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  1. Does Anyone Know?

    Thank you so much MikeSmith648 That ohio travel bag had just what i was looking for! Thanks again for taking your time to help!
  2. Does Anyone Know?

    I'm looking for some unique hardware for some Mastiff type dog collars? I dont want to copy but something like "OLI" uses or anything other then the norm from most of the leather supply places! Like the conchos and rivets and spikes we always see! I have looked with no luck any help would be great and thanks for looking!
  3. I would like to ask a question on "dog collars" what type of leather to use what stain or dye can india ink be used on leather? How to seal any info would be great
  4. Weight Lifting Belt - Anyone Make One?

    Not sure if this will help but i was asked to make a 4" Dog collar (Had to have bigger than everyone else) I could not find it anywhere and as the guy said cost was not an option i took a 3" double roller buckle to a local Machine shop to see if he could make one in 4" and he made one from scratch plus a roller ring in 4" and had them plated with some other things he had getting plated and charged me $15.00 to my amazment he told me he charged me that much because it was the first time and next time would be cheaper.
  5. China Suppliers

    I'm new to this site but agree with veedub, I owned a rim and stereo shop and was lured in to the "China" items! I think my worst luck was getting an amazing deal and product on my first order with one company and then got taken by a few others! There are great deals to be had but i would urge to use Pay-Pal and dont spend over $500 A distributor i used here in the states made small orders to one "China" company a few times then when he made a large "multiple cargo containers" order they up and vanished! And the saying "you get what you pay for" is unfortunate but true! Good luck!
  6. Latest Project W/ First Dye Attempt

    I'm brand new to this site,Joined for info on making dog collars and after seeing yours im amazed! Nice work and dog thanks for sharing!
  7. I'm sorry i'm brand new to this site and im sure im going about asking this question wrong and im sure there is some way to look up other newbie questions but i saw this thread about the stain/dye? im using "Eco-Flo all-in-one water based! I'm brand new to leather working and wanted to do some dog collars, Long story short i tried using the Eco-Flo stuff and get bad results (un even) i only have a hobby lobby in my area and can only get black tan brown and super sheen! Is there a better dye i can buy? or one i should be using for dog collars! If you could help that would be great again im sorry if im asking in the wrong way! Also i used a medium wool dauber from hobby lobby did not see anything else at that location for applying dye?