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  1. I've experimented with it but don't have a great deal of experience using the method. I'll usually make a mixture of glycerin soap and water, rub and lather it on the leather, and then slick with a piece of glass. I do find it makes my swivel knife glide quite smoothly. Probably an error with something I'm doing but do find the leather darkens significantly after slicking.
  2. I agree with all the above comments but in the long run feel a double action is easier to use.
  3. Thanks yeah I'm familiar with all of the pebble matting tools. I was referencing the large and blocky looking matting.
  4. Hope I'm not highjacking your thread Vo1Lok but does anyone know of the backgrounding tool in the upper right? Have always figured I'd have to make something to get that texture.
  5. Yep, in terms of your leather and swivel knife you've already got the good stuff!
  6. Real sharp work for your first wallet. Cheers.
  7. You can buy a Hermann Oak belt blank from Panhandle Leather.
  8. I purchased the Paasche double action from Springfield Leather. Really like it and I would definitely recommend getting a double action.
  9. Indeed leather thickness plays a role. Most of my wallet have a 5-6oz exterior and I keep them 1/2 inch longer. It certainly helps to remember you can always trim the excess off but you can't add it back! Cheers.
  10. If it helps someone, here's a video showing the method using a ribbon. The maker of this video says he uses double-sided tape and that it works well.
  11. The longer I have been dealing with dyes and finishes this has been my conclusion as well. With that being said I have had success applying resolene with a lint free cloth. I first apply a thin coat by wiping once across the piece of leather and then immediately follow with a clean lint free cloth by lightly wiping off the excess with one pass in the same direction as the resolene was applied. When the resolene dries I then buff with a clean cloth and add more coats of resolene in the same fashion until the desired finish is achieved.
  12. His number is 505-632-7039. He usually advises to contact him via phone and it doesn't necessarily mean that you might have to wait. Sure wish my wife would give me the thumbs up so that I can contact him and send him money!
  13. Nice find!
  14. Have not tried myself but apparently works.
  15. I've looked at his work online numerous times. Very nice work and elegant lines.