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  1. New TITANIUM awl review

    Great review Phil. I saw this on IG when they launched it in their shop. Couldn't see in their pics what they meant by a square awl, your video is much clearer. By any chance have you seen or used the square awl from 6T?
  2. New pricking irons unboxing

    Some bluetac might help with that
  3. New pricking irons unboxing

    Link didn't work on my phone but I can see it now on my PC. That looks like a useful little light!
  4. New pricking irons unboxing

    I was using my right hand to alternately hold my mallet and a small flashlight!
  5. New pricking irons unboxing

    Totally worth it, especially if I manage to sell my Amy Roke 2+5 set.
  6. New pricking irons unboxing

    Missed the part of why I'm looking at another set. I already have 2+5 Amy Roke in 3.38mm and 2+8 Wuta in 3mm. This purchase was a 2+10 3.38mm and will replace the Amy Rokes. Firstly is because I sometimes have trouble keeping a straight stitch line. From my research, there are 2 ways to do it with a pricking iron + awl. Once you have your line with your divider, creaser or whatever, you either: a. Straddle the line as best you can b. Put your marks just beside the line Neither method is perfect. It requires excellent lighting and lots of practice to look perfect. One thing I learned that can help is to overlap more than 1 hole when marking. But with only a 5 prong iron, if I overlap 2 holes, I'm only making 3 new marks at a time, and that takes ages. So with this new iron, not only can I overlap 3 holes and still make 7 new holes, I can also set it inside a line (since it is pointed and not flat).
  7. New pricking irons unboxing

    Oops, I thought I did in the first post. Here you go: No they mostly don't ship globally. I use their consolidated shipping service which is built into the platform. Those services DO ship globally. I bought the 2+10 3.28mm so RMB 485
  8. New pricking irons unboxing

    No I'm not. My Chinese colleague showed me the ropes and Chrome translate did the rest. As for the rest. It went through 2x2mm readily enough. Front. Back. I think I'm in love. Lol
  9. New pricking irons unboxing

    Just got my Taobao 11.11 haul at the office. I've wanted a set of Crimson Hides irons for some time, but in Nigel Armitage's review, he mentioned the angle of the teeth could be better, so I decided against it. But I still wanted something that had the same pointed teeth, so that you could lay them inside a stitch line, either from a creaser or dividers, something I picked up from another of Nigel's (paid) videos. I took a leap of faith on these unknown irons, very similar design to Crimson Hides'. They're made from either DC53 or 440C tool steel, I'm not too sure which. After unboxing them, I'm very happy with the quality. On par or better than my Wuta and Amy Roke irons. Can't wait to get home to try them!
  10. Black Friday deals

    Giardini has an "up to 30%" Black Friday sale going on. Prices are apparently already discounted, I have no idea what they were before.
  11. I did slick the flesh side of a particularly fuzzy piece once and did notice it was stiffer. Didn't think to do it to make cutting easier, thanks!
  12. Studio tac creative books. Opinions?

    I have Vol 20 in Chinese. The pictures are good to get an idea of how it's done, but using Google Translate camera/live, I can't for the life of me decipher the written instructions...
  13. It rolls. Very smoothly I might add. I believe it has a ball bearing inside.
  14. I have the Giardini pen which I got in their kit. Don't like it. It doesn't always roll very well. This is my favorite:
  15. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    Hi Mike, Would you say that it is as soft as the HAAS Barenia? Or softer?