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    CJ Enterprises is a renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of contemporary leather products: Laptop Bags & Sleeves, PU Messenger Bags & Brief Bags, Backpack, iPhone Cases and Leather Bracelets.........

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    Laptop Bags & Sleeves, PU Messenger Bags & Brief Bags, Backpack, iPhone Cases and Leather Bracelets
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  1. I'm So Happy That I've Created The Store Online.

    Hello Maria, I saw your website and it's really beautiful products. Hope your business is going hot. We are factory in China and export the products all over the world. also please visit our website at www.cjleather.com. Anything i can do for you in China. Call me. Best Regards Mike Lv Marketing Manager ---------------------------- CJ Trading Co.,Ltd Mobile: +86-15817003867 Email: mike@cjleather.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/cjleather
  2. This is Mike from china. I'd like to make friends with you.

  3. Condition: New Size: 58.5 cm (L) * 0.5 cm Material: Genuine Leather / Plate Gold Nail / Megnet Buckle. Colour: Pink and Green Plated Gold Nail on the 5mm width genuine leather. and magnet tube buckle closed. the Legth of whole bracelet is 58 CM. So it's also fit for someone wearing as necklace. More information, please feel free to review Our eBay store.
  4. Fashion Bracelets

    There are 14 style bracelets from our factory. All products made of Genuine Leather and Fabric hemp. Any suggestion, that will be much appreciated. Mike Lv
  5. I like the perrern and figured very much. if the colour have a little bit light. that will be perfect.
  6. My friends

    Climb the Mountains.
  7. This is Mike from China. and I'm working as sales manager in the CJ Leather Industrial Ltd.

    I'd like to make friends with you to talk more about the latest and developing products.

    Here is my facebook page: http://facebook.com/cjleather

  8. Rodeo Chaps

    did you make the all intricate patterns by yourself? or by Machine? It's very beautiful.
  9. New Maul

    It looks very nice. What is it used for?
  10. Yes, the white and black thread is great for brownish leather item. you design is great i like it. I also have messenger bags that made of brownish PU. you can take a look at it.
  11. That's great. I like it. I have to let our designer to see.
  12. Is the metal plated nail put into the leather belt by CNC Nail Machine?
  13. That's great case to hold zippo. If the thread (sewing) change to the leather's colour, that's will be perfact.
  14. The Leather Products

    Hello Everyone....I saw leather product you did by yourself. I I have to say, profited from it. So I'd like to show all the leather products in our website. please visit My Website . Or visit my My Facebook