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  1. Little gift for my brother.

    Thanks a bunch!!
  2. Little gift for my brother.

    The antlers were off one of the elk he used to raise. My tooling skills still need plenty of work but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Finished the leather in bees wax and neutral shoe polish.
  3. Wall hanging

    Thanks. He doesn't know about this so I can't ask. Thought about all 4 corners but didn't want to take away from the skull
  4. Wall hanging

    It's a tandy dbl shoulder. That could be it but it's been through the whole thing.
  5. Wall hanging

    My brother wanted 5 bar stools done. I dont have the time this spring and summer for that and I need to get a WHOLE lot better at carving before I take something like that on so I am making him this for his bar. I have several knives and they all needed sharpening so I gave that a shot. they are sharper but not as sharp as they should be. they dont cut smooth. I am happy with the scull but not at all happy with the floral work. It will do for this project. Just need more practice. I do have a question here and would like your opinions. Should I leave it with or without the oak leaves? Thanks.
  6. 2nd holster

    OK I will get a photo of the back. I cut it to fit the belt so its in my redo Thanks
  7. attempted an inlay. I had a 1oz silver buffalo round so i used that. One very important thing i learned on this holster is when your laying it out the belt slots the back ones are NOT on the same plane as the other belt loop!! DOH. oh well live and learn.
  8. Thanks all. I have made an other one that i will post up.
  9. After wearing it for a while I see what you mean. Im going to try a diffrent style here shortly.
  10. Thanks, most of it i guess stands out to me. smudged some dye and some of the tooling, fingernail marks... Character marks i
  11. Thanks, I'm my own worst
  12. Form and fumotion are there but it leaves a lot to be desired in tooling and finish. I'll get better on the next one.
  13. M&P Shield 9 Holster

    I like it!!