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  1. No room for error in making a good watch strap You have done a fine job here, looks great with that watch face
  2. Great looking pup and collar Mine is on her third hand made collar ....and she is three hmmm
  3. Ahh simply wonderful, thanks for posting this dream How serene is that video...perfect shop, gorgeous solid wood workbench, supremely clean and organized space, birds signing in the background Nothing like how I do leather work....messy desk, dark garage,tools all over, rushed in-between my chores workday and kids, wife yelling at me in the background This is a video of how I hope my retirement will be one day....peacefully saddle stitching with bluebirds signing on my shoulder
  4. Preserving A Tail

    Thanks guys, will do
  5. Preserving A Tail

    Hello all, We found a coyote tail on our dog walk last night It is sheared right off, no bone visible but a small patch of skin at what was the attatchment point Beautiful grey/white and soft Was wondering how to preserve this??? Salt and borax is what I read in a taxidermy site, others said salt brine and then tanning solution Do I need to do anything?? There is not any flesh present Thanks for any input Scott
  6. Christmas Almost Done

    God I haven't even started Good for you!
  7. Orange Satchel

    Beautiful, love the colour and craftsmanship
  8. He is a dumb ass, plain and simple Professional bs'er who needs to hear himself talk Walk away
  9. Made Myself An Awl Last Night

    The awl looks good, nothing better than shop made tools The kids and I went to an old schoolmate's house and played on his lathe last summer Made a cocobolo edge burnisher, couple of handles and a maul Kids had a blast and learned something about woodworking
  10. Slim Tote

    Nice little bag indeed good construction and stitch details It isn't quite a Murse, how about calling it a Mote
  11. Excellent work on a complicated pattern You have done yourself proud here!
  12. Heavy Waxed Thread

    Ya, burnish it a bit first so the excess wax won't pick up as much junk while stitching. I asked a similar question when stitching a red oil tanned bag up and was getting muddy red thread instead of crisp white contrast. The experts on here suggested I don't use too long of white the more the same threads have to pull through the leather, the more stuff they pick up. So I switched to stitching sections of the bag at a time rather than long threads the whole way around. Another thought is to switch to a better thread.....I like my Tiger Thread, but there is a lot of discussion on the forum about good alternatives. Hope that helps Cheers, Scott
  13. very nicely done great color contrast
  14. Airbrush Price Question

    Damn!! Wasn't meant to be Watch out for the cheapo compressor/brush combos especially from China I read a number of reviews that they heat up very hot very quickly. Best stick with names like Pasche, Badger, Iwata My son and I did a ton of research and wound up splurging for a Grex trigger style airbrush and compressor. They make nail guns as well and seemed like a good company, but $$$$$ It is soooo quiet! I love the thing
  15. Airbrush Price Question

    Very good deal, get it!!! Been researching airbrushes this month and spent more than that on mine The spray pattern is adjustable with changes to pressure, distance and needle size Can't buy a good name Iwata compressor itself for less than that here