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  1. Thanks, I'm my own worst
  2. Form and fumotion are there but it leaves a lot to be desired in tooling and finish. I'll get better on the next one.
  3. Up to this point all I have done is practice tooling and I want to move into some practice dying, sewing, snaps and hell I want to make I have chosen a double knife sheath. I have one which is my Gerber hunting knives but they are in a nylon sheath so I will copy the sheath that they are in for my pattern. I did put a little basket weave tooling in it though. I will be staining in Fiebings choclate dye. At this point the pattern has been made and leather cut and tooled as much as its going to be. The box of Dye states to use Fiebings deglazer. I do not have this. Is this a requirement or a sales tool? It also says to dye while still damy from this cleaning. If I dont use the deglazer do I still do my dying while the leather is still damp from the casing/tooling process? I guess what my real question is WHEN DO I DYE?? do i let the leather dry after tooling over night or give it a couple hours and then i can dye.
  4. I was at my Tandy distributer last week (2 hrs away) and forgot antiquing gel. I can order it but was wondering if i can use shoe polish as antiquing? I have Fiebings Tan-Kote that I had planned on using 2 coats first then antique then another coat of Tan-Kote to seal. Any help?
  5. I wish but I am on my way to VT. For a hockey game and the other half and daughter will be with me. They already dont want to go there cause it's out of the
  6. Got it...I'm pretty clumsy so I like these
  7. WOW.. Thanks Bill this was a very helpful and detailed reply!!! I appreciate it very much.
  8. Thank you very much. That will be my first finish I am going to try!! I'll give it a shot on one of my practice pieces I have done first
  9. OK that sounds easy enough. How are you cutting the stain?
  10. on the holsters the 5th one down in first row and 3rd one down in second row.
  11. OK Jeff it is. Actually they are in your gallery and it was the wallets. Its the one with the eagle and the one next to in on the right. Its funny I was looking at your patterns the other day because a search for the Smith and Wesson Compact came up with you but it said the pattern wasnt available yet.
  12. Thanks for the response. I may finish the deer one but i am really looking for something to use on my first holster. Nice work by the way!!!