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  1. Studio tac creative books. Opinions?

    I have Vol 20 in Chinese. The pictures are good to get an idea of how it's done, but using Google Translate camera/live, I can't for the life of me decipher the written instructions...
  2. It rolls. Very smoothly I might add. I believe it has a ball bearing inside.
  3. I have the Giardini pen which I got in their kit. Don't like it. It doesn't always roll very well. This is my favorite:
  4. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    Hi Mike, Would you say that it is as soft as the HAAS Barenia? Or softer?
  5. Edge Paint Rollers

    I just use hot water.
  6. I've never made a sheath, but if I did, I'd try to make something like this.
  7. Relatively new.
  8. Sorry, I meant for the the rest of your tools. I don't do stamping or carving so can't comment on that. Well as long as you are aware they are thonging and not stitching chisels, since you called them "pronged chisels" (stitching chisels also have prongs).
  9. Do you read Chinese? If yes, then I would recommend Taobao. You can find both the cheap and the high quality stuff there. By LCT I assume you mean You are planning to buy the 2mm thonging chisels? Just FYI, that is not for stitching.
  10. Edge Paint Rollers

    This is my favourite: I have this as well, not as easy to do thick edges like a wallet I did recently, but a lot easier to prep and cleanup after.
  11. Took the plunge...

    I have a 2+5 Amy Roke and a 2+8 Wuta. I'll tell you that I wish I had bought the Amy Roke in 2+8 or even 2+12. Just my RM 0.02
  12. Agreed. I'd buy that!
  13. Safety Beveller (skirver)

    Yes I have that as well. It is a push/slide/diagonal movement to skive with it. As far as I know, only the safety skiver and English paring knife can be pulled for skiving. Note that I am not even remotely qualified to advise about skiving so don't take my word for it...
  14. Safety Beveller (skirver)

    I've bought both the flat and the curved Japanese leather plane (cheaper on Aliexpress). Not great for skiving. OK for beveling edges and maybe cleaning up edges if you don't want to sand your edges.
  15. Safety Beveller (skirver)

    Thanks Mutt, I'll give that a try. I don't have a strap cutter but from photos online, I think the skife blade is only about half the size of the strap cutter blade. I've been toying around (in my head) with the idea of using a binder clip to hold the blade (if it will clear the strop, I think not...). I might just buy the Ryobi bench grinder in the video above and hope the wife doesn't notice. It is cheaper than some knives I have bought for this hobby, but a lot harder to hide a bench grinder in a drawer