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  1. Hello and Goodbye

    The society is filled with a lot of stupid people. You have to learn to ignore them and focus on the friendly people. There are a lot of those too
  2. Glue without the Stank?

    Yes it does. But it's not hardening. This is what my brush looks like after not being used for a day. Sometimes not in a week. I don't know what brush you have. Ts-boy looks like a copy of Minor, or maybe it's the same just "rebranded"
  3. Glue without the Stank?

    I have my glue in a glue pot (Minor 0.4L) When i don't use it i store it like this. And before use i shake it a little bit, because it gets a little thicker in consistency
  4. Glue without the Stank?

    I apply to only one surface. (Don't use to much glue, a thin layer is enough) if you glue flesh to roughed grain, put the glue on the roughed grain. i finish with either pressing the pieces together or hammering. After this i have really good bond suitable for continuing my work. If you need a solvent based glue too for some stuff. Renia have two products i like. Top-Fit and Colle De cologne. Top-fit is not stringy (or very little) Colle De cologne is better for waxy/oily leathers, but stringy.
  5. Another 4 slot wallet

    Nice wallet. Well done. i like the pocket shape
  6. Glue without the Stank?

    My brush look different. Ts-Boy looks like a clone of Minor.
  7. White Veg Tan

    Since you live in Us i would recommend Buttero (Really nice Italian leather) The reason I say "since you live in Us" is because you can't buy directly from the tannery (high moq) but you can find resellers in Us and of course asia. https://www.rmleathersupply.com/collections/leather/products/buttero-veg-tanned-leather-3oz-1-2mm-made-in-italy
  8. Glue without the Stank?

    315 and SG? For waterbased glues you can use regular brushes. I have a bottle of water on my desk to rinse my brushes after glueing. There are two ways to use Aquilim 315. 1. Apply 315 to ONE SIDE of leather (if one side is flesh side and one side is roughed/sanded grain, then apply to the piece with sanded grain.) and assemble directly and press a couple of seconds, or use a hammer. Now you have a good bond (which of course gets better when completely dried.) 2. Apply Aquilim 315 to both sides and let dry until it's clear, then assemble. If you need a good solvent based glue for leather i can recommend two different versions from Renia. Renia - Topfit: Very versatile glue, also a good glue for bonding wet leather (If you need that for molded pieces for any reason.) One benefit with this glue is that it's not "stringy" Renia - Colle De Cologne: Really good for oil tanned leather, but it's "stringy" I have most of Renias glues for leather. If i should choose three of them for the things i do, it would be. 315, SG and Top Fit.
  9. Still looking for some answers here.
  10. Glue without the Stank?

    Ok, just a way to make money. The included brush works perfect with aquilim 315. If you need a smaller brush, then you can use any brush you want.
  11. Glue without the Stank?

    What do you mean with different applicator brush? I have never seen those Glue pots with different brushes for water based and solvent based. (The blue ones produced by Minor) Just now i only have one glue pot (for water based) but i need a couple more for other solvent based glues. Where can i read about the different versions?
  12. Glue without the Stank?

    I would recommend Renias waterbased glue. My two recommendations (What suits your needs best.) Renia Aquilim 315 = Instant and permanent bond. But requires that you sand if you glue flesh to grain. Just put glue on one of the pieces and assemble and press/hammer and you have a good bond. If you glue lets say flesh to sanded grain, then put glue on the sanded grain. I did a test a couple of days ago. I glued two pieces of vegetable tanned leather together, and after dried i put it in water for 15 minutes. The bond was perfect even though the leather was dripping wet. Renia Aquilim SG = Instant bond on almost everything, i glue my paddings to my granite plate with this (for easier shaping) But this bond is a temporary bond and is possible to remove, so only use this if you are stitching. Aquilim 315: Aquilim SG:
  13. Thank you, do they have resellers in Europe?
  14. I have asked this question on Reddit leatherwork without luck, so i try here instead. I use both vegetable tanned leather and chrome tanned leather. What conditioner do I need? Right now i'm using Sedgwick leather care for vegetable tanned leather, but with bad results. After applying and drying i buff the leather with a dry soft cloth. But after a short period brown and black leather becomes "white" in the bottom of the grain. And i have to clean it again (with saddle soap) and after that the finish is nice. But i would like some protection. I plan on buying Saphir renovateur and a horse hair brush for my chrome tanned leather, does it also work on vegetable tanned leather? So question 1. What am i doing wrong with Sedgwick? and 2. Can i use Renovateur for both chrome tanned and vegetable tanned leather. and just clean with a slighty damp sponge before?
  15. Looking for a supplier of Riri Zippers in Europe with a good range of colors.