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    Muzzleloading rifles and their accouterments. Rustic and traditional leather work from the 1790's to 1850's made by our trapper frontiersman. If I had to say, my persona would be 1820 to 1850.

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  1. Hello from Alabama

    Hi Clintock, thanks.
  2. Hello from Alabama

    Hey Keith. thanks.
  3. Hello from Alabama

    Thanks LeatherBeast
  4. Hello from Alabama

    Thanks bikermutt07
  5. Hello from Alabama

    Thanks MikeG. All of my work is very rustic and meant to reflect what our frontiersman would do, with the exception of my ball bag. My powderhorn is meant to be a "hunter's" horn, not a horn a wealthy merchant would own.
  6. Hand forged buckles

    Thanks for the help. Mattsbagger, I have contacted a few people that do this kind of work but haven't received a definite as to when they will make anymore. Jokersu, thanks for the link. I have been to the forgedintime website before but they currently aren't taking any new orders.
  7. Hand forged buckles

    Does anyone know where I can get hand forged buckles like the one in the pic? It doesn't have to be exact but I'd like one similar as well as hand forged "D" rings.
  8. Hello from Alabama

    I added a few more pix of my tool pouch.
  9. Hello from Alabama

    Hello from Alabama. I’m very new to leather working. I’ve been doing this since I got into muzzleloading a year ago when I built a Kentucky Long Rifle from a kit. Once you do that you realize you need a powder horn and a shooting bag, then a tool pouch and a ball bag, so on and so on. My shooting bag was made from a kit but I added a few things like trim and a different strap. I’m in the process of making another shooting bag from scratch, that is to say I made the templates and cut the pieces from milled 5-6 oz shoulder leather. Leather kits are fine but once you start working from raw materials leather staining and conditioning become apparent, then you realize how deep the water is you just jumped into. I hope to learn a lot from the folks on this forum so I’m sure there’ll be dumb questions in our future, just bear with me. Thanks for approving my registration request. -Gary-