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  1. A big "First" for me ;)

    Your bio is, hands down, the best one on the page. I tried to play jazz through college (saxophone), but couldn't make it stick. Unlike the guys I sat in sections with, I wasn't majoring in music; it became hard to hang with them in pretty short order. I gave it up by my junior year because I felt like too much of a liability. We have a big band 'club' at work that's populated with folks like me. Mostly duffers who can't play out with real musicians anymore, but with a few ringers thrown in who make the rest of us sound really good. But you've given me an idea for a (simple?) project: a snazzy neckstrap. (I haven't actually made anything yet - I've become thoroughly smitten with some of the accomplished work around here and am deep in 'knowledge acquisition' mode - I have yet to buy tools and start a project). This is actually my first post on the forum. The strap looks fantastic, by the way.