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  1. Anybody Gots A Used Sewing Machine

    Steve; I called your shop yesterday and just missed you. I have decided not to spend the 2k at this time, figured I better make sure that I can find the time to actually do the work ( I work Full Time) My next slow down period won't be until next November, so I'm going to try and learn all I can til then. I certainely appreciate what appears to be a mighty fine offer of a sewing machine. I also appreciate nobody trying to snipe me on its purchase, ist dibbs still means something in some places. So I'm passing on this deal for now and I'm much obliged for your offer
  2. Anybody Gots A Used Sewing Machine

    Steve; I sent you a couple emails with questions March 1 in regards to the Pro 2000. Can you anwser please
  3. Anybody Gots A Used Sewing Machine

    That they would like to sell? I need something to sew holsters , horse tack , knife sheaths. Everything from a Tippmann to newer 441 clone . Let me know
  4. Tech Sew 3650Hd Anyone Have This Machine?

    Some good information about the 3650HD and I'm glad I found out about the marking issue before I bought it. Doesn't sound like this is the machine for making holsters , belts , and fancy knife sheaths with. And I can't justify spending $2,500 right now for a 441 , 4500 ,or a 4100 , but I'd sure wouldn't of been happy if I had gotten the 3650 HD and found it left marks on the leather.
  5. Tech Sew 3650Hd Anyone Have This Machine?

    It appears that the 3650 HD has feed dogs to move the material, against a fixed, or roller pressor foot, this action causes visible tooth marks to the bottom of your sewing item. So after sewing extra work is involved in removing these marks, rubbing , hammering etc. Is there a way to modify this machine to prevent that, or does one have to spend another 1K to get a smooth dog triple feed machine. So can this 3650HD be modified ? HAs anyone done this ?
  6. Tech Sew 3650Hd Anyone Have This Machine?

    Does anyone know when the next big equipment show is scheduled for anywhere close to Ohio? I almost believe that I'm going to have to physically try these machines out before I decide to buy one, and who knows perhaps get a deal in the process. Just to many things to check out and hands on would be great , while picking the brains of the experts. I might find that I like the Tippmann Boss air machine or that there's a brand new machine out that can do it all
  7. Wondering what kind of tools made the different designs in the smaller basket weave sheath? Awesome custom work
  8. I am just getting started in the leather BIZ. Will concentrate mostly in the holster making , knife sheathes , harness, horse blanket & tack repairs. May do an occassion leather bag / wallet and I will be posting in them forums shortly. I haven't seen this machine reviewed , read plenty good things about the 441 clones - (CowBoy ,Cobra) Appears that the 441 clones are the same machines? Anyways the Tech 3650 HD seems like it would handle everything I want to do and it fits my budget. I realize that the 3650 can not do what the 441 clones can, but it might be ok for a start up machine. I ruled out the Tippmann Boss machines as for just a little more cabbage, I can get electric powered equipment. So who uses this machine & how does it perform? What do you like / dislike Much Obliged Sonny