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  1. seiko sth 8bld 3

    Good to know Mark 842, cheers.
  2. seiko sth 8bld 3

    Good morning from Australia everyone. I usually don't have to ask questions because they are usually answered in the forum but this time I couldn't find it. I have a seiko sth 8bld 3 that i have just purchased for making totes, but I am also interested in sewing dog collars and cuffs on the machine that I would normally sew buy hand. My question is what thickness of veg tan would be the max to sew, the cuffs I make are 1.6mm (1/16) (3oz) thick with a thin lining of pig skin. The guy at the shop that I bought the machine off said it wasn't a good idea to sew veg tan and I don't want to risk my warranty in case something goes wrong, however I did sew some veg tan last night 1.6 mm and it sewed beautifully, plus a lot of the guys on the forum seem to sew thicker leather with the same machine or consew 206. So I'm just wanting to know what thicknesses of veg tan other people sew with the seiko sth 8bld 3, cheers.