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  1. Setting snaps

    I use the Hoover Press-n-Snap and it is a pliers type setter. Not sure what your budget is but last time I checked it's around $130. You can also set grommets and eyelets with it as well. You can find a lot of reviews of this setter on this site. Cheers.
  2. Looking forward to seeing your finished belt Firewalker. Maybe use it as some inspiration to make my own belt. Cheers.
  3. JLS is pretty much correct. The purpose of a belt is to give your abdominal muscles something firm to press against to aid in building abdominal pressure and a rigid torso which is what helps to protect the back. Most flimsy belts you see in commercial gyms are useless. The two most common thickness belts are a 10mm (That's what I use) and a 13mm. It's a personal preference thing but I'd venture to say most average lifters would be fine with 10mm. My belt has the flesh side exposed on both sides although I've seen plenty of belts with the smooth side on outside of the belt and flesh on the inside. For some more reference here is a link to the belt I use:
  4. Quality question for punch tools

    Not sure what your budget is but have you looked here: (scroll down their page to find what you're looking for)
  5. I've been using the Vernis edge paint from Rocky Mountain and really like it. I don't burnish either. You want some of the paint to penetrate the leather and burnishing will prevent this. I lightly sand to shape the edge and then apply the paint. I also lightly sand between coats and usually apply between 3-4 coats. Cheers.
  6. Thank you. I like that much better than stitching around the spring clip.
  7. Out of curiosity, what type of money clip did you add to the wallet and are you happy with it? I've never made one of my front pocket wallets with a clip and have considered trying one. Cheers.
  8. What's the Best Glue in 2017?

    I have used both Masters and Weldwood with great success. With most cements it's the preparation work and setup that makes the difference. With that being said, I'm very interested in trying the Seiwa water-based glue that's available from Rocky Mountain Leather. Supposedly very strong and dries clear which is a big plus.
  9. I think I know what's going on here. If there is a ripple on the edge it is caused by the needle and thread passing though the stitch hole. Move your stitch line in a mm or 2 and it should go away.
  10. Review of Wuta Chisels (3.38)

    Those from Crazy Cut look very nice. First time I've seen them. Thanks for posting.
  11. Head knife- lady's hand

    Contact Josh Fields of Fields Made Knives and I'm sure he can make what you're looking for. He makes amazing knives and has a pretty fast turn around. Josh Fields Knives
  12. Henley swivel knife

    I've spoken with them within last month so do know they're open.
  13. Help With Ron's Edger

    Just purchased a #2 Montana edger from Ron's to primarily use for wallets. I generally use around 4oz leather and they suggested the #2 to see if I like it and it didn't remove much of anything from a single piece of 4oz. II'm going to exchange it but not sure which to get. My wallets are on thicker side but I don't like too aggressive of a bevel. From those with experience would you recommend the Montana or Round and which size? I understand the Montana is for thin leathers so seems I'd need at least a #3. Was thinking a #2 in the round.
  14. Slicking

    I've experimented with it but don't have a great deal of experience using the method. I'll usually make a mixture of glycerin soap and water, rub and lather it on the leather, and then slick with a piece of glass. I do find it makes my swivel knife glide quite smoothly. Probably an error with something I'm doing but do find the leather darkens significantly after slicking.