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  1. Hey where you at in utah

  2. Shuttle For A Singer 17-28

    Thanks! Will do...
  3. First Step In Chinks

    Great work!! Very nice!
  4. Just finished this up over the weekend and wanted to float it out there. It's a new design for me and the first time I used a computer program to figure out the flat pattern for the box... It's a solid case and should last my son a while! Pardon the picture quality... I wanted to get some pics before I let it fly and didn't have the decent camera with me so I had to rely on the cell phone cam..
  5. Uhh Ohhh

    LOL Good thing I only got the 4 oz bottle to try it with.. I'll stick to my gut from now on. My Dad and Grandad used Neat lac for nearly 100 combined years of leatherworking and now I just feel stupid...
  6. LOL, sounds like a tactic I oughta try! Great job BTW and ditto on the white being a royal pain in the posterior... You made it work though!!
  7. Uhh Ohhh

    How durable is the Eco Flow Super Shene? That's what I have at present, but I'm not thrilled with it... I started with Neat Lac and they talked me into getting this stuff and it's OK, but I'm still not convinced... Thanks!
  8. Uhh Ohhh

    Nice to see others dealing successfully with some of the issues that I've had... Most of my problems have been black on spike bayonet scabbards.. These get rubbed a lot on pantlegs, brush, rocks etc. and it was pretty embarrassing to see then come back grey or nearly natural How does one avoid this issue to fix the color to the leather? It almost seems like some sides are more prone to this than others.... Nice work and good recovery!
  9. Oldest Leather Shoe Found

    Interesting! I read in the article that the same style shoe was made for a long time and several places... funny how some things just persist....
  10. Greetings From Utah!

    Thanks for the welcome folks... Sure have learned a lot already in my short time so far here!!!
  11. Leather Braiding Supplies..

    Wondering what the best leather braid is for braiding corner edges on book cases, or making a braided belt... I bought some of the 'Tejas' brand lace at Leather Factory not long ago and was mucho under-impressed. It broke at nearly every splice and I wasn't happy about the consistency of either the thickness or the width... Thanks beforehand for any info
  12. Shuttle For A Singer 17-28

    I have a perfectly fine old Singer 17-28 Leather machine on which I perfectly goobered up the shuttle trying to make some unauthorized adjustments... I was wondering if anyone in the community here might be able to get me a line on either parts or a parts machine that I might be able to use to bring the old gal back to life... Thanks beforehand for any help with this...
  13. Greetings From Utah!

    Decided to join the forum after lurking for a while... I do a lot of military leather reproductions, repairs on vintage items, covers and other things in my spare time... Thanks for having this great site@ I look forward to sharing and learning a lot... I've attached a couple of my projects over the years below... I've got a lot to learn still and it's great that the resource is available here!