighter leather and that I may get marks or wrinkles on a lighter leather. As someone who knows nothing about leather sewing machines, I think I should take the pro advise.. just being a little nervous because I really want to make it right and wouldn't want to have a hard time sewing heavier leather (belts as most). Thank's the only thing who keeps my fingers on hold from calling Techsew and place an order.. lol
  3. Thank you so much Uwe for a very informative reply At the end and after so much digging my debate came down to the Techsew 5100 SE & the Cowboy CB341.. leaning much towards the Techsew as it looks like a machine that I'll be able to use for different thickness of leather (I'll mainly use the machine for bags manufacturing using different leather thickness) I'm quite a newbee in the machines area but what made me think that this would be the right machine for me is the various thread & needle sizes I can use. One thing scares me though... that if it'll be a much thinner leather than it shows in their video, my leather might get all crumpled out.. As for the binding attachment, I saw that there are few options to purchase a separate attachment that I can hook up to the machine somehow.. I'm waiting Techsew reply to let me know if they can provide this attachment.. if not than I guess I'm gonna have to learn how to master it without any attachment help (good luck to me on this one.. lol) Unless I'll come across a machine that would make me feel that it may be a better fit, I think that I'm pretty much ready to order.. Thank you again for your help, enjoy a great great weekend ya'll.
  4. Thank you very much TinkerTailor, I've actually had a chat with Steve (Cowboy) but spoken to him before I saw the Techsaw with the binding feature.. I'll definitely go with your recommendation and contact these dealers to see what'll be best for my purpose. I'm really tempted to go for the CB341 but would love to know that there's an option for the binding attachment in this machine. Thank you & pleasure to meet (handshake) Ornale
  5. Happy weekend to all, It's a pleasure being here among so many talented artists. I'm new to this forum but not new to leather art making, Iv'e been doing leather bags/ goods for almost 20 years (with few years break in between) Up to now, I've done my bags hand crafted only using lacing as a method of sewing the bags.. I wanted to jump higher to using a leather sewing machine for bags (sometimes with a thicker bottoms), belts, purses, ets.. I have a minimal experience with regular sewing machines and never dealt with leather sewing machine before. I've done some research (read a lot of topics in here) and came down to two machines that I think may fit my purpose: 1) the Cowboy CB341 - Looks good, steady, & looks like it can handle my (sometimes) thicker bag bottoms. 2) the Techsew 2800-B - while a thicker leather with this one may be a challenge, what I liked about it is the binding attachment which I know I'll be using quite a bit. Does the cowboy machine can have a binding attachment attached to it? Are the Techsaw just as good and as capable? Any good recommendation even regarding different machines that may be better for me would be so appreciated Thank you all & looking forward for communicating & sharing. Ornale