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  1. Dixon pricking

    a chisel of Kyoshin Elle Ems pricking iron 2,7mm. With 0,45mm thread amy roke
  2. Dixon pricking

    Tks @thefanninator, I will try it :D
  3. Dixon pricking

    TKs @bikermutt07 oh, I heard Dixon, they stopped making leather tools. So where does your website sell Dixon tools, and is it a replica of Dixon?
  4. Dixon pricking

    OH, thank you very much.I contacted him, but he never had it
  5. Dixon pricking

    Who sell a Dixon pricking, Is anyone there ??
  6. Dixon pricking

    ohh hhihi :D i live in VietNam, There are many people who own this EMS chisel. But in return, no one owns the Dixon pricking chisel so it's hard for me to buy. I have talked to some people make handmade leather, they live in europe. They said that I should go to the saddle shop, and pick the trays there will be lucky to find, but unfortunately I live in VietNam is not Europe: (( If you know anyone who sells let me know, I'm grateful for that Respect.
  7. Dixon pricking

    Honestly condolences you, Are you affected by house fire? It has stopped production, I bought it by a local leather man, it was an item used, bought for $ 25, side 2.7mm :D Its quality is good, I think I will collect more if any Respect. @YinTx
  8. Dixon pricking

    @YinTx I hope I will find all out pricking iron that I want to collect, thank you very much
  9. Dixon pricking

    what i am having :d , They are manufactured by kyoshin elle
  10. Dixon pricking

    Oh no, I do not currently have any dixon chisels. All picture on google . This is what I am having
  11. Dixon pricking

    I want to get help from you guys.
  12. European Style Pricking Irons

    Oh I had it ... it's european pricking iron is a name for a chisel iron. It has 2 and 6 branches. It's high quality in their price. Hii
  13. Dixon pricking

    I love a European pricking chisel, especially among them J.Dixon. I'm trying to collect them. I want to buy or exchange what I have to own it. Please tell me if you want to sell them.
  14. WTB Quality swivel knife

  15. Stingray lot for sale.

    It had sold ??