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  1. What you make out of that dear hide? Don't say you threw it away
  2. Pattern Wanted For A Portmanteau

    Call leathercrafters and saddle mans journal and see if they can find the article they published several years ago. They print out the complete article weather it's in one issue or spans several for you. You pay them for the article and not the complete issues.
  3. i like the way you do the connect allowing for multiple holsters to be used with it. I would like to see your pattern. One thing I don't like being of a larger frame and caring larger guns like a XD 45 is the narrow straps most use why not make the straps larger wider where you can and taper down to the buckle size or other hardware so the straps can spread out the weight better than just the narrow straight straps they did forty to fifty years ago which were based on designs prior to the turn of the twentieth century.
  4. Looking For Used Boss Stitcher

    Would you be willing to meet along I 10 or I 20 west of you meet me somewhere between van horn or El Paso? Plus how much you wanting for it?
  5. I think yours is either a darker brown or black the back piece need to lay against the leg instead of sticking out like it is now once you fix that you'll be able to tell if you need to trim it.
  6. Holster Patterns

  7. Blue Gun Confusion

    Actually as I recall the xd45 is wider than any other XD. I bought my xd45 compact years ago when they came out with it. It has the standard barrel with a shorten grip the subcompact has both a short barrel and short grip
  8. Looking For Used Boss Stitcher

    Where's Newark tx?
  9. Looking For Used Boss Stitcher

    New Mexico, Alamogordo, why you got one for sale?
  10. Stitching Pony

    Cost isn't the problem it's the quality and usability of the one they have. I have the cheap one and modded it over the years but would love one that you sit on and you foot opens and closes it not a bolt something that uses a strap to the latching mechanism and it latched with your right foot. Plus the clamp can rotate maybe. There's a good pattern in a old public domain boo k for a farmer or ranchers that do their own leather repairs, build all these devices for around the place.
  11. Dummy Guns, Hard-To-Find Models

    Is the bond and lcp w/ laser max still available better yet the bond with the longer barrel
  12. Looking For Used Boss Stitcher

    Couldn't remember what they went to after the cast iron ones so yes and no
  13. Tipmann Boss

    Me too
  14. Hell On Wheels Cullen Bohannon's Holster Patter

    I'm thinking the angle is of some but not seeing it worn in the same fashion so I'm not 100 percent sure. I'm looking at where and how the back lays behind the front holster. It's close but I'm thinking the back piece it's exact No offense intended just my observations. I'm having the same problem with a holster I'm working on because I'm angling the holster but having a very hard time with the back piece and belt stabilizer.
  15. Looking For Used Boss Stitcher

    Nobody with a boss to part with?