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  1. Consew 226 or consew 206rb?

    The 226 is a top loading small G style bobbin. You push down for reverse. The 206 is a side loading large M style bobbin. You lift the lever for reverse. The 206 is considered slightly more heavy duty, but the 226 is an elegant machine that wins in terms of ergonomics. I would pick the 206, but it's a close call.
  2. Pfaff 145 help

    If it is a 145 it has an adjustment to raise the height of the feed dogs. Pull the manual to learn how, but as I recall it's pretty easy to do.
  3. Juki 563

    It's probably just the knee lift mechanism is slipping off the roller as it engages the machine. That's a simple adjustment with basic hand tools. If the hand lift works normally, but the knee lift clunks, it's likely an easy fix. I'd go for the 563 for sure. That's what I use, and much prefer it over the 562 because of that huge U style bobbin.
  4. I agree with the others, I install the pulley so the raised "hub" faces the motor. The best tool I have found for the job is an impact driver and socket. It makes short work of removing the old pulley and installing the new one. Just make sure to wear gloves to save your hands.
  5. Servo motors -- UGH!

    The Rex / Family type 550W servos work fine. I usually swap the motor pulley for a 45mm pulley. This slows it down even more. The dial will let you adjust the max speed. If it isn't slow enough for the work you do, then you'll have to add a speed reducer.
  6. I like Wizcrafts comments to lower upper and lower tension. Did you decrease the upper thread tension and decrease bobbin thread tension too? That makes sense to me as one fairly simple cause. The take up lever is trying to pull thread, but tension somewhere in the thread path won't let it. I assume you're using a standard thread cone on the stand.
  7. Work with your current setup for a bit. If it's slow enough for you, then your're good to go. If you need more slow-speed control you can always add a speed reducer.
  8. Looks like your foot pressure knob is backed off all the way. You might try adjusting the black double knurled knob on top of the machine. Unscrew it to increase foot pressure.
  9. Cast iron bed crack - options

    As far as paint color... Rustoleum Hammered Rosemary is a dead ringer for the factory LU-562 and LU-563 color. I found it in stock at my local Home Depot, but it can be ordered online as well.
  10. PFAFF 1245 tensioner issue

    Looks good from here!
  11. PFAFF 1245 tensioner issue

    Manual for the 1245 shows not to go around the pin on the tension disc. I never go around that pin. That one change would add some tension inherently to the upper thread path. It might be so much that you are "out of range" and the bobbin case tension cannot make up for it. I know there are differences of opinion on this one, but lots of people thread the 1245 that way at first. It looks like the thread will fall out of the tension discs if you don't go around the pin. In my experience with the 1245, the thread has never fallen out of the tension discs... even when you don't go around the pin. Bobbin tension should feel really pretty light in normal use.
  12. I like the 206rb-1's and rb-2's. Good dependable machines. They are quite easy to tune as well. Takes 135x16 needles.
  13. Tension Keeps Changing

    I had a similar issue on a flatbed machine, and it wound up being a faulty bobbin case. The bobbin case was simply defective, and wouldn't apply light, even tension on the bobbin thread which caused erratic tension problems. Replacing the bobbin case solved that problem. To test it, load a bobbin and pull on the bobbin thread. Gradually pull out 2-3 feet of thread and see if you have light consistent bobbin tension. I like Uwe's comment about a thread net. I use a short length of my wife's nylons for the same purpose.
  14. 111w155 feed issue

    Did you mean "feed dog" where you said "presser feet"?
  15. Woodworkers on Leather Forum

    Nice work! I think you'll find many here that dabble in woodworking. Here's a Morris chair I built a while back. More on my Lumberjocks project page...